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Cryptonym: AMRIPE-4

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Unknown identity. AMRIPE-4 was referred to as "Helen." Was referred to as being part of the AMGLEN-9 group (along with AMRIPE-4 and A-9).


12/04/63 cable WAVE 8512 from WAVE to Director, slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATBID: "Well placed source just reported Tony suspected for immediate arrest. We believe may already have been arrested or doubled. Rather than wait any longer CMA you must insist that Emilio and family go into hiding immediately for possible exfil Cardenas one five December. Emilio possibly already under surveillance. Will resettle him here with ample financial aid. If this message sent too late and something already happened to Emilio or refuses must insist that you Helen and Jose go into immediate hiding for exfil via Cardenas leaving Emilio. Regardless your personal desires CKA your arrest will implicate Jose Helen Cuquito and many others also CEA if you arrested as spy Fidel will disregard any request for clemency for Mente but if you simply disappear you not implicate anyone. Arrested or dead none of you good to anyone. Dislike taking hardnosed view but from here this is way things look. Maggie will call Jose six December. If Emilio agrees exfil Jose should mention Maria's health is good. If not agree her health is sad. If you Helen and Jose plan exfil Jose should tell Maggie send photos of Mariel Carmen. If you go into hiding take pads and receiver for last minute instructions. Urge you get package three three to Cuquito soon. Gorda. End agent message. For Director only: Tony is AMCANOE-3, Emilio Carbo, Helen is AMRIPE-4, Jose is AMRIPE-2, Cuquito is AMTURVY-1, Mente is AMSIGH-2, and Maggie is AMRIPE-2."


12/7/63: "165: Assume my 164 passed to Jose and that phone call from Maggie geared to signals sent. That Maria health good meant Emilio willing exfil and that Jose not wanting photos Mariel Carmen meant you Helen and Jose not planning exfil. Also assume deteriorating situation re Tony security sunk in and Emilio now in complete hiding. If we wrong on any point and/or you must change plans CMA you should advise via WT since clarification too many complicated things unsuitable via phone signals. If not willing use own rig CMA can decipher on own pads and have Cuquito send. In getting Emilio and family to Cardenas must insist neither you Helen or Jose should personally accompany them. Pouch just arrived. Your info in SW 16 agrees our info but believe Tony now doubled since his actions after being stopped standard DSE practice. Jose. We plan cache item instead of sending via Dip pouch. Too large and cannot break down. Your plan for transfer is good but planning cache now. Roger on rest SWS contents. Rosie's letter to be mailed next week in Mexi. Will give exfil contact instructions as soon as they worked out. Gorda. End agent msg. For Dir only: Jose is AMRIPE-2, Maggie AMRIPE-1, Emilio is REDACTED, Helen AMRIPE-4, Tony AMCANOE-3, Cuquito AMTURVY-1, and Rose is wife AMSIGH-2."


12/07/63, Cable from Director to JMWAVE: REF A. 8515 (IN 73759). B. WAVE 8510 (IN 73739) "1). Concur WAVE decision exfil AMGLEN-9, AMRIPE-2 and -4, and/or Carbo. No question but that AMCANOE-3 security status warrants extremest caution in dealing with him. If AMGLEN-9 group successfully exfils feel Station should drop all immediate plans exfil AMCANOE-3. 2). Believe subsequent any attempt exfil AMCANOE-3 would be based primarily humanitarian grounds. However, it possible that debriefing of AMGLEN-9 group would change this estimate and might provide data on basis which sound plan for AMCANOE-3 exfil could be drawn up. C/S Comment: *Ref RYBAT."

104-10076-10176: JMWAVE CABLE - SITREP 7 DEC 63

12/07/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Page 3: "2. Two SW messages received from AMLISP-1, one SW each from AMGLEN-9, AMRIPES-2 and 4..."

1993.08.04.16:47:30:710028: JMWAVE CABLES, WAVE 8900 - 8997.

12/13/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMHICK COMMO: REFS: A. (REDACTION). B. WAVE - 8515 (In 73757)* "Exfils for Op AMHICK will be Emilio (REDACTION) per Ref B and his wife. Due broken wrist (REDACTION) replaced (REDACTION - Probably AMTOBY-16) as radop for op. C/S Comments: *Re late developments AMCANOE Op." - - - See cable 12/05/63 (104-10076-10096), page 4: ..."2. AMTOBY-16 fractured wrist during small boat training. Effect on Op AMHICK as yet unknown..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=29454&search=104-10076-10096#relPageId=4&tab=page

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