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Cryptonym: AMSPAN-12

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AMSPAN-12 was Emile Hierrezuelo Lao, recruited in November 1962, and terminated in April 1966. A telepouch in September 1971 had the words "encrypted identity" after his name. The identity was given as AMSPAN-12.
Served on board the Olga Particia, and the M/V's Leda and Petrel. Was terminated allegedly because of "his inability to get along with fellow employees, and improper performance of duty."

Emile Hierrezuelo Lao was arrested, along with five others, in early September 1971, in the straits of Florida, aboard the fishing boat "Brother." A significant amount of ammunition and two placements for heavy machine guns were found on the vessel. The incident was given coverage in at least two Miami newspapers.


09/10/71: Telepouch, Dispatch Number UFAA 3402, from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "1. Following incident appeared 7 September 1971 edition Miami Herald and 8 September 1971 edition Miami Beach Sun: Coast Guard stopped 38-foot commercial fishing boat 'Brother' for routine check approximately 11:30 A.M. on 6 September 1971, six miles north of Cay Sal Bank in straits of Florida. Area 70-80 miles south of Miami and 65 miles north of Cuba. Search of vessel revealed ammunition and two placements for heavy machine guns. The 3,400 rounds of ammunition was divided into 30, 45 and 50 caliber shells. Boat also contained rubber raft, wet suit, clothing in duffle bags, knives, quantities of rice, sugar, and calf hides used for grouper fishing. Coast Guard officials believed boat was on its way to Cuba to provide guerrillas with ammunition. 2. The six men aboard, released on $2,500 recognizance bond by U.S. magistrate judge, were identified as Pastor Guzman Cruz, owner-operator of boat, Emile Hierrezuelo Yola, Jesus Larosa, Antonio Fesnandez from Miami, Constantrino Femondez of Pahokee and Deane Bostick...Bostick identified as writer-photographer for True magazine. - - - Page 2: ...A. "One Emile Hierrezuelo Lao, Subject of 201-333967, encrypted identity, possibly identical with above Subject although matronymic differs. File reveals he recruited November 1962, for use as oiler aboard JKLANCE (CIA) vessel. Served aboard 'Olga Particia', 'M/V Leda' and 'M/V Petrel.' Subject terminated 30 April 1966, due to his inability to get along with fellow employees and improper performance of duty. According MADRID 1135, 19 May 1970, one Emilio Renaldo Hierrezuelo Lao, PP E-70-751, arrived Madrid from Havana 15 May 1970. Was listed as Cuban official..." - - - Page 5: Telepouch Separate Cover Attachment to UFAA 3402: "Identity: AMSPAN-12." - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10104-10024.pdf

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