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Cryptonym: AMSALON-1

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Possibly Rolando Rodriguez, mixed up with the Bayo-Pawley operation and worked with Tico Herrera. AMSALON-1 was described as one of "several key AMWORLDERs" (along with AMHINT-27 and AMYUM-29) in a June 1964 CIA cable.
A dispatch on November 29, 1962, stated that AMSALON-1's 201 number was 201-314927. The dispatch also stated that AMSALON-1's operational clearance was cancelled on November 15, 1962. Moreover, a debriefing report on Santiago Sanchez de la Torre by Clarence Smeryage (probably Tom Clines), in September, 1963, mentioned that AMSALON-1 knew Sanchez in late 1961. It is possible that AMSALON-1 was a member of Manuel Artime's MRR. AMSALON-1 was described as a important member of AMWORLD, as mentioned above.

A CIA document on the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) noted that Tico Herrera's 201 number was 201-314931, and Captain Algimiro Fonseca's 201 number was 201-314932.

AMOT-28 (Andres Eugenio Venegas Garcia)'s 201 number was at least related to 201-314932. So who was AMOT-28, Captain Algimiro Fonseca, Andres Eugenio Venegas Garcia, or someone else? Perhaps someone made a mistake on the identity of the source from this document (AMOT-28 was the source, but it was about Argimino Fonseca) : https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=35198#relPageId=2&tab=page

Fonseca is described as being anti-American, and it is hard to see an AMOT being so, given their training by the CIA. Also, documents appear to show that Venegas was involved in Operation Tilt, which strengthens his claim to be AMOT-28. Also, AMBANG-7's 201 number was very close to those mentioned above, as it was 201-314925 (104-10164-10078). The same document cited Jose Arencibia Rioseco and Jose Ledo Reyes' 201 numbers as 201-314923 and 201-314924 respectively.

1994.06.24.13:49:19:880005: Reel 69, Folder F - AMBUD MILITARY ACTIVITIES.

05/21/61: Memorandum from Naval Delegate to JCS to FRD Military Coordinator: Titled: Payroll No. 65: "Following are the payroll expenses of the Naval Commission for salaries and quarters allowance for the week from 29 May thru 4 Jun 61:...C. Jose M. Arencibia Rioseco $26.00..." Perhaps the same individual as the one with the 201 number of 201-314923.

104-10163-10218: LUIS BALBUENA

02/07/62: Luis Balbuena Card entry: Vol IV, Memos/Escandon..."Gitmo Base employee, radio operator using assumed name 'Peet.' Participated in anti-Castro activities by joining rebels under command of Tico Herrera."


05/10/62: FBI report from Miami, Florida: Titled: Antonio Cuesta Valle, Internal Security - Cuba, Registration Act - Cuba: Pages 3-4: ..."Rolando (LNU), aka., 'Guayacon.' This individual is believed to be a United States citizen and is believed to have made a boat trip to Cuba approximately eight months ago. He is associated with Roberto 'Tico' Herrera, who in turn, is a friend of Tony Cuesta. On May 8, 1962, MM T-1 advised that Roberto 'Tico' Herrera had departed on May 7, 1962, for Cuba with approximately three or four other individuals. One of those who accompanied Herrera is believed to be 'Guayacon', who MM T-1 has identified as Rolando Rodriguez. Herrera has apparently advised Eduardo 'Ballo' Perez that he, Herrera, would arrive in Cuba on Thursday, May 10, 1962, and that at that time Perez should follow with his group. Herrera, an individual who has recently received some guerilla-type training in Florida, has indicated that his phase of the operation is being supported by the United States Government, but MM T-1 does not believe that the trip contemplated by Perez and his group which includes the aforementioned Tony Cuesta, (FNU) Baez, (FNU) Pabon and others, is United States Government supported. Herrera reportedly indicated to Perez that he was departing the United States without arms and indicated that the arms needed for their activities were already available in Cuba...From the tenor of discussions it appears that while Perez, Herrera and their followers want United States support, that they yet do not like the United States and are more interested in furthering their own private ambitions in Cuba..."


11/29/62: Dispatch from Chief, WH to COS, JMWAVE: "The operational clearances on the below listed individuals have been cancelled...Name: AMSALON-1. 201-Number: 201-314927. Cancelled: 15 Nov 62..."


04/16/63: CIA document: Page 62: ..."108. Fonseca, Algimiro (Capt) 201-314932: UR contact; fought with Vera Leyva against Militia at Loma de Pivalo; not stated in source but subj presumably former Capt in Rebel Army who joined resistance. (72)..." - - - Page 101: ..."124. Herrera, Tico (201-314931): Appeared on list of men considered by Garcia Oller and Vera Leyva of UR for infil ops into Cuba in May 62 (174)..." - - - This UR document included Roberto Herrera Tito at number 28. Titled UNIDAD REVOLUCIONARIA: Relacion de Halcones: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55556&relPageId=171&search=Roberto_Herrera%20Tico


Re June 1963: Rolando Rodriguez is on short list of people involved in the Bayo-Pawley affair of June 1963. Others on the list include Eduardo Perez/Bayo/AMDENIM-11. At pages 57-58 - that name shared by pro-Castro and anti-Castro Cubans alike. That name is referred to in 124-10284-10156, posted above.


09/03/63: Debriefing #182, 29-30 August (0900 - 1300 hrs) report, Case Officer: Clarence E. Smeryage (probably Tom Clines). Date and Place: Safehouse #182, 29-30 August: Page 2: ..."6. In late November, 1961 Subject moved into a 'guest house' where several other MRR members resided. House is called *House of Maria de la *GALLEGA and is located on 'J' Street between 21st and 23rd Streets, (REDACTION). Subject met 'Fernando', the Security Chief of the MRR at the guest house. Fernando continues to work in the underground. He also met (REDACTION) there. He met (REDACTION) who also continues to work in the underground. (REDACTION) had gone to the hills of Las Villas but returned to Havana. Another MRR man residing there was (REDACTION) Arturo *MUGARRA and AMSALON/1 visited the house on occasion. Subject was once picked up at the house by AMSALON/1. During this period FNU (REDACTION), Aka Lucas, was arrested and Subject began to work with MUGARRA. In December 1961, (REDACTION) took asylum. There was much conflict in the MRR during this period between AMHOOK/1 and AMBRONC/5 (Juan Manuel Guillot Castellanos). (Subject has many letters pertaining to this conflict but they were left in Mexico. AMBIDDY/1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) is having someone pick up the letters. Case Officer will attempt to obtain these letters and review them. Subject claims he did not hand carry them to the U.S., as he thought our officials would seize them)."


06/24/64: cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: Page 3, paragraph 6: ..."While A/1 probably able attract enough political activists continue commando and sab ops several key AMWORLDERs including AMSALON/1, AMYUM/29, AMHINT/27 (Manuel Baro Esteva) as well as rebel army types would leave if A/1 broke with AMYUM (MRR - Revolutionary Recovery Movement) for political reasons."


01/25/67: FBI report from Miami, Florida: Page 6: ..."Mr. Diaz stated there is no membership list in the ELC nor is a figure of the number of members known to him. He stated despite ten months of effort, he considers his movement to be in preliminary stages of organization. He advised he has been assisted by Ricardo Lorie, who was also a founder of the MRR in Cuba, but Lorie is suffering from a heart condition and is unable to work hard for the ELC. He stated other individuals who were considered by him to be officers in the ELC, are former Captains in the Cuban Rebel Army 'Tico' Herrera and (First Name Unknown) Varandela..."


Undated HSCA document on Hignio Diaz: ..."After war assigned as Security Chief of G-2 offices. Then transferred as co-pilot for domestic flights of Compnaia Cubana de Aviacion. SUbject left CCA to join underground group MRR in Guantanamo, operating with 'Tico' Herrera, FNU Montero aka El Mexicano. Then travelled to US by comandeering fishing boat by gunpoint..."

Fabian Escalante, The Cuba Project: CIA Covert Operations 1959-62 (2004): p. 117-118

..."From the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo, the CIA prepared to organize a front of bandits in the eastern mountains to supplement the disturbances that were projected for that year. Several agents had been trained to penetrate the southern part of the Sierra Maestra and the mountain strongholds of Baracoa, Sagua de Tanamo and Yateras. They included Amancio Mosqueda, Emilio Vera, Tico Herrera, Jose Rodriguez Pena, Alcibiades Macias, Pablo Pupo Cruz and others. In the CIA's base of operations in Miami it was hoped that these bandit fronts would be ready to function sometime between May and June. Their main objectives were to spread terror, destabilize society and destroy agricultural production - particularly sugarcane - in order to paralyze the national economy. Nevertheless, the revolution wasted no time in responding; thousands of combatants were mobilized in the struggle against the bandits. Some were quickly captured, and others killed..."


"Gerry Patrick Hemming, 3221 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065-3173, 954-255-7829: Santa Ana provocation. Jorge Moscanosa, Roberto Tico Herrera, Fonseca. Navy: Azilli Marine officers."

Gavin McDonald

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