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Cryptonym: AMRIPE-2

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"Jose": Probably Jose Luis Pelleya. Involved in the attempt to exfiltrate AMCANOE-3 from Cuba on 11/22/63. Sent pouch to Mexico City on 11/21/63.
Apparently only one "Jose" was locked up by the Cuban governement and released in 1970 - this was Jose Luis Pelleya - Pelleya was married to Margarit Madrazo Intriago de Pelleya - probably the "Maggie"/AMRIPE-1 who was also imprisoned by the Cubans, and released by 1970. See http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=32782&search=amripe#relPageId=2&tab=page 104-10075-10066: AMRIPE-1 is referred to in the documents as "Maggie". 104-10076-10043: Emilio is Emilio Carbo. Helen is AMRIPE-4, Ink is AMGLEN-9 and Cuquito is AMTURVY-1/Arturo Varona.

An undated memorandum from "Chip" of Foreign Intelligence (FI), to "Phil Too" (probably Philip Toomey/William Kent), the Chief of PW, used AMRIPE-2 as the source.

194-10002-10106: Report

6/18/53: Miami Confidential Informant T-20 reported on a number of individuals working with Carlos Prio to overthrow the Batista regime, including Jose Luis Pelleya Justiz, resident of 27 16th Street, Miramar Division, of Pelleya Combustibles, S.A. The focus of this entire memo is an investigation of the events that led up to the Moncada uprising led by Fidel Castro on 7/26/53.

124-90139-10153: [RESTRICTED]

9/13/61 biographical data within FBI's CLIP Project: Jose Luis Pelleya (Justiz) is mentioned as the spouse of Margarit Madrazo Intriago (born 19 June 1916 in Havana, Cuba).

1994.06.24.14:33:30:910005: Reel 70, Folder K - AMBUD FINANCES

11/2/62 telegram, from "Maggie" in Havana to Jose Fernandez, 2325 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida: "Received medicines, paquito. All well here, love, Maggie." Page 351 reveals the telegram. Page 352 reveals the recipient was almost certainly Jose Fernandez Badue, a delegate of the MDC. Pages 354-355 reveal an earlier communication between Jose and Maggie on 10/20/62.


11/22/63 cable from JMWAVE to Director, with a copy going to John Tilton that evening: AMRIPE-2 contacted AMRIPE-1 on 11/22 in midst of AMCANOE-3 exfiltration and "advised their son (AMCANOE-3?) should not take any of courses suggested". Several concerns that the mission was in danger. AMRIPE-2 told AMRIPE-1 that "he mailed her letter" on 11/21/63 - "WAVE interprets this to mean that AMRIPE-2 sent (shortwave) to WAVE, explaining change in plans, via NIEXIT pouch" to arrive in Mexico on 11/22.

1993.08.04.16:20:46:530028: JMWAVE CABLES, WAVE 8000 - 8075.

11/28/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATBIO: "1. FOLL will be sent. Begin agent message: 'One six zero. Cannot pick up pouch until Friday. Will stay over another day in case you have another pouch. Jose most anxious talk with you personally MEXI. Leave your good judgement most expeditious means you can employ there with Bosques get visa CMA including use of gifts or other mild pressure. Gorda' end agent message. 2. For DIR only: Jose is AMRIPE-2 and Bosques is MEXI Ambassador to Cuba."


12/04/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATBIO: 12/4/63 cable WAVE 8512 from WAVE to Director, slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATRID: "1. FOLL will be sent...Well placed source just reported Tony suspected for immediate arrest. We believe may already have been arrested or doubled. Rather than wait any longer CMA you must insist that Emilio and family go into hiding immediately for possible exfil Cardenas one five December. Emilio possibly already under surveillance. Will resettle him here with ample financial aid. If this message sent too late and something already happened to Emilio or refuses must insist that you Helen and Jose go into immediate hiding for exfil via Cardenas leaving Emilio. Regardless your personal desires CKA your arrest will implicate Jose Helen Cuquito and many others also CEA if you arrested as spy Fidel will disregard any request for clemency for Mente but if you simply disappear you not implicate anyone. Arrested or dead none of you good to anyone. Dislike taking hardnosed view but from here this is way things look. Maggie will call Jose six December. If Emilio agrees exfil Jose should mention Maria's health is good. If not agree her health is sad. If you Helen and Jose plan exfil Jose should tell Maggie send photos of Mariel Carmen. If you go into hiding take pads and receiver for last minute instructions. Urge you get package three three to Cuquito soon. Gorda. End agent message. For Director only: Tony is AMCANOE-3, Emilio Carbo, Helen is AMRIPE-4, Jose is AMRIPE-2, Cuquito is AMTURVY-1, Mente is AMSIGH-2, and Maggie is AMRIPE-2." (Note both Jose and Maggie are identified as AMRIPE-2, almost certainly a typo, as Maggie is identified as AMRIPE-1 in the 12/7/63 message below.)


12/6/63 cable from SAS to JMWAVE: Agree with JMWAVE's decision to exfiltrate AMRIPE-2, AMRIPE-4, AMGLEN-9 and "Carbo". "No question but that AMCANOE-3 security status warrants extremest caution in dealing with him."


12/7/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN COMMO FATBID: "165: Assume my 164 passed to Jose and that phone call from Maggie geared to signals sent. That Maria health good meant Emilio willing exfil and that Jose not wanting photos Mariel Carmen meant you Helen and Jose not planning exfil. Also assume deteriorating situation re Tony security sunk in and Emilio now in complete hiding. If we wrong on any point and/or you must change plans CMA you should advise via WT since clarification too many complicated things unsuitable via phone signals. If not willing use own rig CMA can decipher on own pads and have Cuquito send. In getting Emilio and family to Cardenas must insist neither you Helen or Jose should personally accompany them. Pouch just arrived. Your info in SW 16 agrees our info but believe Tony now doubled since his actions after being stopped standard DSE practice. Jose. We plan cache item instead of sending via Dip pouch. Too large and cannot break down. Your plan for transfer is good but planning cache now. Roger on rest SWS contents. Rosie's letter to be mailed next week in Mexi. Will give exfil contact instructions as soon as they worked out. Gorda. End agent msg. For Dir only: Jose is AMRIPE-2, Maggie AMRIPE-1, Emilio is Emilio Carbo, Helen AMRIPE-4, Tony AMCANOE-3, Cuquito AMTURVY-1, and Rosie is wife AMSIGH-2."

1994.04.26.09:46:28:100005: Reel 52, Folder J - REINOL GONZALES

10/23/69 memo discusses the need for release of several prisoners from Cuba, including Agustin Pinera Machin and Jose Luis Pelleya.


Re 5/23/70 - Marginalia shows AMRIPE-2 is probably 201-314480 (possibly 201-214480 or 201-814480). He returned to Miami 5/23/70 upon his release from Cuban prison along with Agustin Pinera Machin (201-098539), probably to be debriefed by HQs. AMRIPE-1 was released by 1970 http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=32782&search=amripe#relPageId=2&tab=page


Undated CIA document: Memo from Chip/FI to Phil Too (note: Probably Philip Toomey) C/PW. Source: AMRIPE-2: "1. Mary Noran Seyre must be around 60 or 65 years old (unintelligible - very faded text)...before Marta Batista became involved with Batista's coup d'etat he took (unintelligible) care of always shipping off Mary on some 'cultural' missions, keeping her away from Cuba. I was positive you had all the details on her for she is very well known for her 'intellectual' activities all around Spanish-speaking countries. I know of her protection of Marta because Nidia Suarez Rivas' cousin lived only a few doors from her at Buens Vista; the only portrait inside the modest little house where they lived was Mary's and Cleva (Nidia's cousin) always saw her around. 2. Nena Leyte Vidal's mother brought one of the nicest beauty parlors in Havana, 'Lloreans' and we had to stop patronizing same. The reason was obvious, the old lady looked exactly what it was rumored she had been: owner of a 'casa de citas' (I was too young to learn the equivalent in English during my school days here); but also Nena became the cashier and she had married a cop who was nothing else but a gigolo. He came to the beauty parlor in civilian clothes, putting on airs and the situation was not to our liking. The old lady had managed to marry and old man, a lawyer, father of Napoleon Leyte Vidal who studied with Jose and I at the Institute of Havana and he gave his name to Nena." 3. (Mostly unintelligible due to very faded print).

Bill Simpich

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