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Cryptonym: AMSLOUCH-6

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Rafael Mirabal Fernandez. A cable in July, 1971, mentioning AMMUG-1 and AMSLOUCH-6, cites two 201 numbers, AMMUG-1's (201-749651) and 201-812117, which appears to be AMSLOUCH-6's.
A cable in October of 1968 stated that Rafael Mirabal Fernandez's 201 number was 201-812117, matching AMSLOUCH-6 and KDACOUSTIC-1's 201 number. Curiously, AMSLOUCH-6 and KDACOUSTIC-1 were used at around the same time.

A cable on July 10, 1971, mentioned AMMUG-1 and KDACOUSTIC-1: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=158196&search=#relPageId=87&tab=page

If an individual, in this case Rafael Mirabal Fernandez, changes cryptonym there is usually a clear distance in time between their use. But in this case the two crypts are used interchangeably in the same time period.


10/03/68: Cable from Director to San Jose (Info: Mexico City): (Orig: D. Ryan, Unit: WH/COG/OPS): REF: SAN JOSE 0495 (IN 03639) "Alfredo (Mirabal) Diaz (201-743394) departed Mexico PCS mid-1964. Current Cuban Vice Consul Mexico City is Rafael (Mirabal) Fernandez (201-812117), CUIS officer, arrived Mexico 17 Oct 66." Releasing Officer: Calvin M. Smyth for William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: C/WH/COG (Signature). WH/2/CR (by phone). WH/1: Kerbe (by phone). Authenticating Officer: Edwin M. Terrell, C/WH/2.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/16/71: Cable from WH/Miami to Mexico City (Info: Director): Slugline TYPIC AMROSE: REF MEXICO CITY 17155 (IN 379734): "1. All things considered, suggest we set 26 July as target date for AMMUG-1's travel to Mexico City and that he travel in true name via fairly direct route. No matter what transpires with AMSLOUCH-6, Kloock will be in Mexico City 26 July to direct AMMUG-1, in concert with Mexico City. 2. File: 201-749651, 201-812117. GPI."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/21/71: Cable from WH/Miami to Director, Mexico City (Sadelly Acting): Slugline TYPIC AMROSE AMSLOUCH: "1. For Director: Request permission for Eustace D. Kloock to travel in his registered alias to Mexico City on AMMUG-1/AMSLOUCH-6 ops. Travel info as follows: Depart Miami at 1730 hours 25 July via PAA Flight 552 which scheduled to arrive Mexico City at 2105 hours. 2. AMMUG-1 will utilize same PAA flight on 26 July which scheduled to arrive at 1935 hours. 3. For Mexico City: Request that if possible, you make reservations per above schedule for Kloock in his registered alias at either Hotel Bristol or Montejo and reservations for AMMUG-1 in his true name at the Hotel Majestic. Kloock will contact Station Monday morning. Appreciate your support. 4. File: 201-749651: 201-812117 and 201-872345."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/27/71: Cable from WH/Miami to Mexico City (Info: Director): "1. Due to document procedural complications, AMMUG-1 did not depart for Mexico City as planned. In light of info contained ref, AMMUG-1 has been instructed remain in Miami. 2. In addition Kloock debriefing of AMSLOUCH-6 and AMSLOUCH-7, request that Kloock take advantage of opportunity for in depth familiarization with PBRUMEN (Cuban) personalities, activities and modus operandi in Mexico City. 3. File: 201-872345 and 201-749651."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

02/03/76: Memo for the record from Wilfred O. Clower: Subject: SLANK-1: "In reviewing SLANK-1's file for possible leads to targets of interest the following names were selected: 1. Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (201-865547)...4. Rafael Mirabal Fernandez (KDACOUSTIC-1) (201-812117) (Mexico - February 1967)..."

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