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Cryptonym: AMRILL-1

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Unknown identity. AMRILL-1 was described in a July of 1960 cable as a Cuban Government official. By 1962, he is reporting as a knowledgeable informant on "the exile community"
A cable in December of 1960, stated that AMRILL-1 was in contact with Edward Knapman (Warren Frank) and Major Cesar Paez Sanchez. Paez stated he did not trust Victor Bordan or Major Antonio Santiago Garcia. Bordan had been fighting anti-Castro forces in Las Villas Province and had apparently offered to collaborate with Paez. The cable mentioned that Scorgory (Antony L. Sileo) was impressed with Antonio Santiago Garcia, who was a DRE member who later went into exile in Miami. There was also a mention of Lt. Ramonin Quesada, who later joined the Second National Front of Escambray, led by Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. In addition, AMRILL-1 said he had funds to help finance Paez, but was reluctant to use it as he had misgivings about him.

A memo in 1969 stated that among friends of Rolando Cubela Secades (AMLASH) who were imprisoned in La Cabana were Ramon Quesada (Ramon Quesada Gomez), aka "Ramonin" and Cesar Paez (Cesar Paez Sanchez).


07/26/60: Cable from Havana to Director: INTEL: "SUPDATA source AMRILL-1 from Lina, without revealing source channel MASH (Forward operating base - CIA, Miami) may wish pass warning to MRR...Source Cuban Govt officer (C) from well placed revolutionary contact (F)..." - - - Page 3: Field Information Report: Country: Cuba. Place & Date Acq.: Cuba, Habana (20 July 60) "1. On 19 July 60 Faure Chomon, newly appointed Ambassador to the USSR said that the Cuban Government is aware of an anti-Castro conspiracy in the army. He said the government is not going to act until such time that, in one major roundup, it can arrest the greatest number of the conspirators. Chomon thought that this would probably happen soon. (Field Comment: The conspiracy in the army probably refers to the Movimiento de Recuperacion (MRR), Movement for Revolutionary Recuperation) which claims to have support in the army. Members of the Directorio Revolucionario (DR, Revolutionary Directory) of which Chomon is the leader, believe that Chomon will soon leave for Moscow)..."

104-10168-10168: CABLE: AMRILL-1 CALLED ON

12/23/60: Cable from Havana to Director: "1. AMRILL-1 called on Knapman (Warren Frank) night 21 December and relayed following: He in contact Major Cesar Paez Sanchez, former chief Fidel Castro's escort and assistant Che Guevara in Las Villas during fight against Batista. A-1 describes Paez as 'Nuy Guapo' (sp) (Tough Guy) with little political conviction and something of a thug. Paez claims control fifty in Habana who will be joined by 250 more in Placetas, Las Villas. Says he plans see three fronts against Castro in Las Villas, one of which will work with Osvaldo Ramirez, his deputy is Lt. Ramonin Quesada. In addition Paez claims support 50 active officers in Cuban rebel army. Both Paez and Quesada active duty officers with out command. 2. Paez, who claims large following among people in Placetas area, says he will paralyze Cuban sugar harvest. Says that Victor Bordon, who has been fighting anti-Castro forces in Las Villas, offered to collaborate with him, but Paez does not entirely trust Bordon. Nor does he trust Major Antonio Santiago Garcia who he claims has been (unintelligible). Paez (unintelligible) is receiving support from AMDIP (?) and that he establishing contact with AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona) through Carlos (Unintelligible) Rodriguez, owner of a rice mill." (CONTINUED BELOW).

104-10168-10168: CABLE: AMRILL-1 CALLED ON

12/23/60: Cable from Havana to Director: Page 2: ..."3. A-1 says he has funds to help finance Paez but reluctant deliver since has misgivings about him. Points out man appears apolitical and this does understand his anti-Castro position, also says men surrounding him disreputable looking types. While Knapman pointed out that wars not fought by cream puffs, cannot ignore Paez apparently flimsy reasons for opposing Castro, (unintelligible) comments on Santiago (with whom Scorgory impressed), his apparent freedom of action in a tight dictatorship when he claims support 50 officers at least one of whom might be expected to be loyal to Castro. Request WAVE query AMDIP-1 re Paez and cable his comments before next meeting with A-1 on 28 December."


03/27/61: Memorandum from Chief, Miami Office, Justin F. Gleichauf to Chief, Contact Division: "1. Mr. A. L. Tarabochia, Intelligence Officer, Criminal Intelligence Division, Dade County Sheriff Dept., advised this office that Subject had arrived recently from Cuba and was anxious to pass on some information which may be of interest to us. 2. On 21 March 1961, Luis C. Rodriguez contacted Subject at the home of his uncle, Mr. Manuel Orizondo, 245 NE 118th Street, Miami, Florida. An examination of his passport disclosed that Subject was born on 21 October 1940 in Sancti Spiritus, Province of Las Villas, Cuba, and that his passport number was 49688. 3. Subject stated that he was a member of the Directorio Estudiantil Revolucionario DER (Students Revolutionary Directorate), a clandestine organization operating in Cuba against Fidel Castro. This organization is under the control of the MRR which is led by Manuel Artime. 4. Subject was selected by his organization to travel to the US and establish contact with the appropriate US agencies in order to plead for material assistance for the anti-Castro guerrillas operating in the Escambray Range. Prior to Subject's departure he was briefed by Captain Cesar Paez, one of the leaders of the Escambray as to the needs for the groups fighting in that area. Paez also instructed Subject to furnish information concerning the disposition of the Government troops, equipment and military Commanders which is being forwarded in report form. (See MIMI 1649). 5. The figures furnished by Subject regarding the number of troops and weapons engaged in the operations against the Escambray guerrillas seem somewhat exaggerated. Justin F. Gleichauf. Handwritten note: WH/4/FI, 3/31/61."


09/15/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. Although 13 Sept press conference statement on Cuba produced certain amount violent reaction among commentators (e.g., Tony Varona said on TV: 'Is U.S. waiting for guided missiles to reach the White House before waking up?' Overall reaction divided between optimists, who agreed with statements, and pessimistic activists, whose gloom deepened. Generally speaking, although some exceptions, believe 'optimists' come from more politically savvy exiles, while man-in-street is disappointed...5. AMRILL-1 says most exiles unfavorably impressed, though he not. (AMRILL-1 notes recent trend among exiles criticize President)..."


04/01/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. Exile colony in uproar over notices to Cuban exile action leaders prohibiting travel outside Dade County. Reaction among exiles appears universal over this issue and is anti-US and anti-Kennedy. Even though notices only sent selected leaders, order being interpreted as applicable to all exiles and as beginning co-existence. Receipt of notice now and status symbol..." - - - Page 4: ..."8. AMRILL-1 summed up matter by saying exile community shocked by the travel prohibition and concludes anti-Communists being punished."


06/28/63: Memorandum: Source: AMOT-53: ..."3. One of the individuals present was Mr. Ramon Quesada, aka 'Ramonin', Quesada usually resides at 820 NW 23rd Avenue, the home of Mr. Ascarreta. Quesada was an insurgent in the Escambray Mountains during the Batista regime with the Students' Directorate and rose to the rank of Major. In 1962, after the Bay of Pigs invasion, he again was an insurgent in the Escambray and later sought asylum in the Venezuelan Embassy. Quesada is a member of the II Front and taken part in various actions, such as the one at Isabela and the recent one at Tarara. Among other things, Quesada spoke to sources about the close FBI surveillance subjected them, ridiculing this...6...Ramon Quesada may be identical with Ramon Evaristo Julio Quesada Gomez, whom, according to a reliable source, in a report dated 22 January 1963, Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo of the II Front considered as one of his men. He was born 12 April 1940 in Placetas, Cuba, is also known as 'Ramonin', and fought against Batista in the Escambray Mountains. Later, circa 30 December 1960, he rose in rebellion against Castro. Another report, CSCI 3,492,268, dated 7 November 1961, reported via a clandestine radio broadcast from Cuba that a Capt. Ramon Quesada, who had been a member of the Rebel Army assigned to Placetas, had risen in rebellion in the Trinidad Hills, Las Villas Province about mid-October 1961, with a group of men estimated to be about 25-30. He may be identical with the Quesada mentioned in para 3., above..."


08/07/64: Memorandum from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Changed, Antonio Santiago Garcia, Aka Tony Santiago, IS - Cuba..."On 7/22/64, Antonio Menendez Olite, 1825 NW 2nd Court, Miami, Florida, and Mrs. Palmira Santiago, 5021 NW 173rd Street, Miami, identified photograph #160 of CIA album of Tony Santiago as being identical with the Tony Santiago known to them. Mrs. Santiago stated his full name is Antonio Santiago Garcia. She is the wife of his brother, Santiago Santiago Garcia. On 7/27/64, Henrietta Lori, CIA Covert, Miami, Florida, advised her files indicate subject was of interest to CIA headquarters in 1/61. He reportedly was lost at sea sometime in 1/61 on his way to the U.S. Subsequently, that agency has received reports that this was a false rumor, and subject had reportedly arrived in the U.S. on a mission..." A longer report on Antonio Santiago Garcia, a member of the DRE, can be found here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=93293&search=Antonio_Santiago+Garcia#relPageId=2&tab=page


02/03/65: Department of State document: Titled: Gutierrez Menoyo Questioned by State Security: Pages 2-3: ...""Q: If I may be allowed. Quesada, did you participate in any of those attacks? A: Yes sir, the two of them. In the one on the Juan Francisco and in that on the Tarara. Q: And against the merchant ships, did you participate? A: Well, once it was a case of placing a mine under a merchant ship, but it turned out it could not be done because the ship was a Russian ship and one of the frogmen almost drowned because of some device the ship had. Q: To take part in those actions, had you received some type of training? A: Well, I was working for a time with the Central Intelligence Agency, and they taught me how to handle explosives, read maps, and assemble some weapons with which I was not familiar, such as the 30-caliber machine gun. Q: What other counterrevolutionary groups do you know of which carried out those types of actions? A: Well, the Comandos Mambises, and other people who work for the CIA. Q: Did you hear anything about the attack on the Spanish ship Sierra Aranzazu? A: Yes sir. Q: What do you know about it? A: Well, I learned that it had been done by the Artime people who also work for the CIA. Q: And how about the Siguanea? A: That was the Comandos Mambises, who also work for the CIA..." Ramonin Quesada also mentioned on page 8: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=140882&search=#relPageId=10&tab=page

1994.05.16.14:15:16:250005: Reel 51, Folder J - ROLANDO CUBELA SECADES.

07/30/69: Memorandum from J/CIE (Via: I-1): Agent: I-84: Subject: Information on ex-Major Rolando Cubela Secades: Source: Silvano Jose Cubela Diaz (A18 756 760) (T): Page 4: ..."12. Some of Cubela's friends who were imprisoned in La Cabana were Ramon Quesada (Ramon Quesada Gomez), aka 'Ramonin;' Cesar Paez (Cesar Paez Sanchez); Dr. Milanes (Bernardo Milanes Lopez); Dr. Marreo; Dr. Codinach and former Major Hubert Matos Benitez. Cubela had said that Matos was in good health and was studying languages..."


08/11/69: Memorandum for the record from Army Representative to CAS - Withheld: Subject: 1. Interview with Cuban Emigre Guillermo Gonzalez Saavedra. 2. Partial Biographical Data Major Victor Dreke Cruz: "1. On 31 July 1931, and 4 August 1969, Guillermo Gonzalez Saavedra (CC 4113) a 31-year old Cuban emigre who arrived in Madrid, Spain, on 19 June 1969, was interviewed in Madrid, Spain, and stated substantially the following: He was born in Central Fidencia, Placetas, Las Villas, Cuba, on 8 June 1935. He was a sixth grade education. In 1957, he joined the 13 of March Movement, and became the aide of Major Rolando Cubela Secades at the Escambray mountains. Upon the overthrow of Batista in 1959, he continued as aide to Cubela with the rank of Captain of the Revolutionary Army. In May 1960, he was assigned Chief of the Transportation Repair Shop, Zone H-7, Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA), located in San Jose de Las Lajas, Havana. In January 1961, he was apprehended by the Cuban authorities, and charged of cooperating with a counter-revolutionary movement headed by ex-Cuban Major Cesar Paez. Though Source indeed sent weapons to Paez, he denied it, and the Cuban authorities could not prove Gonzalez connection with the Paez movement. He was released from jail in May 1961 and he was reassigned to INRA, San Jose de Las Lajas, but was not appointed to a specific job. In August 1961, he was approached by Major Enrique Oropeza who offered him a job with the State Security Department (DSE). His first assignment was to infiltrate a suspected counter-revolutionary organization being formed by personnel of the Transportation Repair Shop, INRA Zone H-7..."

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