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Cryptonym: AMSEVER-2

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Double agent in Mexico City. Referred to as a "contract agent" and a "marginal agent".
An AMWORLD cable in March of 1964 stated that AMSEVER-2 had heard from a friend, recently arrived from Cuba, about rumors rife in Cuba, including a plot to assassinate Cuban premier, Fidel Castro, "after April."


10/5/63 cable MEXI 6404 from Mexico City to Director: "In recent meetings AMSEVER-2 has reiterated belief that despite adverse info received from several sources subject really not pro-Communist or pro-Castro. Says recent letter from subject show he not satisfied with things in Cuba. A-2 believes would have good chance recruit subj when he comes Mexi on vacation in November. A-2 would do softening up and make initial pitch...in view (of) desirability (of having) asset inside MEX EMB HAVANA who also in constant touch GOC (Government of Cuba) officials, request HQS grant POA as originally requested..."

104-10093-10109: CABLE

10/23/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: PBRUMEN: "1. Request traces and POA Jorge Antonio Abasolo Garcia, Cuban, DOB 1927, industrial engineer, graduate Georgia Tech, address (REDACTION), Havana. SUBJ divorced from (REDACTION) who now reported living with two children ages 5 and 7 in (REDACTION). SUBJ chief of division in ministry industries, works closely with Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. Controls wood furniture industry, portion of her paper industry including paper sacks, toy industry, one other unspecified industry. Has had some contact with Soviets in connection with cement procurement. Recently reported belief SOVS constructing submarine base in Cuba. Came to Mexico on special passport 2 Aug 63 to see children but former wife managed prevent contact. Returned Cuba 21 Aug. 2. Brother of SUBJ (REDACTION), Cuban, about 42, left Cuba about 1959 or 1960 going first to Bermuda, later to Mexico. Employed continuously (REDACTION) now assistant manager sales for Mexico. Strongly anti-Castro, friend of AMSEVER-2. Corresponds with SUBJ through (REDACTION) embassy diplomatic pouch. At station request through A-2 (REDACTION) recently asked SUBJ if would be willing furnish 'certain information' for A-2 whom SUBJ knows as anti-Castro. SUBJ gave tentative agreement but asked how far do you want me to go? 3. SUBJ planning to leave Cuba at end of year, disillusioned with regime. Believe station might be able persuade him stay in place. 4. Divored mother of ex-wife has re-married to Joaquin Mirabal, Communist; former 'chief of security service' Havana, recently promoted to more important position. 5. Above info from (REDACTION) fleshed out by A-2 who met SUBJ during August sojourn MEXI..."


10/29/63, Cable from Director to Mexico City: "1. Subj ref was granted POA 7 May 1963, 201-356959. Requesting 6 months extension of POA. 2. FYI: POA was requested when HQs attempted recruitment of Subj through (REDACTION), CIA agent and close friend of Subj who now residing in U.S. Recruitment pitch was made in letter written to Subj by (REDACTION) at HQs direction. (REDACTION) gave letter to his friend QUANTUM-55 in February 1963 for ultimate (unintelligible) delivery to Subj in Cuba. We do not know at this time whether QUANTUM-55 even delivered the letter to Subj. In any event no reply from Subj has been delivered by (REDACTION) to date. (REDACTION) has assessed Subj as probably being in opposition to the regime in Cuba, and as probably willing to cooperate in a clandestine reporting operation. 3. In view fact MEXI has successfully established contact with Subj through AMSEVER-2, HQs defers to Mexico City Station for further operational development of Subj. 4. HQs traces on Subj indicate PDOB Havana, 24 Aug 1929; that he attended St. Bernard College, Alabama, 1946; that he attended Georgia Tech in 1948; and that on 2 Jan 1949 he was excluded from admission to USA at Miami because he did not have a valid visa. 5. Since Subj has access high level Cuban officials as well as SOVS and he apparently has agreed furnish info, request MEXI proceed to develop this op on priority basis. Please Cable developments. WH Comment: *Requested traces and POA for Jorge Antonio Abasolo Garcia, Cuban, Chief of a Division in Ministry of Industries."


11/19/63, MEXI 6965: "Please advise soonest on status ref request for POA. AMSEVER-2 reported 19 Nov that subject arriving MEXI on home leave 21 Nov, will probably remain MEXI two months except for ten day trip PBPRIME (United States). A-2 feels excellent chance (to) recruit subject as reporting agent inside (Cuba) and strong probability (to) arrange access to Mexican diplomatic pouch for commo."


11/19/63 cable MEXI 6967 from Mexico City to Director, ref DIR 80825: "AMSEVER-2 reports subject has replied to latest letter from brother MEXI indicating willing remain in (Cuba), willing supply any info to which has normal access, able use Netherlands pouch for commo, refuses to have contact with 'any (CIA or FBI) people' inside (Cuba). Letter states, 'You have no idea what things are like here. People shot every day. I am sure I am being watched.' 2. During past week station (Case officer) met by chance close friend from Caracas days, 1949-1952, James Bonner, PBPRIME (U.S.) citizen, attending insurance conference MEXI...3. AMSEVER-2, and brother of subject will meet for lunch on 20 November at which time bio data on subject and extent (of) access on intel info will (be) obtained...C/S Comment: Prepared no recontact of Mario de la Guardia and suggested Abasolo's brother could provide more valuable assessment of Abasolo than de la Guardia."


11/20/63, DIR 84082: "Exercising due caution because of AMLEO-3 case and subject (201-726614?)'s alleged collaboration with Ambassador Bosques, suggest AMSEVER-2 attempt (to) solicit subject cooperation without revealing (US government) interest." 201-726614 arriving MC 11/21. MC wants to recruit. SAS/EOB D. Ronis.


11/21/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline KAPOK PBRUMEN: "1. PRQ data on LICRAFT-1 as furnished by brother 20 Nov being pouched. 2. Brother feels Subj willing remain inside foreseeable future. Is sending Subj another letter for definite decision and will indicate interested party behind AMSEVER-2 willing establish two hundred dollar monthly ESCROW account. 3. Contact will be maintained using present channel through (REDACTION). Station feels Subj should be trained through this channel ASAP in SW system to enhance commo security. 4. Subj has access to all plans activities Ministry Industries. Is frequently consulted by Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and sits in on all high level planning sessions at ministry, while known as not favoring regime, is considered as highly qualified and capable engineer who will not hesitate evaluate Sov Bloc machinery as superior to available Western items if thus convinced. 5. CIA control will be coordinated (unintelligible) 'clear' Subj of involvement with regime after Castro (unintelligible) brother says Subj strongly pro-U.S. and foresaw advent Communist regime as early as 1959 when brother himself was not yet convinced Castro Communist. 6. Subj looks like excellent direct line into 'Che' (unintelligible) be used only for info to which (unintelligible). Brother emphasized repeatedly that Subj should never be used for contact with others inside no matter how well such persons trusted by ODYOKE. 7. Index 201-356959. C/S Comment: *(Unintelligible) whether Subject will (unintelligible) Cuba, how contact will be (unintelligible), (unintelligible) of CIA control. (Unintelligible).


03/31/64: Cable from Mexico City to Director 8832: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMWORLD: "New spate rumors among Cubans indicating important anti-Castro action expected May 1964. AMSEVER-2 heard from friend recently arrived from Cuba that such rumors rife in Cuba including plot to assassinate Castro 'after April.' LICRAFT-1 heard from contact inside Cuba that 'big things' expected in May, also heard from friends in Chicago who close to AMBIDDY-1 that four-pronged military action scheduled for May. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE cables. (Handwritten note: Passed to Reports for dissem, 31 Mar 64 H.)"

Bill Simpich

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