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Cryptonym: AMPAN-18

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Charles Rouse. AMSHED-1 may have been Glysson Lawrence Mitchell. The brother-in-law of AMSHED-1 was AMPAN-18, who may have been Charles Rouse.
In a cable in June of 1964, AMPAN-18 reported on Manuel Ray Rivero (AMBANG-1). Also, a dispatch in September, 1965, stated that AMPAN-18 was the brother-in-law of AMSHED-1. A-18 reported that AMSHED-1 had told him of the problems that AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) was having. AMPAN-18 was told that JMWAVE had no interest in AMLEO-3 and to drop the case. He was to inform his case officer of any relevant information on AMLEO-3's status though.

A damage report in March of 1968 on AMSTALK-1 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue), stated that AMPAN-18 was exposed to the former by an alias, as an indigenous agent personnel.


06/08/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC ROTIE AMBANG: Page 3: ..."I. AMPAN-18 repeat AMPAN-18: People say Ray must have wanted be caught, otherwise would have avoided Anguilla Key. No anti-US/British reaction as yet..."


09/20/65: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 3: ..."12. On 8 September AMPAN-18, who is the brother-in-law of AMSHED-1, reported that AMSHED-1 had told him of the problems AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) was having. However, nothing new was obtained from AMPAN-18's report. AMPAN-18 was advised that JMWAVE has no interest in AMLEO-3 and he was instructed not to pursue the case further. However, he was told to lend a sympathetic ear to his brother-in-law/AMSHED-1/ and report to his case officer any pertinent information regarding AMLEO-3's status."


08/23/66: FBI memorandum from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: TRIPOD - PSI, IS - CUBA: ..."For approximately the next 5 days, the informant waited in Santo Domingo for the arrival of Lawrence Mitchell and Mitchell Wer Bell. Lawrence Mitchell is a veterinary by profession, who resides in Georgia, and who is a friend of Mitchell Wer Bell. While waiting for the arrival of Mitchell and Wer Bell, the informant visited the Immigration Department to obtain a document which would permit him to enter and leave the DR without any problem...'Fatty' Garcia, who was formerly connected with CIA and the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD). Garcia was acquainted with Wer Bell and requested informant to give Wer Bell Garcia's regards the next time he sees him...Lawrence Mitchell arrived on 8/4/66 but without Mitchell Wer Bell, who still had not obtained a visa. On 8/6/66, informant and Mitchell went to Santiago in a rented car, where they had to meet a business associate of Mitchell named Edmundo Valle. Mitchell and Valle had been in the banana business but are now planning to attempt to develop a peanut oil refinery in Santiago. Mitchell and the informant spent the day examining an oil refinery that Mitchell expects to lease for this business venture. Mitchell will pay a commission or percentage to the informant should any of his ventures in the DR develop financially. The following day, (8/7/66), Mitchell and the informant visited Frank Bermudez, a Dominican millionaire and the President of J. Armando Bermudez, a rum distillery...Mitchell and the informant returned to Santo Domingo on Monday, and on Tuesday informant took Mitchell to meet Commodore Jimenez. At this time the informant advised Jimenez that Jose Rabel had borrowed $11,000 from Lawrence Mitchell, which he had used to repair the Venus, purchase arms and gasoline. Rabel had not repaid this money when he was captured in Cuba..." See 124-90124-10097 re 8/31/66...

104-10225-10009: DAMAGE REPORT: AMSTALK/1 (FORMERLY AMICE-14)...

03/08/68: Damage Report: ..."Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed: ....AMPAN-18 by alias..."


06/06/69: FBI report from New York Office from Lawrence D. Kennedy: Titled: Chester Zochowski aka Chester Gray; Fabio Domenico de Cristofaro; Glysson Lawrence Mitchell; Norman Rothman: Page 62: FBI interview of Glysson Lawrence Mitchell on 05/29/69 (dictated 06/03/69): ..."Mitchell said he was born on August 19, 1933 in Damascus, Georgia. He resides at 2462 Williamswood Court, Decatur, Georgia. He is a college graduate and the owner-operator of several businesses...Mitchell met Gray about four years ago. The meeting took place in Miami, Florida, while visiting Mitchell WerBell, who is from Powder Springs, near Atlanta, Georgia. - - - Pages 65: ..."The following description of Mitchell was obtained through observation and interview. Name: Glysson Lawrence Mitchell, also known as Larry...Marital Status: Married to Jackie Mitchell. Daughter: Laurie...Employment: Owner of Professional Laboratories, Atlanta, Georgia...Sister: Waunithe Rouse nee Mitchell, wife of Charles Rouse, Hickory, North Carolina..."

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