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Cryptonym: AMSTUFF-1

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Unknown identity. AMSTUFF-1 wrote a report following the arrest of Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso (AMCONCERT-1), in October 1961.
AMSTUFF-1 was still an asset/agent of the CIA in December 1963, over two years after the arrest of AMCONCERT-1. A cable from JMWAVE on December 5, 1963, which included the slugs AMWREN/COMMO/TOCAN, mentioned that "the next letter AMSTUFF-1 receives signed Margarita will be a carbon." Also, a memo in 1968 on George Nobregas (probably AMHINT-18 and AMOT-34) cited AMSTUFF-1 as one of the sources for the information.


11/07/61: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Chief of Base, JMWAVE: "1. In the course of Headquarters security analysis to determine the extent and nature of possible compromise of the KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA) Staybehind Net resulting from the arrest of AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) on 6 October 1961 by PBRUMEN (Cuba) Security, several significant reports were turned up which may have some direct bearing on AMCONCERT-1's subsequent apprehension. Three of these reports from PBRUMEN were from the following individuals: (a) Cuquito (Handwritten note: AMTURVY), brother of AMCONCERT-1, dated 15 August 1961; (b) AMCONCERT-1, dated 7 September 1961; and, AMSTUFF-1's report, which reached Headquarters 25 October. It is significant to note that all three reports accuse Jorge Nobregas (Coco) of treachery and double-dealing in his relations with AMCONCERT-1"...


11/08/61: Memo for Chief, WH/4/FI-CI: Page 2: ..."c. From 1 September to the time he was picked up by G-2, we can only assume that he recontacted Cuco, who presumably was responsible for laying on arrangements for the ill-fated venture at the same location near Varadero Beach. AMSTUFF-1's recent report indicates that AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso), in the company of five other Cubans, was actually picked up by G-2 on 6 October, as they attempted to leave the beach by boat. It appears that Cuco successfully evaded capture and returned to Havana"...

104-10076-10074: CABLE: MESSAGE FOR AGENT

12/05/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMWREN- COMMO TOCAN ..."2. For DIR only: 8. Need info about poss re-organization Min Forn Relations repeating do not send AMSINCE-1 to see AMLABOR-1. The next letter AMPARLOR-12 receives signed Maria will be an SW carbon. The next letter AMSTUFF-1 receives signed Margarita will be a carbon. The next letter AMTWIT-1 receives signed Silvia is a carbon and the next letter AMPASHA-1 receives signed Teresa is a carbon. Therefore they should not try to develop them. Need soonest addresses there where they can receive them. Sending you SW developing pills through dead drop."


11/08/68: Memorandum from Deputy Director for Plans to The Commissioner, Immigration and Naturalization Service: Subject: Nobregas Heria, Angel Menelio aka: Nobregas, Jorge A.: "1. Reference is made to the request dated 8 October 1968. The files of this office contain the following pertinent information regarding Subject (A 11 256 505). 2. According to a report dated 6 September 1961 from an untested Cuban source, Subject was a well-known homosexual and thief. Another part of this report, from a fairly reliable source, stated that Subject was involved in scandals involving thievery. It was also reported from untested sources that Subject had no scruples, was a homosexual, and was not to be trusted. 3. In a report dated 7 November 1961 from a reliable source and confirmed by usually reliable sources, Subject was accused of treachery and double-dealing. 4. According to a report dated 14 January 1963 from a usually reliable source, Subject was involved in a jewel theft. 5. For additional information regarding Subject, you are referred to TDCS DB 3/658, III dated 28 November 1963, subject: Sale of Stolen Arms by the Montecristi Group, previously disseminated to your office...Based On: UFGA 2264 (AMCLATTER), UFGW 644 (AMTURVY), (AMCONCERT-1), (AMSTUFF-1), UFGA 7219 (AMCONCERT-1), TDCS DB 3,658,III. File in: 201-310131."

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