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Cryptonym: AMRAIN-1

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Ing. Raul Esparza Sr. Among the attachments of a dispatch in June, 1966, were letters from AMRAIN-1 and AMFRAME-1. The following pages contained letters from Ing. Raul Esparza Sr. and Dr. Rafael Rivas Vasquez (AMFRAME-1). Therefore, Esparza was AMRAIN-1.


Undated: Cable from London: Slugline TYPIC MHAPRON: Page 7: ..."8. At this point believe T does have info of value and would probably be worth granting him parole status. Feel he would cooperate in full debriefing and provide useful info. Suggest combination of AMRAIN, AMSNAKE and T would provide almost one hundred percent coverage of Cuban sugar industry at this point in history. Decision on T does not have to be made immediately but should be done soon. In meantime will keep abreast developments via Bairn."


06/21/66, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Subject: TYPIC/MHVIPER/AMRAIN/Answer to Questionnaire from Professor Torsten Gardlund: "1. Per reference A we forward by separate cover the draft of the proposed AMRAIN-1/AMFRAME-1 answer to the questionnaire sent AMRAIN-1 by Professor Torsten Gardlund requesting information on the Cuban sugar industry. The time was taken to prepare these answers carefully and to provide additional information of Cuban sugar export commitments in order to point up the problems facing the regime in reaching its 1970 goal. In addition, we hope that an exchange of correspondence will ensue as Professor Gardlund could be a useful European contact for AMSCROLL...Attachments: use 1. Letter from AMRAIN-1. 2. Answer to Questionnaire with Appendix I. 3. Letter from AMFRAME-1." - - Page 207: Letter from Ing. Raul Esparza Sr. to Professor Gardlund. Pages 208-213: Answers to questionnaire to Professor Gardlund. Page 214: Letter from Dr. Rafael Rivas Vasquez.


07/05/66, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Subject: TYPIC/MHVIPER/Cable from Professor Torsten Gardlund: "We forward by separate cover a copy of a cable received by AMRAIN-1 from Professor Torsten Gardlund. This is in response to the interim reply sent the Professor by AMRAIN-1 after receipt of the questionnaire. We request a reply to the reference as soon as feasible in view of the considerable interest expressed in this cable."


10/19/66, Memorandum from PW/Marchbank to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: TYPIC/OPERATIONAL/AMSCROLL Progress Report, 1 July - 30 September 1966: ...."Sources of information were the daily production figures of Radio Havana; analyses conducted by other experts such as F.O. Licht, Czarnikov-Rionda, the Merrill Lynch Weekly Sugar Letter, etc.; information the Station was able to pass; and the background of such experts as AMSNAKE-1, AMRAIN-1, and AMWASP-1. The Station has seen stories based upon these releases in the Miami Herald; the Miami News; the Economic Intelligence Unit, a London publication; Alerta, a publication in Guatemala; the American Marine Engineer; the Times of America; and Diario Las Americas. In addition appropriate Station assets such as AMHIM replay much of this information..."

Gavin McDonald

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