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Cryptonym: AMSHRUG-1

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Unknown identity. A cable in December, 1963, mentioned that AMSHRUG-1 acted as the interpreter for JMWAVE case officer Zickgraff during the latter's meeting with AMSHAG-3. AMSHRUG-1 knew Carlos Prio Socarras, and that the latter apparently thought AMSHAG-3 was a "tough cookie and a good leader."
In April of 1963 AMSHRUG-1, reporting on the anti-Castro Cuban reaction to the notices prohibiting a number of Cubans from leaving Dade County, stated that AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona) had allegedly told the FBI to reserve a place for him in jail, as he had no intention of accepting the travel restrictions.

A cable from JMWAVE in June of 1964, canvassing anti-Castro Cuban exile reactions to the failed raid by Manuel Ray Rivero (AMBANG-1), included AMSHRUG-1's assessment that Ray had lost much support and sympathy, and that Ray and Gutierrez Menoyo were being blamed for the Cuban military alert, and the resulting flurry of executions and imprisonments.

A dispatch in September, 1964, on the termination of AMNUBA-1, mentioned that AMSHRUG-1 was exposed as an Indigenous Agent Personnel, along with the AMLILAC Group (Commando Groups - Comandos Mambises and others - involved in infiltrations into Cuba).

A dispatch on the termination of AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez), in January of 1968, stated that AMSHRUG-1 was exposed by his true name, and as an Indigenous Instructor, to A-56.


04/01/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline TYPIC: "1. Exile colony in uproar over notices to Cuban exile action leaders prohibiting travel outside Dade County. Reaction among exiles appears universal over this issue and is anti U.S. and anti-Kennedy. Even though notices only sent selected leaders, order being interpreted as applicable all exiles and as beginning co-existence. Receipt of notice now and status symbol...3. AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona) reported by AMSHRUG-1 to have told ODENVY (FBI) to reserve space for him in local jail as has no intention of accepting travel restriction..."


12/05/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: REF: WAVE 8562 and 9563. "1. During a 26 November meeting, JMWAVE case officer Zickgraff learned from AMSHAG-3, known to be an old member of the Autentico Party, that he had spoken with his friend Carlos Prio Socarras on the previous day. According to Prio, he and Somoza, who had arrived in the country over the weekend to attend President Kennedy's funeral, had reached an agreement. Prio told Somoza that he had recruited 100 young U.S. Army trained Cuban volunteers who were now on his payroll and that he could quickly expand this to 300. Somoza promised Prio training and staging camps in Nicaragua and or Honduras for these forces, and said he would make available to him the arms that he still had in Nicaragua, which were left over from the abortive invasion. 2. According to AMSHAG-3, Prio wants to speak to someone 'in the company' about this matter. He is willing to use his own money to get the venture started but said he would need financial help to sustain the effort over a long period of time. He wants to lay his cards on the table and tell 'the company' just how far he is financially able to go. 3. AMSHAG-3 said that Prio is interested in an immediate discussion if possible so that he can have something concrete for Somoza before he returns to Nicaragua. Prio said he would like to operate out of a maximum security camp, outside of the JMWAVE area if possible, under a cover whereby direct CIA involvement could be denied. Prio said he would accept the consequences if the operation blew up. 4. AMSHRUG-1, who interpreted for Zickgraff and who knows Prio, told Zickgraff that apparently Prio thinks AMSHAG-3 is a 'tough cookie' and good leader and will probably make him one of his top military officers if such a plan materializes. 5. On 4 December 1963, AMSHAG-3 told Zickgraff that Prio's plan had been studied and a record made of it but that there was no interest in this sort of thing at this time."


06/06/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "A. systematic canvass (of exiles)" was conducted after Manolo Ray's failed raid on Cuba on 5/20/64, which resulted only in his arrest at the beginning of June. Those canvassed for reactions included in this order: "A. UDCL, COJCE, FORDC, DRE: ...Publicity stunt which went wrong...B. Dr. Enrique Huertas: ...Harbingers bleak and hopeless period perhaps equal post-Giron...C. AMOTs: ...He perpetrated comedy of errors for propaganda purposes...D. AMPEARL-1...Most exiles claim Ray wanted to get caught...E. Dr. Antonio Maceo:...Many have lost faith in Ray...F. AMBUCKLE-1...Most people reluctant talk, but were not surprised at Ray failure as two weeks had passed since 20 May without action...G. AMTICK-1...Most feel this publicity stunt. If serious, Ray would not have taken photographers and girl...H. AMSHRUG-1: Ray has lost much sympathy and support. He and Gutierrez Menoyo being blamed for Cuban military alert and flurry (of) executions and imprisonments. No reaction against U.S. and British, but this may follow. I. AMPAN-18...People say Ray must have wanted to be caught, otherwise would have avoided Anguilla Key. J. AMPAID-4: Ray has lost support. K. AMTOBY-13: Ray is laughingstock. L. AMARGO-1: Ray's stock low. M. Zig Zag Libre editors: Bronx cheer. N. AMHIM-1: Ray butt of new jokes. O. Dr. Espinosa, head of exile teachers: Ray has lost 80% of his former popularity. P. AMSCROLL-3...believe Ray wanted it that way to save face..."


09/17/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "DAMAGE REPORT: Name: AMNUBA-1. Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed: AMLILAC Group, AMSHRUG-1. KUBARK Personnel Exposed:...Stanley R. ZAMKA: Known as Dr. Miranda....Indigenous Instructors Exposed: AMSWING-1 - known as Charlie; AMHINT-18 - known as George; AMHINT-19 - known as Raul; AMPULP-2 - known as Jerry; AMPHODARCH - known as Dave."


01/26/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 5 (Page 2 of AMHINT-56 Damage Report): ..."Indigenous Instructors Exposed: ...AMSHRUG-1/true name..."

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