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Cryptonym: AMRYE-1

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Anthony “Tony” Sforza.
This is another of the CIA’s most closely guarded cryptonyms. To break it requires knowing the life story of Tony Sforza and his aliases—Henry Sloman, Frank Stevens, and Alfred Sarno–a subject covered at some length in Where Angels Tread Lightly, especially Appendix Three.

Sforza’s work with AMPARCH-1 (Warren Frank, AKA Edward Knapman) and AMIRE-1 (Emilio Rodriguez, AKA Peter Digerveno) together first in Havana, and afterward at JMWAVE, as well as his tempestuous relationship with AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco “Pancho” Varona) makes possible the concrete identifications of these three men with their CIA cryptonyms.

CIA documents establish that AMRYE-1 ran the AMRYE net, the principal stay-behind net in Cuba after the break in relations in January 1961, and that he received a huge amount of assistance from AMIRE-1 (Emilio Rodriguez). In CIA cable traffic associated with exfiltrations at that time, Sforza appears simply as “Henry,” who is later the “Henry Sloman” in JMWAVE documents. Tony Sforza’s cover pseudonym for public consumption was Frank Stevens.

(1) 104-10180-10132. 6/16/61 CIA MFR, RE: Initial Debriefing of [AMIRE-1].

This MFR mentions AMRYE-1’s management of the AMRYE stay-behind agent net in Cuba, as well as the valuable role of AMIRE-1 (Rodriguez) in this effort “under the most trying circumstances.” Although the AMIRE crypt is redacted, this MFR is located in a stream of documents [in the 10180 center RIF block] that all belong to Emilio Rodriguez.

(2) 104-10267-10099. 1/10/63 JMWAVE Dispatch.

This dispatch recalls that after the Bay of Pigs invasion, Sloman (Tony Sforza) instructed AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco “Pancho” Varona) to arrange “the exfiltration point of Henry J. Sloman and AMPARCH-1 (Warren Frank, AKA Edward D. Knapman). This was done in June 1961.” This dispatch also recalls that Digerveno (AMIRE-1, Emilio Rodriguez) was also preparing to leave Cuba at this time.

(3) 104-10180-10134. 6/12/61 CIA HQS (BELL) cable 0984.

This cable mentioned BARR 0046 which stated: “AMRYE-1 and AMPARCH-1 arrived Key West on fishing boat at approximately 1645 local 10 June 1961.” When combined with the above 1/10/63 JMWAVE dispatch, we can be certain that AMRYE-1 was Henry Sloman (Sforza).

(4) 104-10180-10135. 6/7/61 JMWAVE cable 6588.

This cable mentioned RIMM 5869, sent three days before Sloman (AMRYE-1) and Knapman (AMPARCH-1) were exfiltrated, which “Requested (someone) meet Eugenio [Emilio]at airport for verbal report.” The WAVE cable added, “[AMIRE-1] planned to depart for the Orleanian Apartment Hotel, St. Charles and Clio St., New Orleans.”

(5) 104-10113-10070. 6/11/69, Charles W. Kane Memo.

This memo reveals that “Frank” [Stevens] in the memos concerning Francisco “Pancho” Varona, was “the subject of Headquarters file #53472.”

(6) 104-10129-10032. 7/20/62 CIA DDS Memo for Chief TFW.

This memo shows that the CIA Headquarters file #53472 belonged to Anthony Sforza. Therefore, we can be certain that Frank Stevens was Tony Sforza.


05/19/61: Cable from BELL to JMWAVE (Orig: Ralph Seehafer, Unit: WH/4/FI): Slugline JMZIP KUTUBE: "SW message thirteen from AMRYE-1 contained following message from Formoso coordinator of Unidad Pinar del Rio...It was not indicated to whom message addressed although HQs speculates may be from AMFAUNA-1 for WAVE. WH/4 Translation: Julio in Habana asks for a reply to his request in message number eleven via this channel." Releasing Officer: Reichhardt for E. A. Stanulis, AC/WH/4. Authenticating Officer: R. Seehafer for R. Whedbee, C/WH/4/FI.


7/20/61 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "On arrival, AMRYE-1 and REDACTED (almost certainly AMIRE-1/Emilio Rodriguez), they should check in any hotel near Coral Gables. They should (telephone) Knapman...both know Knapman from (Cuba). Request HQS send copies of their 201 files (both crypt and true name) to WAVE ASAP...Are they contract agents or contract employees? Please advise if either AMRYE-1 or REDACTED cleared for access to JMCAPE. Since WAVE currently only has two KUTUBE/Foreign Intelligence ops officers other than Zamka/David Morales, access to JMCAPE by either AMRYE-1 or REDACTED would greatly relieve (Foreign Intelligence) work load and assist in expansion this field. If subjects current clearances do not permit their access to JMCAPE request Type A contact clearance for admission of both."

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