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Cryptonym: AMPARCH-1

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Warren E. Frank, AKA Edward D. Knapman
Warren Frank was among the stay-behind CIA agents in Cuba after the break in relations. In that capacity, he worked closely with Tony Sforza (AMRYE-1, AKA Henry Sloman, AKA Frank Stevens) and Emilio Rodriguez (AMIRE-1, AKA Peter Digerveno). All three men were exfiltrated in June 1961. Afterward, they worked together in the Foreign Intelligence (FI) Branch at the JMWAVE Station in Miami. Warren Frank was the chief of the FI branch. The interlocking histories of these three men make a convincing case for the identification of Knapman/Frank with the AMPARCH-1 crypt. In the documents both Knapman and Frank are chief of the FI branch at the same time. In addition, their handwritten signatures provide strong evidence that they were scribed by the same person.

(1) 104-10267-10099. 1/10/63 JMWAVE dispatch.

This dispatch recalls that after the Bay of Pigs invasion, Sloman (Tony Sforza) instructed AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco “Pancho” Varona) to arrange “the exfiltration point of Henry J. Sloman and AMPARCH-1 (Warren Frank, AKA Edward D. Knapman). This was done in June 1961.” This dispatch also recalls that Digerveno (AMIRE-1, Emilio Rodriguez) was also preparing to leave Cuba at this time.

104-10180-10133: DIAGRAM OF NAMES.

1961: This diagram shows, among other things, a relationship going from shortwave operator AMGLEN-9/"Ink"/probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera, also known as DWAKIQ) - to another shortwave operator referred to as "Felipe" - to DIMPLE/AMCOOP-1/Miguel Xiques Macias - to ITALY's wife, described as "alternative unwitting courier". Other identifiable actors described in the diagram include EUGENIO/AMIRE-1/Emilio Rodriguez, HENRY/Tony Sforza/AMRYE-1. "Happy" is probably Warren Frank, since he was one of the escapees from "hiding" along with Tony Sforza/Henry and Emilio Rodriguez/Eugenio. There is a reference to "Clinton", but it looks like he connected with "Roberto".

(2) 104-10180-10134. 6/12/61 CIA HQS (BELL) cable 0984.

This cable mentioned BARR 0046 which stated: “AMRYE-1 and AMPARCH-1 arrived Key West on fishing boat at approximately 1645 local 10 June 1961.” When combined with the above 1/10/63 JMWAVE dispatch, we can be certain that AMRYE-1 was Henry Sloman (Sforza); and when combined with the documents below, it strongly suggests that AMPARCH-1 is Knapman (Warren Frank).

(3) 104-10180-10127. 7/20/62 JMWAVE cable 7222 to HQS.

Although Tony Sforza and Warren Frank were exfiltrated on the same fishing boat, they were separated once in the U.S. Frank was assigned right away to the JMWAVE Station where he became the chief of the Foreign Intelligence (FI) branch. Emilio Rodriguez, who came via New Orleans, joined up with Sforza in Florida. WAVE 7222 asked HQS to get word to Sforza and Rodriguez: “On arrival AMRYE-1 and [AMIRE-1] should check in any motel near Coral Gables. They should contact Knapman (Frank) at telephone UN-60301. Both know Knapman from PBRUMEN (Cuba).”

(4) 104-10231-10246. 2/23/62 JMWAVE dispatch.

This dispatch, concerning AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona), was from Henry J. Sloman (Sforza) in the FI branch. It shows that Edward D. Knapman (Warren Frank) was Chief of this branch.

(5) 104-10244-10036. 7/1/68 memo from Edward D. Knapman to Chief JMWAVE.

In July 1963, Knapman (Frank) also worked in the Covert Action (CA) branch; at the time of the Kennedy assassination he was still chief of the FI branch [see 104-10423—10226, MFF docid #5509].

(6) 104010145-10269. 5/1/78 HSCA notes by Betsy Palmer.

Palmer’s notes include the gist of a 2/12/64 MFR by Alfonso Rodriguez (Earl Williamson) about a meeting with AMBANG-1 (Manuel Ray Rivero), which included this comment: “AMTAUP-2 (Armando Alanis Angulo) reports have indicated Cisneros activities and statements directed against the CIA. Rodriguez discusses AMTAUP-2’s reporting with Tony Sforza and Warren Frank.”

(7) 104-10164-10198. 9/18/59 Havana Station dispatch to HQS.

The dispatch forwarded a PRQ Part II on AMPALM-2 by Edward D. Knapman. The latter’s signature is present on this dispatch. The handwriting is strikingly similar to the handwriting of Warren Frank.

(8) 104-10065-10359. 4/24/78 memo from Warren F. Frank to Mr. Norm Shepanek.

The memo, which listed CIA officers assigned to Moscow during the period 1959-1953, has Frank’s signature which compares favorably with Knapman’s. For another example of Franks signature see a 5/1/78 memo, 1993.07.13.17:28:42:180340, MFF docid #60227.

John Newman

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