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Cryptonym: AMSLOUCH-2

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Estrella Matikainen, wife of Lauri Olavi Matikainen (AMSLOUCH-1). Daughter Anneli Matikainen was AMSLOUCH-3.
Estrella Matikainen was also VASLOUCH-2.


06/07/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WE (Info: Chief, WH; COS, Mexico City: Subject: Operational/TYPIC/AMSLOUCH AMSLOUCH-1 Debriefing on Soviet Officials: "1. During the April 1968 debriefing of AMSLOUCH/1 (Lauri Olavi Matikainen) in the JMWAVE (Miami) area, AMSLOUCH/1 provided the following information on Soviet officials with whom he is, or has been, acquainted: a. Valentin Loginov (201-285412): Assigned to the Soviet Embassy in Havana several years ago. He pursued AMSLOUCH/3 (daughter of AMSLOUCHes 1 and 2) when stationed in Havana, and later in Moscow. AMSLOUCH/1 described Loginov as a rough peasant type. AMSLOUCH/1 when in Mexico about a year ago was looking at the Mexico Diplomatic List and noticed that a Loginov was assigned to Mexico. AMSLOUCH/1 asked a girl working at a foreign consulate in Mexico (Identity) if this was the same Loginov who had been stationed in Cuba. The girl replied in the affirmative, and stated that Loginov worked in the Soviet Consulate handling business dealings between her consulate and the Soviet Consulate. The girl described Loginov as 'a very nice fellow'...Hilda G. Vagionas." - - - Page 222: "IDENTITY: Lisa Hagelberg, employee of Finnish Consulate, Mexico City". https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=235848#relPageId=222&search=


06/11/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: COS, Mexico City): Subject: Operational/TYPIC/AMSLOUCH AMSLOUCH-1 Report on Roman Osorio Estiu: Page 2: ..."3...As reported in Reference, AMSLOUCH-2 gave Subject $700 for him, his wife, and one child to come to the U.S.(this money was, according to AMSLOUCH-1, delivered by AMSLOUCH-2 to a relative of Subject's who resides in the JMWAVE area). AMSLOUCH-1 said that he was not in accord with payment of this sum to Subject, but since it was AMSLOUCH-2's money, he could not forbid it..."

104-10308-10164: MEMO: AMSLOUCH PROJECT

11/00/76: Memo for the record from LAD/JFK Task Force: "1. Description: Formerly AMREBEL and VASLOUCH, material centers around AMSLOUCH-1, honorary Finnish Consul in Havana, trained in OWVL and SW; and, AMSLOUCH-2, contract type employee, Brazilian Embassy, Havana. 2. Findings: RIOD 2944 (IN 83322) 18 Dec 63: Mario Rogerio Mestrinho de Mello, official in Brazilian Emb. Havana, reported to Rio Station contact in Rio: a. wide rumor of assassination attempt against Fidel Castro after his TV appearance 6 Dec resulting in killing of a man next to him. Castro uninjured. WOuld be killer at large. b. Wide rumor Cuban Jose 'Pepe' Llanuza met Lee Oswald in Mexico before Kennedy assassination."

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