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Cryptonym: AMSTAFF

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DGI (Direccion General de Inteligencia, also known as the General Directorate of Intelligence), Cuba's foreign intelligence service.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

Page 67: 01/07/72: Dispatch from COS, Withheld to COS, Mexico City (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Subject: PBRUMEN/Nelson Quesada Rivero (201-836379): ..."2. Immediately upon the receipt of the Reference B photographs, the undersigned reviewed with AMMUG-1 the one of Nelson Quesada Rivero with negative results. AMGAME-1, however, did recognize the name of Quesada and identified him as being AMSTAFF. Needless to say, we will show AMGAME-1 the photograph of Subject at the earliest opportunity to determine how well he knows him and if warranted, will debrief him in detail on Subject. 3. The Reference B photograph of Subject will be reviewed with the other AMSTAFF/AMQUAKE assets residing in the JMCOBRA area and we will promptly inform you of the results." 201-749651, 201-816552, 201-836379.


1/11/72 dispatch from Chief of Station, Mexico City to Chief, WH: "Information came to light during this period which causes the Station to believe that KDAFGHAN may be under the control of, or known to, AMSTAFF...As Headquarters is aware, TYPIC operations at this station have been unproductive since early 1968. Consequently, the Chief of Station, the Deputy Chief of Station, and, more lately, the TYPIC Chief, have begun to plan and work TYPIC operations on the assumption that AMSTAFF is on to us..." 201-812106 is described as "the chief of the JKLANCE section of AMSTAFF".

104-10188-10020: ( )AFGHAN OPERATIONS (VOL I).

03/10/72: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: PBRUMEN/KDAFGHAN - Comments on Proposal to Terminate KDAFGHAN-1 and KDAFGHAN-2 and Recruit New OP Site Team: Page 2: ..."3. While we are more than a little ambivalent concerning the over-all value of this activity as presently constituted, given the priority need for coverage of the AMSTAFF personnel stationed at the PBRUMEN (Cuban) Embassy and the relative dearth of PBRUMEN target access agents, we believe that this activity should be continued. We share the Station's concern about our inability to identify the photographs of non-PBRUMEN personnel who visit the Embassy or Consulate, but appreciate the difficult technical problems involved. On a more positive note, the recent group of photographs of PBRUMEN Embassy staffers forwarded to Headquarters for review by AMBEDEW-1 and AMWHEN-1 (the latter has not yet been completed) were of high quality. As a result of the high quality of these photographs, AMBEDEW-1 was able to identify still another AMSTAFFer assigned to the Embassy...Meanwhile, the high rate of identification of PBRUMEN visitors to the Embassy currently being achieved by the Station testifies to your determined efforts to obtain the maximum 'take' from this operation..."


1/25/78 memorandum from Raymond Warren, Chief, Latin American Division to Maurice A. Sovern, O/SA/DO/O: 201-812106 is described as "Captain Carlos Enriques Rodriguez, aka Valverde (FNU) 201-812106" connected with CIA section of AMSTAFF. In the light of the previous post, that would mean that JKLANCE is CIA and AMSTAFF is DGI.

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