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Cryptonym: AMTABBY-23

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Pedro Vera Ortiz

Fabian Escalante, The Secret War (Ocean Press, 1995) https://archive.org/stream/FabianEscalanteSecretWarCubaCIA/Fabian%20Escalante%20Secret%20War%20Cuba%20CIA_djvu.txt

(114-115): "(By) the final months of 1961...a study of the Cuban scene led (CIA) to the false belief that the most favorable territories for the uprising (included) intricate mountain ranges which could harbor a strong and well-supplied guerrilla nucleus, distant from urban centers, scarce means of communication, and a rural population sufficiently backward culturally and politically to be easily susceptible to indoctrination by agents...one of the CIA's priorities was the reorganization of the internal front. The counterrevolutionary groups and bands were structures that already existed and should be used...William Harvey met with several of these agents during the early days of 1962, to personally instruct them in the tasks they were to carry out. These included Manuel Guillot Castellanos (AMBRONC-5), Julio Hernandez Rojo (AMOT-99), Esteban Marquez Novo (probably AMBANTY-1, head of what was called AMCOBRA in 1962, Felix Rodriguez (present for Che's death), Eugenio Martinez (the Watergate burglar), Clemente Inclan Werner, Luis Hernandez Rocha (AMHINT-53), Miguel and Ramon Orozco, Alberto del Busto, Pedro Cameron and Manuel del Valle...Guillot, Marquez Novo, Fernandez Rocha, Cameron and Del Valle would be infiltrated into Cuba to organize the counterrevolution, while the rest would take charge of marine supply. Of all of them, the greatest hope was placed in Guillot Castellanos." (pp. 145-146); ...agents Miguel Orozco Crespo and Pedro Vera Ortiz were arrested in the Malas Aguas Farm in the municipality of Vinales in Pinar del Rio province. After his capture, Orozco Crespo said he had conducted 25 similar special missions against Cuba in 1962 , and that his chiefs in Florida were CIA officers, "Rip" Robertson and Robert Wall. (William "Rip" Robertson was one of the Americans who landed with the mercenary brigade of Playa GirĂ³n, on April 17, 1961 ). He also said that he had recruited people for Alpha-66 and participated in the training of these forces.

104-10308-10171: AMTABBY OPERATION

A major paramilitary operation consisting of numerous sabotage operations against on-island targets in Cuba. At least some of these operations were reviewed and approved by the Special Group (Augmented). "Part of the AMTABBY net was wrapped up by Castro in 11/2/62, at which time AMTABBY-15 and AMTABBY-23 were captured


"Teresa aka Tete Machado: To be invited to join the AMSTRUT-2 organization in Mexico...relative of source, Oscar Concepcion...bar-maid at the Esperanza nightclub in Miami and had been the mistress of AMTABBY-23, and had known AMTABBY-15 and AMTABBY-17."

Bill Simpich

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