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Cryptonym: AMPEEL-1

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in June, 1962, stated AMPEEL-1's 201 number was 201-311154. A CIA document on the UR stated that Francisco Cid Crespo's 201 number was 201-311157, which was very close to AMPEEL-1's number.
Francisco Cid Crespo was part of the UR in the early 1960's, and also the Comandos L in 1964. In December, 1969, Amancio Mosqueda, known as "El Yarey" among his supporters, was executed, along with Angel Luis Castillo Cabrera, Francisco Cid Crespo and Manuel Rodriguez Pineda. They were members of a RECE infiltration mission that was launched in May of 1969. Also, in 2011 a resolution was passed by the Miami-Dade legislator which urged the co-designation of SW 32nd Avenue from SW 22nd Street to SW 27th Street as "Francisco Cid Crespo Avenue."


06/20/62, Dispatch from Chief, Task Force W to COS, JMWAVE: "The operational clearances for the below listed individuals has expired. If JMWAVE continues to have current operational interest in these individuals it is requested that PRQ Part II be forwarded as soon as possible. If no interest exists then Headquarters should be notified accordingly so that the necessary action can be taken to retire their official dossier. NAME:...AMPEEL-1: 201-NUMBER: 201-311154..."


04/16/63, CIA document: Page 17: ..."In an attempt to obtain information on UR paramilitary assets in Cuba, JMWAVE directed Alberto Fernandez in April 1962 to arrange for exfil of the UR Military Coordinator, Candido Curbelo del Sol (aka: Ricardo). Curbelo also was to bring full details on the UR 'naval plans:' and the UR in Cuba was to be instructed to cease contact with YOACRE, for reasons to be explained at the meeting with the Military Coordinator. (94) This message was sent by Sanchez via Antonio Comellas Ayala (Cuban) employee of Pan Am in Habana who made frequent trips to U.S.) for delivery to Sergio Fuentefria (aka: Daniel), UR General Coordinator in Cuba. (59) JMWAVE had originally planned to infiltrate Zayas into Cuba to obtain data on the UR status across the board, but Zayas refused the infil assignment and was terminated shortly thereafter. (223) He had also mis-managed UR training teams psychologically and financially, leading to the walk-out by Cid Crespo, Montero and others ca. February 1962. (129) Exfil of Curbelo did not materialize for reasons known best to the UR in Cuba. He was later arrested and, according to Alberto Fernandez, was executed in September, 1962. (223)..." - - - Page 94: ..."51. CID Crespo, Francisco, 201-311157: Former member No. 2 Team of UR in training for infil op; walked out of training camp with several others due disaffection; at request of Luis A. Diaz Pena, signed statement giving reasons for leaving; left Miami area for New York City. (129)..."


08/31/64, FBI report from Miami: Titled: Movimiento Insurrecional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (MIRR) Internal Security - Cuba; Neutrality Matters: Pages 4-5: ..."Seizure of the Vessel 'M/V Dottie Z III' on July 21, 1964 on Lower Sugar Loaf Key, Florida, With Quantity of Weapons Aboard: On July 21, 1964, Mr. Walt Henry, Senior Patrol Inspector, United States Border Patrol (USBP), Key West, Florida, advised that at 9:00 a.m. that date, Border Patrolman Robert Belsky observed a boat landing on Lower Sugar Loaf Key with four Cubans aboard. Mr. Belsky questioned these Cubans and uncovered on board a quantity of arms and ammunition. The Cuban crew claimed they had gone to Cuba and dropped off three men and were on their way back when they docked at Lower Sugar Loaf Key; however, there was still 400 gallons of gasoline aboard the vessel. The crew members were: Ramon Font Saumell, born June 16, 1922, Cuba, residence 1184 Northwest 37th Street, Miami; Raul Manduley Curbelo, born January 25, 1942, Cuba, residence 531 Northwest 57th Court, Miami; Francisco Cid Crespo, born April 28, 1933, Cuba, residence 80 Northwest 35th Avenue, Miami; Manuel Garcia Vilarchao, born May 5, 1934, Cuba, residence 935 West First Street, Hialeah. Also aboard was an American photographer, subsequently identified by United States Customs as Donald Griffin Baker, born May 3, 1936, Cincinnati, Ohio, residence 12340 Northeast Tenth Avenue, North Miami, Florida. These individuals told Mr. Belsky that they were members of the C-L group. On July 24, 1964, Cesar Diosdado (Note: AMSWIRL-1), Assistant Customs Agent in Charge, United States Customs, submitted a report concerning Customs investigation of this incident, listing a considerable quantity of arms, ammunition, bombs and explosives found aboard..."


12/08/69, Miami Herald article by Frank Soler: Headlined: Cuba Executes 4 Sent on Sabotage Mission: "The Cuban government Sunday executed four exile saboteurs who had been captured shortly after slipping into the island earlier this year. The surprise announcement in a Havana Radio broadcast said three others were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a 'revolutionary tribunal.' The broadcast was monitored in Miami. The seven exiles were part of a 10-man raiding party sent into Cuba last May by the Cuban Representation in Exile (RECE), a Miami-based activist organization. The infiltrators' mission was to sabotage electrical, industrial and communications facilities in Cuba's easternmost Oriente Province. They reportedly were equipped with explosives, arms and ammunition. The group was surprised by Castroite troops shortly after landing from three rubber rafts near the city of Guantanamo May 3. Three of the exiles were immediately killed and the rest captured. Their arrest was not announced by the Fidel Castro regime until Mid-October, allegedly because other infiltrators remained at large. Among those executed Sunday was the expedition's leader, a mysterious exile named Amancio Mosqueda. Known as 'El Yarey' among his followers, Mosqueda was virtually an unknown outside the community who had earned the reputation of a 'patriot who got things done.' Also executed were Angel Luis Castillo Cabrera, Francisco Cid Crespon and Manuel Rodriguez Pineda. Those sentenced to 20 years imprisonment were Yarey's brother, Sixto Mosqueda, Carlos Ramon Ibarra and Tito Lopez Gomez. Relatives of those executed were reported in seclusion here late Sunday and unavailable for comment. They included Yarey's wife and two young daughters, Cid's mother and Castillo's wife of only a few months. A spokesman for RECE Sunday night said the organization will issue a communique condemning the executions as 'brutal crimes.'"


2011: Miami-Dade Legislative Item File Number: 112315: "TITLE: RESOLUTION URGING THE CITY OF MIAMI TO CODESIGNATE SW 32ND AVENUE FROM SW 22ND STREET TO SW 27TH STREET AS 'FRANCISCO CID CRESPO AVENUE'; APPROVING THE CODESIGNATION. BODY: WHEREAS, Francisco Cid Crespo was born in Cuba on April 28, 1933; and WHEREAS, all through his life he fought for democracy and against communism; and WHEREAS, in 1961, after a brief stay in Colombia, Francisco Cid Crespo arrived in the United States and continued his quest for a free Cuba; and WHEREAS, in 1969, Francisco Cid Crespo along with a group of Cubans landed in Oriente Province, and after a few days of fighting, three died and the rest were captured; and WHEREAS, Francisco Cid Crespo was detained and after two months, on December 7, 1969 was shot by the firing squad; and WHEREAS, SW 32nd Avenue from SW 22nd Street to SW 27th Street is a city road located in the City of Miami; and WHEREAS, this Board would like to honor the memory of Francisco Cid Crespo by urging the City of Miami to codesignate SW 32nd Avenue from SW 22nd Street to SW 27th Street 'Francisco Cid Crespo Avenue'; and WHEREAS, this city codesignation would be located in County Commission District 7, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, that that this Board: Section 1. Urges the City of Miami to codesignate SW 32nd Avenue from SW 22nd Street to SW 27th Street as 'Francisco Cid Crespo Avenue'. Section 2. Approves the codesignation of SW 32nd Avenue from SW 22nd Street to SW 27th Street as 'Francisco Cid Crespo Avenue'. Section 3. Directs the Clerk of the Board to transmit certified copies of the resolution to the City Manager of the City of Miami..."

Gavin McDonald

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