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Cryptonym: AMPANIC

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Operations that ended with many of the participants killed or captured in the 1960-1961 period. Nature of the operations still unclear.

104-10229-10000: CRC FINANCE.

Sept. 1960-April 1961: "201-283865 (AMPANIC-13). POA (Provisional Operational Approval) granted 16 September 1960. (CIA) asset captured during airdrop and executed on 20 April 1961." 9/67 memo re support for operational personnel. Payments to the families of many deceased "non-employees" are provided as Heroes/Martyrs under the AMBUD program.

104-10102-10090: BRAND CONTACT REPORT

September-October 1960: "...One day Brand/AMPANIC-7 got word that there was going to be a meeting at Plinio's safe...Brand sent word saying he saw no reason why he had to go to that meeting, but Plinio (AMPANIC-5) insisted on Brand's attendance. Brand went to the meeting. There he saw Plinio, Efren Rodriguez, Jorge Espino, Francisco Santiago, Juan Mendez and Joe. Plans were set to coordinate the OA and the Front's efforts to help Plinio in the mountains...through Emilio Rodriguez, Brand met a man named Alfredo Izaguirre Rivas/AMPUG-1. Izaguirre told Brand he had been trained in sabotage and that he had around 200 men organized in the City and Province of Havana...(at p. 9)...the newspapers published some pictures of Plinio Prieto after capture near El Escambray...The day before the capture...the 11th of October, Emilio Rodriguez came to see Brand...After Plinio's execution, morale came to an all time low."


4/5/61 cable translates a Spanish message regarding "Brand's activities: "Brand, Chacho (AMCOAX-1), and Luis (AMPUG-1) only have arms for 50 men. Blowing up (of) Central Electric plant and possibly attempt on Fidel will be decidedly carried out 9 April." Also see 104-10193-10145, 4/10/61 cable from WH/4/Pm Tony Sileo, x 8324 (Query: is he the same as WH/4/PM Carl Jenkins at 104-10169-10257) "Pass following msg in English to PEKLOK - 20. Brand. This message extremely important and confidential...We would like you (to) contact Agent 2637 and tell him very discreetly that we want to find out whether Quintero was arrested at time when his radio set picked up by G-2. MRR reported Quintero was in bad situation but did not give details. Now MRR wants use Quintero as principal radio operator in Havana. We must find out if Quintero was arrested and released. You can understand why we cannot tell MRR through their own channel. Ask 2637 to report on this matter using your own channel. Immediate reply is expected." Redacted version: 1994.05.13.15:51:38:590005 - Reel 28, Folder G - MRR. See 104-10217-10093:AMPANIC-7 was arrested in April 1961 shortly after the sabotage and possible assassination mission noted in an earlier reference. This cable refers to possible ransom. He was in prison for many years.

Bill Simpich

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