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Cryptonym: AMPACK-1

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Unknown identity. According to a 1962 Mexico City cable, Carlos Tepedino (AMWHIP-1) was a contact of Andrew Merton (Jack Stewart) through AMPACK-1.
Described in an August 1959 CIA Information Report by CIA officer Henry D. Hecksher as a "fairly reliable source."

104-10172-10041: CUBAN ECONOMIC CRISIS.

08/21/59: Operational and Source Cover Sheet: from Habana, Report Made By: Nelson L. Raynock (Henry D. Hecksher), Report Approved By: Woodrow C. Olien (James Noel). "OPERATIONAL COMMENTS:...The second source referred to in Field Comment No. 2 was AMPACK-1 who obtained his information from the (REDACTION)." Field Information Report: Page 4: (Field Comment) "2....In respect to Castro's possible need for a loan, another, fairly reliable source reported on 18 August 1959 that Castro was trying to obtain a 30,000,000 pesos loan from Cuban banks."

104-10215-10106: CABLE RE: MEXI TRACES SUBJ REF A: MEXI 6662

06/18/62: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Routing: FI OPS/STP (?): Handwritten "(Caswell). CI PA/PROP Mr. Rodriguez" (probably Earl Williamson): Slugline RYBAT GYROSE: REFS A. DIR 14710.* (Handwritten: 'Should be 17410'). B. WAVE 4672 (IN 11724)* "1. MEXI traces SUBJ Ref A: MEXI 6662***, HAVA 6806, MEXI 7686***, HMMA 16751, MEXI 8673, MEXI 8673***, HMMA 16714, DIR 10034***, PARI 6376***, which include previous attempt defect SUBJ Ref B. SUBJ Ref A contact of Andrew F. Merton (probably Jack Stewart) in HAVA via AMPACK-1 and directly in MEXI. Basis previous relationship, Merton certain SUBJ Ref A will cooperate any way desired. As obvious above traces, he has access and bona fides. Danger provocation by SUBJ Ref B mentioned DIR 10034 may be less likely since no repercussion contact HMMA 16702. 2. No objection AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) mentioning Merton's true name to SUBJ Ref A if necessary establish AMCONCERT-1's ais bona fides. C/S Comment: *Apparently wrong reference. **Requested traces Tepedino Gonzalez. ***Cables pre-date CS files. Copy may be seen in signal center archives." - - - For the unredacted version see: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2021/docid-32414371.pdf - - - Note: "Caswell" mentioned above was J. Caswell, DC/TFW/FI. See: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2021/docid-32378165.pdf

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