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Cryptonym: AMPACA-1

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Eduardo Borrell Navarro. A cable in June 1964, stated that AMPACA-1 was a newspaper executive, who worked part-time at Editorial Navarro, which was the largest Mexican publishing house.
AMPACA-1 was cited as a marginal Mexico City Station agent in Anne Goodpasture's history of that station. Furthermore, a cable in April 1965, stated that AMPACA-1 was friends with QDELF (possibly the journalist Hal Hendrix).

Borrell served in Batista’s cabinet in 1958. But did he have an estranged wife in the US as of 63-64?

Diaz Verson was at the Excelsior offices the night of 11/25/63 where he apparently followed up on Borrell’s story of that day. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=98729&relPageId=171&search=borrell_and%20newspaper

Borrell occasionally wrote editorials for Excelsior.


Oct 17-18, 1959: "...The first conversation was with an unidentified Cuban, believed to be a member of wealthy anti-Castro Cubans, members of which have talked to Mr. Pawley recently about their plans for sabotage of the coming harvest as reported in UMWA-32 dated 2 October. The second Cuban was AMPACA-1, a Cuban journalist of operational interest to Station Habana, and a separate memorandum is submitted on that conversation..."

104-10098-10161: DISPATCH: KUWOLF/AMPACA/1

11/19/63, Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: "Ref: HMMW 11735, 3 July 1963. It is requested that Station reply to reference. Clearance action still has not been initiated on Subject...HQs File Number: 201-257216."

1993.06.25.18:17:23:900330: LEE HARVEY OSWALD

11/25/63: "(Salvador Diaz Verson/AMPALM-26) was at the offices of the newspaper 'Excelsior' on the night of November 25, 1963. He learned through the Mexican press that the Mexican government had arrested one Silvia Duran, that Duran allegedly had Oswald as a guest in her house during his visit to Mexico, and that Duran had placed Oswald in contact with officials of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico, D. F. Diaz Verson claimed Dr. Borrell Navarros, an exiled Cuban newspaperman employed by 'Excelsior', told him that on the day following Oswald's arrival in Mexico, D. F., Oswald and Duran went to a restaurant called the 'Caballo Blanco', or possibly the 'Caballo Bayo', where they met an official of the Cuban Embassy. Diaz Verson claimed he knew nothing about Oswald and the Cuban official's having left the restaurant together in a car." See 104-10081-10013: Michael Choaden/David Phillips sent cable MEXI 7055 discussing the story, saying that it was not a CIA leak and that Gobernacion could not be dismissed as the source.


1/11/64-2/29/64: Borrell Navarros was interviewed by a confidential source. "Salvador Diaz Verson was in Mexico City as he claimed and did discuss Lee Oswald with Borrell and other Cuban exiles. Borrell did not tell the story credited to him by Diaz Verson concerning the visit to a Mexico City restaurant by Oswald and Silvia Duran. Borrell had never heard this story or any similar story before. Borrell knew of no meeting between Oswald and Cuban Embassy officials other than the meetings which allegedly occurred at the time Oswald visited the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City." (p. 25) Borrell said that Diaz Verson had made the story up. A senior FBI official in Mexico, Clark Anderson, said that Diaz Verson "rarely reported facts". (p. 27) "(On 2/29/64, Diaz Verson) stated that he had engaged in loose talk and repeated theory and speculation, and when challenged as to his sources, he was ashamed to admit an irresponsible naming of sources."

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

06/04/64, Cable from Mexico City to Director: "1. Regret delay, due AMPACA-1 absence Mexico City. Did meet 3 June. 2. Re para one ref. See PRQ Parts I and II, HMMA 23422-3, recently forwarded. AMPACA-1 assists Station in preparation press placement materials, reports on local exile activities, is on stand-by basis for recruitment activity. Station still looking for more durable chore, however, as he is on 'half pension' and is willing and capable contributing Cuban program. 3. Re para 2 ref: AMPACA-1 does not feel he can undertake book chore. Principal reason is that he fears return U.S. due recent MEXI divorce not recognized by wife in U.S. Furthermore AMPACA-1 points out that his experience is as newspaper executive, with writing limited to editorials. Neither Station nor AMPACA-1 has candidate at moment. However list possible candidates being studied, and Station will forward any outstanding possibilities. 4. Station Comment: This book project is a splendid idea. With adventure as format and escape as theme it seems surefire, especially considering that propaganda will be built-in...Should HQs wish and believes MEXI surfacing desirable AMPACA-1 could be editor, handle all details including printing and distribution. (AMPACA-1 works part-time at Editorial Navarro, largest MEXI publishing house recently purchased by IDEN A, who has promised COS he will print 'any book' the Station desires 'as if it were my own idea'). C/S Comment: *Queried as to current Station relationship with AMPACA-1. IDEN A: (REDACTION)"

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

06/05/64, Cable from Mexico City to Director: "1. As an afterthought, Mexico could get LICHANT-1 (Manuel Calvillo) to write book. 2. Would deal with him via LIHUFF-1 (Alfonso Rudolph Wichtrich). Could be published by IDEN of MEXI 9745 (IN 98749). C/S Comment: *Stated AMPACA-1 does not feel he can undertake book chore. Handwritten note: 'Answered by (REDACTION) SA/CA-PROP coordinated by Scott 5 Jun 64.'"

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

Undated CIA document: "PLS advise current Station relationship with AMPACA-1. 2. Since conscription (unintelligible) initiated in Cuba, increase noted in escapees and refugee flow. Some escapees arriving WAVE area under extremely difficult conditions. (Unintelligible): Recently Baby Horn at sea during escape; one of the other escapees arrived wounded in back by Castro militia while trying escape....3. Is AMPACA-1 available and capable undertaking this book op? Does Station have alternate candidate? If so, submit name for HDQs APPR?"

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

04/13/65, Cable from Mexico City: Slugline MHSPAWN PBRUMEN: "1. FYI: For WAVE: Ref indicated DIR agreement that story of activities of Victor Rico Galan, Siempre columnist and AMTHUG-1 agent, be surfaced. 2. Believe best person for ref surfacing if QDELF. He is friend of AMPACA-1 and latter almost positive he can arrange for QDELF to play in his latam column. First however wish DIR and/or WAVE comments as believe CIA has more direct contact with QDELF. If either WAVE or DIR can pass to him MEXI will forward rough draft based on known facts for QDELF rewrite and surfacing. MEXI could then exploit it locally, please advise."


11/16/78, Mexico City Station History by Anne Goodpasture: Page 238: ..."The first project provided 11 access agents. The most productive of these were the LITAMIL's and the LITAINT's. Marginal agents were LIOLEO-1, LISICLE-1, AMSEVER-2, AMPACA-1, and LICARD-1..."

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