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Cryptonym: AMPAN-20

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Unknown identity. A dispatch from Havana Station in December, 1960, stated that on December 23, 1960, AMPAN-20 requested documents on the UR be delivered to AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) and the FRD as soon as possible.
Around about a week earlier, on December 14, 1960, Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD-1) and two other Cubans had contacted Havana Station to discuss the UR.


Undated CIA document: "The case officer of Havana Station was contacted on 14 December 1960 by Jose Alvarez Lopez, Carlos Manuel (Unintelligible), and Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD-1) to discuss plans being made in Havana to form a coordinated movement to be known as Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). This movement was to be formed from all individual anti-Castro organizations then existing in Cuba. The original 'Act of Integration' was signed (with nom-de-guerre) by representatives of 16 separate organizations. In forwarding the above, Havana Station expressed the opinion that the UR deserved careful study, since a united front in Cuba might be helpful to overall planning to achieve a united and coordinated movement among the exile groups, which appeared to be deeply involved in their own caldron of politics. Ralph Diaz Hanscom, one of the three individuals contacting Havana Station as an MRR (Movimiento Recuperacion Revolucionaria) leader in Oriente Province. He advised the Station that he was flying to Miami on 25 December to contact Ray, Martin Elena, Sanchez Arango, Nino Diaz, and Varona, to attempt to obtain an agreement from the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD) for coordination. WH/4/PA expressed interest in the new UR, and asked Miami to forward its evaluation and the results of Diaz Hanscom's talks..."


12/16/60: Dispatch from COS, Habana to Chief, WHD: ..."4. Identities have promised the Case Officer additional copies of the original after all organizations have signed including any other documents agreed upon at the time of the meeting of all participants. Instrumental in the effort to achieve national unity as represented by the attached document were the following: AMPAN-20 who provided the initial draft, Identity A, B, C, and D..."


12/23/60, Dispatch from Acting Chief of Station, Habana to Chief, WHD (Info: Chief of Base, JMWAVE): "1. On 23 December 1960 AMPAN-20 requested the Case Officer to deliver the following documents to AMOT-2 as soon as possible in order to provide AMOT-2 and the FDR with papers and documents to understand the motives and reasons for accepting the new movement 'Unidad Revolucionaria': (see reference): Attachment A - thermofax copy of the 'Unidad Revolucionaria'. Attachment B - carbon copy of a letter written by 'Damasco' to the Sr. Coordinator del FDR, Ciudad. Attachment C - list of contacts in Miami. 2. Station Habana has forwarded Attachments B and C to JMWAVE by special courier. Headquarters will find a copy of Attachment A in reference dispatch. Forwarded only for Headquarters are Attachments B and C. (signed) Gerald L. Gardyne."

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