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Cryptonym: AMSUM-2

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Antonio Ordonez Hernandez, brother-in-law of AMSUM-1, Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado. A dispatch in July, 1962, stated that Ordonez's 201 number was 201-323934. Also, a dispatch in March, 1963, stated that AMSUM-2's 201 number was 201-323934, matching Ordonez's.
AMSUM-2 was born in 1916, and was a graduate of the American International College, Springfield, Mass. (1937-39). Was the liaison contact in Cuba between the UR and the naval resistance group, and was a KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence [FI] division of CIA) support asset in the Miami area. AMSUM-2 was also one of two Naval Coordinators in the UR. Debriefing of AMSUM-2 provided first definitive information on the UR naval resistance group. His operational approval was cancelled at the end of January 1963, along with a number of others. There appears to be a discrepancy of two years between AMSUM-1's birth date and Hernandez's.

See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55561#relPageId=278&tab=page - he may be "Tony" in this UR organizational flowchart.

This document indicates Ordonez is "Tony": https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52123&search=cesar_and+frank+and+chief#relPageId=146&tab=page

Is Antonio Ordonez related to Armando Ordonez, based at the House on Harlandale in Dallas in 1963?


05/02/62, Case Officer: Anthony B. Weldrake, Date of Debriefing: 27-28 April, 1 May 1962, Date of Report: 2 May 1962: ..."II. Biographic Background on Subject: 1. Subject's name is Antonio ODDONEZ Hernandez, aka 'Tony,' alien registration A 12 903 434, born 24 August 1918, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He is married, has six children and his wife's name is Lucilla CASTELLVI Prado. His wife is expecting a seventh child that is due in September 1962. 2. The Subject's formerly resided in Habana, Cuba on 20th Street number 9, Apt. 2, street floor. His father's name is Oscar ORDONEZ Castro and his mother is Teodora HERNANDEZ Soler. His father, who is 70 years of age, continues to reside in Habana, Cuba. 3. Subject attended the American International College, Springfield, Massachusetts during 1937-38 and received his degree as an accountant, bookkeeper in 1938. From 1940-1930 he was an employee of the Vienna Sugar Company at the Central Isabel, Manranilla, Oriente Province, Cuba. In April 1960 INRA took over control of this sugar company and the Subject left and obtained employment with the Clark Equipment Company, a U.S. concern in Habana, Cuba. He was employed by this company as the supervisor of invoicing and collection from November 1960 until 18 May 1961 when the Clark Equipment Company closed its office in Cuba and the Subject was again unemployed. In May 1961 a friend, who owned a dress factory in Habana, closed it up and departed for the U.S. but offered the Subject the use of the facilities at the factory in carrying on the business of manufacturing dresses. The Subject did so and remained in this business until his departure from Cuba on 22 April 1962. Subject was also carrying out some of his dress manufacturing activities and since he had many business visitors this served as a cover for his clandestine activities..." Page 5:..."(9) 'Frank.' T/N Juan Francisco CASTELLVI Prado. This individual is the Subject's brother-in-law and is 36 years of age..."


CIA document: Pages 28-29: ..."AMSUM-2 had reported in June 1962 that UR in Cuba has skilled radio operators and technicians, 'one German engineer and a Cuban Electric engineer who keep the equipment in good working conditions and construct new units.' (55). Courier channels to YOACRE (Guantanamo Naval Base) were reported by AMSUM-2 in June 1962 when he stated they were used by UR for internal communications and contact with ODOATH/NAVY. (55) AMSUM-1 (probably Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado) stated that an efficient courier net operated from YOACRE into Oriente Province to the Baracoa area via female employees of YOACRE. He claimed a message might be sent and a reply received within 24 hours. This net was run by Alfonso GUEVARA and Maximino DELGADO, both located at YOACRE. (120)..."


CIA document: ATTACHMENT B: Pages 3-5: ..."C. AMSUM (General): Development of the AMSUM (naval resistance group in Cuba during the first years of the Cuban Revolution) Group began in May 1962 with the arrival in U.S. of AMSUM-2, whose debriefing disclosed the existence of a naval resistance group associated with UR in Cuba. Further details on this group were learned in debriefing AMSUM-1 (probably Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado). The naval resistance group was depicted as a largely passive element which devoted itself to intelligence collection and indoctrination of its members against communism (see Attachment A, Part III)... E. AMSUM-2: Agent served in the resistance in Cuba as the liaison contact between UR and the naval resistance group. DPOB: 24 August 1916, Piririgua; graduate of the American International College, Springfield, Mass. (1937-39); brother in law of AMSUM-1; debriefing of AMSUM-2 provided first definitive information on the naval resistance group. Presently assigned as a KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA) support asset in the JMWAVE area, agent also holds a position in the UR exile group as one of two Naval Coordinators; functions in addition as a focal point for correspondence with members of the naval resistance group; serves at times as a translator; and has functioned as a mail drop for other unilateral operations..."


CIA document: ATTACHMENT C: Page 15: ..."138. GONZALEZ, Pola, Everardo AKA 'POLA', 201-355109: Member UR naval resistance group; ca. 37 years old, 5'11"; occ. Habana harbor pilot; grad Mariel Naval Academy term '44-'48 as Lt; specialty: Navigation; took 3-year course Habana University in Civ. Eng; has always worked with Cuban Navy or harbor pilots; family in U.S.; said to have no affiliation with political groups, nor with any 'info service'; friend of AMSUM-2. (27;55)..."


CIA document: ATTACHMENT C: Page 23: ..."228. 'EL) NINO', DOB C 1918: Reported by AMSUM-1 (probably Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado). In May 62 as active in the Nat'l Exec of the UR in Cuba; position not known; T/W unknown; 5'7" tall, 150 lbs; ca. 45 years old; dark brown hair, brown eyes; AMSUM-2 was a cutout between subj and 'PEPE' (UR intelligence coordinator Jose Rodriguez, see p. 36) and 'DANIEL'. (59)...(Sergio Fuentefria Taxas, see p. 31)" Page 32: ..."322. TORRES, (fnu): AMSUM-1 reported subj was Cuban employee of YOACRE (Guantanamo Naval Base) in Apr 62; sympathized and collaborated with UR; A-1 attempted use subj to deliver mag to AMSUM-2 at YOACRE; subj never reported back to AMSUM-1; subj said to be cutout between UR Action and Sab Chief, VIERA Rodriguez, and ODOATH (U.S. Navy) ops at YOACRE; subj is friend of VIERA Rodriguez. (59)..."


CIA document: ATTACHMENT D: Page 4: ..."36. CAJARAVILLE Leveque, Manuel AKA 'RODOLFO', 201-332845: Former Natl Coord for naval resistance group of UR, Cuba; grad Naval Academy, Lt. in Marine Corps; Apr 62 Chief Engineer aboard Bahia de Nuevitas; contacts among Cuban Naval Officers, EM, dock hands; studied U.S.; traveled to USSR via Cuban merchant ship; contact of AMSUM-2; defected August 62 Hamburg, Germany; presently CIA asset. (27;55;59;151)..." Page 7: ..."66. DELGADO, Gaston, Orlando: Former member UR naval resistance group in Cuba; known to AMSUM-1/2. (55)..." Page 21: ..."192. PARDILLO Pardillo, Armando, 201-744861: Former member UR naval resistance group in Cuba; known to AMSUM-1/2. (55)..." Page 27: ..."243. SALADO, Nicolas (note: AMSORREL-5) AKA 'COQUINTO': UR Contact; cited by AMSUM-2 for maritime reception ops; ex-fisherman who knows Cayo Anguila area Isabela de Sagua and is a friend of MARIO; can be used as guide in bringing in arms; (Unintelligible), Miami (227 NW 30th Street); foregoing data also given to ODOATH (U.S. Navy) at YOACRE (Guantanamo Naval Base)..."


07/03/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. Introduction: As a follow up to reference, Maj. Watlington arrived in Miami on 6 June 1962. After Maj. Watlington had an opportunity to discuss the local situation with Lt. Col. Carlos Causes, the local ACSI representative, arrangements were made for a lengthy session on the subject of Agreed Activities. It was agreed that this discussion would take place at 1000 hours on 7 June 1962 at a JMWAVE safehouse facility. This meeting subsequently took place as scheduled and was participated in by Lt. Col. Causes, Maj. Watlington, Dudley R. Jentons (J. Deering Danielson), Charles B. Wiesinger (Rene Dubois, also known as Ray Dubois) and Andrew K. Reuteman (Theodore Shackley)..." Pages 2-3: ..."d. Antonio Ordonez Hernandez (Handwritten: 201-323934, Re use by another U.S. agency, June 61). Born 24 August 1918. Lt. Col. Causes asked if we were currently in touch with Ordonez. As this name rang a bell with Reuteman we responded by stating that Subject was of interest to us. In this connection we indicated we were willing to reexamine our relationship with Ordonez in order to determine his full potential or capability, and if his capability was greater in the OD field that in fields which were of interest to us, we would certainly consider relinquishing our interest. Lt. Col. Causes stated that he felt that he had established his equity in Ordonez through the name trace procedure. Despite this, he had found that Ordonez had disappeared from circulation; and, therefore, he assumed that we were debriefing this man..." Ordonez's handwritten 201 number is clearer on older, redacted version of document: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=31689&search=#relPageId=3&tab=page


CIA document: ATTACHMENT A: Page 22:..."The Executive Board of the re-organized UR in September 1962 was reported as follows: (194)...Naval Section: Antonio ORDONEZ Hernandez. Naval Section: (Juan) Francisco CASTELLVI Padro..." (page 108 - Attachment D): "Ordonez Hernandez, Antonio aka Tony, A12 903 404...DPOB 24 Aug 1918, Pinar del Rio, Grand Amer Intl College, Springfield, Mass. 38 Acct Bkkr, 40-60 employee Vicana Sugar Co., Manzanilla, Oriente, departed Cuba 22 April 1962, resided Havana 20th St., #9, Apt. 2; father Oscar Ordonez Castro still resides Havana, subj operated dress mfg business from May 61 until departure; subject has brother Oscar Ordonez Hernandez, 40, a Dr. and Lt. in the Rebel Army, but anti-Castro; brother not a member of any resistance organization, but did treat several UR members who were burned carrying out sab ops against cane fields in Havana area; subj also has three sisters, all teachers, still resident Cuba, Olga and Eva Ordonez Hernandez teach and live in Artemisa subj has son Jorge Ordonez Rodriguez 16 from marriage to (US) citizen which ended in divorce...subj stated he left Cuba for economic reasons, claimed to have no security problems while inside, never exposed as a member of any resistance org, subj provided names and bio date of UR resistance leaders at time of departure from (Cuba). Member of UR resistance in Cuba; served as chief of shipping and coastal intelligence section in Havana; worked under PEPE who was UR National Intelligence Coordinator, provided names of Nat'l Coords; has numerous UR contacts in (Cuba). Note 1994.04.25.13:51:29:440005, p. 136: Above information redacted.


11/23/62, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE KUWOLF: "1. Several compartmented ops being conducted unilaterally by WAVE FI and PM through UR assets AMSUM-1 (probably Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado) and 2, AMBLEAK-1 (Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris), AMSTASH-1 (Manuel Viera Rodriguez), and loosely connected UR/AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria). For umbrella type covering these and other potential UR ops without breaking compartmentation, UR exile org revitalized Sep 62 by WAVE PW as major prop mechanism. Using credentials of Salvador Garcia Oller from UR underground, exile exec committee reorganized under Jose F. Rodriguez Espada according WAVE suggestions to eliminate undesirables. Jose E. de La Torriente whose nominal post thereby abolished established own faction with several other dissidents and lobbied in exile community against new UR setup. This dissension has delayed UR entry into AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) which WAVE hopes will pave way further unity exiles. 2. FI ops through AMBLEAK-1 average $1,000 monthly, AMSUM-1 and AMSUM-2 cost about $500 per month. PM funding of underground UR plus ops expenses contacts with Salvador Garcia Oller $1,000 and maintenance AMSTASH-1 approx $150 monthly..."


01/16/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 3: ..."8. Compartmented intelligence and paramilitary operations through assets in and on the periphery of the UR are reported separately under AMBLEAK-1 (Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris), AMSUM-1 (probably Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado) and 2, AMSTASH-1 (Manuel Viera Rodriguez), AMTAUP-1 (probably Dr. Ernesto Alanis Angulo), AMLAME-1 (Arturo Sueiras), Luis PINO Couto/AMSUM-4 and AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria). This dispatch will confine itself to the overt and semi-overt activities of the executive committee of the UR in exile and CIA support thereof..."


03/21/63, Dispatch from Chief, Special Affairs Staff to COS, JMWAVE: "The Operational Approvals on all of the below-listed individuals have been cancelled on the date indicated...Name: AMSUM-2, 201-Number: 201-323934, Date Cancelled: 28 January 1963..."

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