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Cryptonym: AMSLOUCH-1

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Lauri Olavi Matikainen, businessman, trained in use of wireless telegraphy communications. Worked with CIA, may have become a double agent for Cuban intelligence. He was an honorary Finnish consul in Havana in the early sixties. Also known as VASLOUCH-1.
Active in operations against Cuba as of November 22, 1963. His wife VASLOUCH-2 had difficulty with her baggage in Mexico the following month. See 104-10097-10139 and 104-10097-10157.


1962-1963: See pages 11 and 14 of 283: VASLOUCH-1 is identified as "IDENTITY-TWO", who in turn is Lauri Olavi Matikainen, the Honorary Finnish Consul in Havana and a CIA contact since 1962. His wife Estrella was VASLOUCH-2 and their daughter Anneli was VASLOUCH-3 and worked at the Brazilian Embassy in Cuba from Sept 1962-Sept 1963. 9/8/65 bio of Valentin Loginov, prepared by CIA officer Bruce A. Gintalas.

104-10308-10164: MEMO: AMSLOUCH PROJECT

Rumor re September 1963: "Description: Formerly AMREBEL and VASLOUCH, Material centers around AMSLOUCH-1, honorary Finnish Consul in Havana, trained in OWVL and SW; and AMSLOUCH-2, contract type employee, Brazilian Embassy Havana. 2. Findings: RIOD 2944 (IN 83322) 18 Dec 63: Mario Rogerio MESTRINHO de Mello, official in Brazilian Emb. Havana, reported to Rio Station contact in Rio: a. wide rumor of assassination attempt against Fidel CASTRO after his TV appearance 6 Dec resulting in killing of man next to him. CASTRO uninjured. Would be killer at large. b. Wide rumor Cuban Jose 'Pepe' LLANUZA met Lee OSWALD in Mexico before Kennedy assassination." See 11/00/76, Memo for the record from LAD/JFK Task Force.

1993.08.04.16:55:12:060028: DIRECTOR CABLES, DIR 84470 - 84966.

Message from SAS/EDE on 11/22/63, asking for an encrypted message to be sent on 11/24. AMSLOUCH's 201-351947 number cited in the center of all this. Also see better copy at 104-10077-10093.

104-10308-10166: DATA SHEET ON AMSLOUCH

Described as "formerly AMREBEL, ()SLOUCH... businessman...A-1 passed 2-way WT set to REDACTED, probably member AMSAUCE net 7 June 64...it was not inconceivable that AMSLOUCH-1 may have been doubled by Cuban service following AMSAUCE flap."

180-10145-10326: 180-10145-10326

AMSLOUCH-1 identified here as 201-351947.

Bill Simpich

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