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Cryptonym: AMSHED-1

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Glysson Lawrence Mitchell. AMSHED-1 was the brother-in-law of AMPAN-18, associate of AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez), Mitchell Livingston WerBell III, and Adolis Cobo (AMBIG-3).
A dispatch in June, 1964, stated that AMLEO-3 had borrowed money from AMSHED-1, and family relatives in the U.S., to support his wife's involvement in exfiltration attempts inside Cuba. In addition, a FBI memo in August of 1966 stated that Rabel had borrowed $11,000 from Lawrence Mitchell. Rabel had been unable to pay it back after being captured in Cuba. Lawrence Mitchell was a friend of Mitchell WerBell. At the time of the memo, Lawrence Mitchell was living in Georgia, and was a veterinary by profession. Furthermore, a FBI report from New York in 1969 mentioned that Glysson Lawrence Mitchell was arrested in connection with alleged stolen securities and was released on $100,000 personal recognizance bond. Norman Rothman ("Roughhouse") was also involved.

A FBI report from Georgia in October of 1975 stated that Rothman was an associate of Glysson Lawrence Mitchell. This report was on the criminal case of Jesse E. Stokely, who knew Mitchell through business. The FBI interviewed a daughter of Mitchell WerBell, Karen, who had been employed by Mitchell towards the end of the 1960's. While Sarah WerBell Tighe was employed by Mitchell, he was a representative of an Italian chemical/pharmaceutical company, which manufactured pharmaceuticals for livestock/animals, and other chemicals used in veterinary medicine. This is consistent with the FBI memo in August of 1966, which mentioned that Mitchell was a veterinary by profession.

In terms of the possible identity of AMPAN-18, according to the FBI report in 1969, Mitchell said his brother-in-law was Charles Rouse, from/in Hickory, North Carolina.


03/02/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Sluglines RYBAT TYPIC LITAMIL-9 AMLEO: "1. 1 March AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) mentioned to C/O that AMSHED-1 just informed him that thru PAA channels he heard AMLEO-3's airplane mechanic and personal pilot, Oscar Torres of Ref, have not been molested by G-2 except for routine G-2 questioning after AMLEO-3's defection. Neither one was aware defection plan."


06/02/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 2: ..."2. Since November 1963, JMWAVE has noted in all AMLEO progress reports that Mrs. AMLEO-3 was dabbling in exfiltration attempts inside Cuba, and has also successfully managed to pry funds out of AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) in attempts to buy her way into such efforts. As a result AMLEO-3 has borrowed money from AMSHED-1 and family relatives in the U.S. attempting to support his wife in these attempts, and is now in debt to these individuals to the tune of $4-5,000.00.."


09/20/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: "1. On 26 August 1965 AMSHED-1 advised JMWAVE that AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) had been seeking a boat to go to Cuba to bring out his wife and children. AMLEO-3 had also asked AMSHED-1 to use his influence to get permission from AMSWIRL-1 (Customs agent Cesar Diosdado) to make the trip. AMCRACKLE-1 (probably James Joseph O'Mailia), the middleman operating under JMWAVE instructions, advised against the proposed operation and told AMSHED-1 that JMWAVE would not attempt to obtain permission on behalf of AMLEO-3. AMCRACKLE-1 was further instructed to suggest that AMLEO-3 contact AMSWIRL-1 directly and request permission on his own. This is customary practise for exiles desiring to return to Cuba by boat to exfiltrate family members and friends. 2. Per Ref A AMLEO-3 with two companions departed 30 August 1965 for Cuba. Ref B explains that the trip was unsuccessful. Ref C advised of the subsequent attempt to bring out family members. 3. On 5 September 65 AMSHED-1 telephoned JMWAVE and volunteered the information that no word had been received from AMLEO-3 and his two companions and that AMSWIRL-1 had been asked to institute a search. AMSWIRL-1 allegedly replied that he could not institute a search, that only a higher authority could do so. Therefore AMSHED-1 asked that a search be instituted with the Coast Guard. Since JMWAVE was not connected with the activity and in view of the approach of Hurricane Betsy, JMWAVE did not act on this report."


09/20/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: ..."4. At 2330 hours on 5 September AMSHED-1 received a phone call from Adolis Cobo, a member of AMLEO-3's group who remained in Miami. Adolis Cobo reported that he had spoken with Silvia, wife of AMLEO-3, by phone to Havana and she stated that AMLEO-3 and his two companions had been captured by GOC authorities. A-1 reported this to JMWAVE on 6 September and added that a search was no longer necessary. 5. Cobo immediately got in touch with Mitchell Livingston Wer Bell III, who is associated with AMLEO-3's group and who worked with AMLEO-3 in Santo Domingo. Mr. Wer Bell, allegedly an American citizen, advised AMSHED-1 to keep the news quiet....7. At 2130 hours 7 September AMSHED-1 reported details of a phone call from AMLEO-3. AMSHED-1 reported that on 6 September Cobo and Wer Bell would be at Les Violins Restaurant at 2000 hours to receive a phone call. The call was received at 2020 hours. AMLEO-3 advised Cobo via prearranged code that he was in a jam and was staying with friends. The conversation was recorded by Wer Bell. AMCRACKLE-1 asked AMSHED-1 for his opinion of the call in view of Silvia's conversation with Cobo two days earlier stating AMLEO-3 and his two companions had been captured. AMSHED-1 said that he felt Silvia was under DSE control as he was sure AMLEO-3 had not been captured and that she had been persuaded by the DSE to call his friends in Miami. AMCRACKLE-1 asked AMSHED-1 why AMLEO-3 had instructed Cobo to contact AMSHED-1 and through AMSHED-1, JMWAVE. AMSHED-1, denying any previous knowledge of the arrangement, replied that AMLEO-3 had no one else to contact and since JMWAVE had assisted him previously, apparently felt that JMWAVE would do so again. AMCRACKLE-1 pointed out to AMSHED-1 that AMLEO-3 had undertaken this venture on his own, that he was advised against it due to the risk involved and, that AMLEO-3 had no connection with JMWAVE." (CONTINUED BELOW).


09/20/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: "7...AMSHED-1 stated that he had been told by AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) that JMWAVE had promised him to get his family out of Cuba. According to AMSHED-1's version from AMLEO-3, JMWAVE had not kept its promise and had shown no interest in helping AMLEO-3 once he was in JMWAVE hands. AMSHED-1 was told that JMWAVE could not entertain a proposal to attempt an exfiltration of AMLEO-3. 8. AMSHED-1 reported that Wer Bell had been in touch with a Mr. Dick Phillips of ODACID (U.S. State Department) HQs. Mr. Phillips had advised Wer Bell that ODACID was studying the matter and that CIA had been informed. 9. The AMSHED-1, Adolis Cobo, Wer Bell group was expecting a second call from AMLEO-3 in Havana on the evening of 9 Sept. The call did not materialize. Subsequently Cobo and Wer Bell placed a call to Silvia, AMLEO-3's wife. The call went through at about 0700 10 Sept. When the Miami group asked about AMLEO-3 by his first two names the connection was precipitously cut. When a tracer was placed on the line the Havana operator informed the Miami callers that the phone was out of order. 10. AMSHED-1 asked if JMWAVE would reconsider an exfiltration operation to rescue AMLEO-3. AMSHED-1 was informed that JMWAVE was in position to do so, and it was noted that any action along this line might prejudice AMLEO-3's chances of remaining alive, as his only hope would seem to be to convince AMTHUG-1 (Fidel Castro) that he was on a mission solely to bring out his wife, which was the case to our knowledge."


09/20/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 3: ..."12. On 8 September AMPAN-18, who is the brother-in-law of AMSHED-1, reported that AMSHED-1 had told him of the problems AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) was having. However, nothing new was obtained from AMPAN-18's report. AMPAN-18 was advised that JMWAVE has no interest in AMLEO-3 and he was instructed not to pursue the case further. However, he was told to lend a sympathetic ear to his brother-in-law/AMSHED-1 and report to his case officer any pertinent information regarding AMLEO-3's status."


08/23/66: FBI memorandum from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: TRIPOD - PSI, IS - CUBA: ..."For approximately the next 5 days, the informant waited in Santo Domingo for the arrival of Lawrence Mitchell and Mitchell Wer Bell. Lawrence Mitchell is a veterinary by profession, who resides in Georgia, and who is a friend of Mitchell Wer Bell. While waiting for the arrival of Mitchell and Wer Bell, the informant visited the Immigration Department to obtain a document which would permit him to enter and leave the DR without any problem...'Fatty' Garcia, who was formerly connected with CIA and the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD). Garcia was acquainted with Wer Bell and requested informant to give Wer Bell Garcia's regards the next time he sees him...Lawrence Mitchell arrived on August 4, 1966 but without Mitchell Wer Bell, who still had not obtained a visa. On August 6, 1966, informant and Mitchell went to Santiago in a rented car, where they had to meet a business associate of Mitchell named Edmundo Valle. Mitchell and Valle had been in the banana business but are now planning to attempt to develop a peanut oil refinery in Santiago. Mitchell and the informant spent the day examining an oil refinery that Mitchell expects to lease for this business venture. Mitchell will pay a commission or percentage to the informant should any of his ventures in the DR develop financially. The following day, which was Sunday, August 7, 1966, Mitchell and the informant visited Frank Bermudez, a Dominican millionaire and the President of J. Armando Bermudez, a rum distillery...Mitchell and the informant returned to Santo Domingo on Monday, and on Tuesday informant took Mitchell to meet Commodore Jimenez. At this time the informant advised Jimenez that Jose Rabel had borrowed $11,000 from Lawrence Mitchell, which he had used to repair the Venus, purchase arms and gasoline. Rabel had not repaid this money when he was captured in Cuba..."


06/06/69: FBI report from New York Office from Lawrence D. Kennedy: Titled: Chester Zochowski aka Chester Gray; Fabio Domenico de Cristofaro; Glysson Lawrence Mitchell; Norman Rothman: Page B: ..."Kelly stated that Gray seemed to be very upset by the fact that he was the only one arrested by the FBI and could not understand why Rothman or Lawrence Mitchell had not been arrested. Mitchell was identified by Kelly as being the prime source through which Gray disposed of various stolen securities..." - - - Page 5: "Character: Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property - Major Theft - Conspiracy: Synopsis: Investigation at Wood Walker and Company, and Hayden Stone Inc., NYC brokerage houses, set forth. Details of events culminating in arrest of subject, set forth. All subjects arrested, 5/29/69, upon authorization of United States Attorney, SDNY, charging violation of Title 18, US Code, Sections 2314 and 2. Subject Zochowski and Mitchell released 5/29/69, each on $100,000 personal recognizance bonds. Subject Rothman and de Cristofaro held in lieu of $750,000 and $100,000 bonds respectively, until 6/3/69, when Rothman released on $100,000 surety bond, $600,000 personal recognizance bond and de Christofaro released on $50,000 surety bond and $50,000 personal recognizance bond." - - - Page 46: "Upon examining the inner pages of the 'Wall Street Journal', dated May 29, 1969, which had been in the possession of Glysson L. Mitchell at the time of his arrest SA Donald L. Mason located a $100,000 United States Treasury Bill, number 493660A, issue date January 9, 1969, due and payable July 10, 1969."


06/06/69: FBI report from New York Office from Lawrence D. Kennedy: Titled: Chester Zochowski aka Chester Gray; Fabio Domenico de Cristofaro; Glysson Lawrence Mitchell; Norman Rothman: Page 62: FBI interview of Glysson Lawrence Mitchell on 05/29/69 (dictated 06/03/69): ..."Mitchell said he was born on August 19, 1933 in Damascus, Georgia. He resides at 2462 Williamswood Court, Decatur, Georgia. He is a college graduate and the owner-operator of several businesses...Mitchell met Gray about four years ago. The meeting took place in Miami, Florida, while visiting Mitchell WerBell, who is from Powder Springs, near Atlanta, Georgia. - - - Pages 65: ..."The following description of Mitchell was obtained through observation and interview. Name: Glysson Lawrence Mitchell, also known as Larry...Marital Status: Married to Jackie Mitchell. Daughter: Laurie...Employment: Owner of Professional Laboratories, Atlanta, Georgia...Sister: Waunithe Rouse nee Mitchell, wife of Charles Rouse, Hickory, North Carolina..."


10/28/75: FBI report from Georgia Office by SA Guy E. Decker: Titled: Jesse E. Stokely: "Synopsis: On 3/19/75, AUSA, James E. Fagan, Jr., advised that the trial of Jesse Stokely scheduled for 4/14/75. At the time he requested that efforts be made to interview Norman Rothman and Chester Zochowski, associates of Glysson Lawrence Mitchell...On 7/22/75, John Taulman, 415 East Paces Ferry Road Building, provided information concerning the lease agreement for Suite 205 to Doctor Glysson Lawrence Mitchell and Jesse E. Stokely...On 7/23/75, Mitchell WerBell advised that his daughter, Karen WerBell is now Karen Tighe and resides in Laguna Beach, California...On 3/4/75, Karen WerBell Tighe was interviewed at which time she provided information concerning the business relationship of Jesse E. Stokely and Glysson Lawrence Mitchell...On 3/11/75, Grace P. Beck, Tucker Federal Savings and Loan Association, advised she could not locate any safety deposit box record identifiable with Glysson Lawrence Mitchell, Jesse E. Stokely, LMCO, or Professional Laboratories...On 3/11/75, the records at the Federal Record Center, Atlanta, Georgia, concerning Glysson Lawrence Mitchell, when he was an inmate at Eglin Air Force Base, were reviewed..."


10/28/75: FBI report from Georgia Office by SA Guy E. Decker: Titled: Jesse E. Stokely: Pages 14-15: Interview of Karen WerBell Tighe on 08/04/75 (dictated 08/07/75) by SA Charles A. Sullivan: "Karen WerBell Tighe,...Laguna Beach, California..advised that she was employed as a secretary, office manager and receptionist for J. Lawrence Mitchell at 3715 East Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia, from approximately November 1968 to July 1969. While she was employed by Mitchell, he operated as a representative of an Italian chemical/pharmaceutical firm which manufactured pharmaceuticals for livestock and animals and other chemicals used in veterinary medicine. To her knowledge, he had no partners whatsoever in his business, and to her knowledge conducted no other type of business from the office in which she was employed. Because Mitchell had little work for her to do, he often 'lent her out' to Jesse E. Stokely, who operated the BMS Business Machine Company from another office building located at 415 East Paces Ferry Road...She stated she does not have any knowledge whatsoever of any monies owned by Mitchell to Stokely, nor does she have any knowledge of Mitchell owning Stokely $24,000. When asked if she had any knowledge that Stokely was given the power of attorney over Mitchell's business affairs, she stated she had no personal knowledge of this, but in her opinion, knowing Mitchell's personality, it would be highly unlikely that Mitchell would trust Stokely with a power of attorney over his business affairs. Mitchell trusted no one, including his relatives, was extremely close mouthed about his business dealings, and few, if any, individuals knew exactly what he was doing..."

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