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Cryptonym: AMSTONE-1

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Ms. Valdes Hernandez, first name unknown. Daughter of Luis and Julia Valdes Hernandez. A Cuban double agent, trusted by the Castro regime.

1993.08.04.16:31:34:250028: JMWAVE CABLES, WAVE 8400 - 8499.

12/3/63 cable 8425 from JMWAVE to DIRECTOR "Subject (maybe a predecessor to AMSTONE-1) born CA 20 Havana. Father Gustavo Toroella formerly Captain Cuban Navy now in Cuban Merchant Marine. Mother Carmela Gonzalez-Mora divorced father married Lisandro Otero who now deceased, now lives Tegu. Half-brother Lisandro (Otero) Gonzalez is secretary Cuban Writers Union. Subject attended University of Havana and did postgrad work Columbia University ca 1957 or 1958. Present residence 3 Ave 22, La Puntilla, Havana."


12/3/63, JMWAVE to Director, cable 8426: "Iden A Porfirio (Pendas) Carra (brother-in-law of AMTHRILL-1) Iden B Martha Alicia (Kouri) Barreto (sister of AMTHRILL-1) Iden C Gustavo (Torroella) Gonzalez-Mora (husband of sister). Iden D, Raul Roa (member of Cuban ministry, father of Raul Roa Kouri)"

124-10287-10185: No Title

12/4/63 FBI memo from William Sullivan to Alan Belmont: In late October 1963 "one of our sources, who has the confidence of Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa Garcia and the Foreign Minister's son, Raul Roa Kouri, was sent to Brazil to meet with Raul Roa Kouri. Vital information concerning the extent of Castro's influence in South America and future plans of the Cuban government was obtained." This memo includes "side lights" of interest in the JFK case, this item may be just one of them.


12/9/63 cable MEXI 7300, from Mexico City to Director, IMMEDIATE DIR INFO WAVE TYPIC COMMO: "Request priority POA to include commo training for REDACTED, single, D/O Lucas and Julia, DPOB REDACTED, REDACTED, residing MAZON? REDACTED, Havana. VALDES employed as statistician ministry REDACTED and REDACTED Havana. She scheduled return Cuba ca 20 December from Mexico where recently completed lengthy studies program under auspices REDACTED organization. No MEXI traces, Index." Also see 104-10516-10103, and 1994.08.10.16:52:17:570028, p. 181 used to fill some items that were also redacted.

104-10097-10078: SCHEDULING TRAINING

12/9/63 cable MEXI 7301, Mexico City to Director, IMMEDIATE DIR INFO IMMEDIATE WAVE TYPIC COMMO AMSTONE: "Subject referenced to be recruited as KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA in the 1960's) reporter ministry health and welfare. Plan teach S/W (shortwave), reports writing and OWVL (one way voice link). Subject appears intelligence and desirous assist fight against Castro. Stated she considered pro-regime by fellow workers since has managed stifle ardently pro-West feelings...may contact c/o (case officer) under alias Charles (Unintelligible)..."

1993.08.04.17:04:14:210028: DIRECTOR CABLES, DIR 87115 - 87752.

12/9/63 cable DIR 87271, ref WAVE 8481, WAVE 8425"(A regulation states) no POA/OA is required in an operation involving an attempt to defect or recruit in place a government official of a denied area country or a member of the Communist Party, where the operation is for the purpose of bringing under control a target presumed to be hostile. (AMSTONE-1) assigned 201-740219."

1993.08.04.16:41:08:870028: JMWAVE CABLES, WAVE 8700 - 8797.

12/10/63 cable WAVE 8747, JMWAVE to Director, slugline PRIORITY DIR INFO MEXI GZ TYPIC AMSTONE, refs WAVE 7856, MEXI 7300: "No WAVE traces Lucas and Julia (Valdes) Hernandez." Chief of Station comment: "No WAVE RI (registry index) traces Valdes."


12/10/63 cable DIR 88200 from Director to Mexico City, IMMEDIATE MEXI IMMEDIATE WAVE, ref A MEXI 7300 ref B MEXI 7301 ref C DIR 87271: "1. Subject ref A is AMSTONE-1 (201-740987) POA not required...see ref C. Accordingly approve OWVL and S/W training but unless time permits satisfactory LCFLUTTER AMSTONE-1 prefer JMWAVE abandon plans for complete radio training. 2. In any event prefer postpone consideration and release and issuance medium speed equipment and related sensitive cipher material until AMSTONE-1 bona fides established and she has demonstrated KUTUBE potential in her S/W reporting."

104-10098-10330: LCFLUTTER TEST

12/16/63 cable MEXI 7418, from Mexico City to Director, slugline TYPIC COMMO AMSTONE: "1. LCFLUTTER (polygraph) test given AMSTONE on 16 Dec revealed no connection of her intel services nor deception re anti-regime feeling. Test further indicated no unauthorized disclosures by AMSTONE...3. AMSTONE scheduled depart MEXI 20 Dec."

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