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Cryptonym: AMOTEX-9

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Oscar Angulo Reyes, of JURE and a penetration agent of the CIA. AMOTEX-9 was formerly AMTAUP-2.
AMOTEX-9 was a source for the CIA on MIRR and Cuban Power in the late 1960's.


02/14/68, Telepouch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief WH Division: "We are telepouching the following information to keep Headquarters informed in case any questions arise. A. On 9 February 1968, AMOTEX-9 received a phone call from Orlando Bosch Avila, head of the Movimiento Insurreccional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria/MIRR, who asked him to wait for Jorge Gonzalez, aka 'Domrillo', who would contact AMOTEX-9 at Freedom House. B. When Gonzalez arrived he arrived he asked AMOTEX-9 to go that afternoon or night to the home of Adela Valle, 3900 NW 59th Place, Miami Springs, Florida and to pick up some explosives and Bengal lights which Valle had in her home. Gonzalez said that the materials were needed for some very important work which they/presumably the MIRR were going to do which involved a totally new system invented by them. Gonzalez said that nobody must see the contents of the parcel except AMOTEX-9. C. Gonzalez also said that some people had been placing bombs around the Miami area and that Cuban Power had been blamed for it. For this reason 'they' had to put an end to that business. D. AMOTEX-9 requested that we handle the above information very carefully so that he would not be blown with the MIRR and subsequently with other exile groups...4. According to AMOTEX-9 the police told Valle that they had a tip to the effect that explosives were cached in her house. AMOTEX-9 told this to Bosch on 10 February and Bosch said it was very strange about the tip since only a few people knew of the package. Bosch later that day told AMOTEX-9 he had removed the package from the Valle house."


Undated, Memo from Deputy Director for Plans to Director of the FBI: "1. A member of a group of Cuban emigres trained in the techniques of information collection which has provided useful reports since 1961 has provided us with the following information. This information was obtained during a conversation with Orlando Bosch Avila, General Coordinator of the Movimiento Insurreccional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (Insurrectional Movement for Revolutionary Recovery - MIRR): a. According to source, Bosch said the MIRR delegation in New York was in contact with a new Cuban exile organization known as Poder Cubano ('Cuban Power') which has the objective of halting the sending of parcels to Cuba. It is allegedly responsible for the explosion of parcels in New York on 9 December 1967 and in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on 4 December 1967. Source reported that Bosch said that the FBI searched two safehouses of the MIRR on 14 December 1967 looking for explosives but found nothing because they had been moved. b. From this conversation, source learned that the top leaders of the MIRR are running 'Cuban Power' which is responsible for sending the parcel that exploded in a Havana, Cuba, Post Office on 8 January 1968. Parcels were reportedly also sent to 'traitors among the exiles', and it was claimed that within seven to eight days 'they' would stage a job with explosives of such grand proportions that it would sound all over the world. (It is not known whether this job would be committed by 'Cuban Power', the MIRR, or both). 2. A search of the files of this Office revealed no pertinent identifiable information regarding 'Cuban Power.'...SOURCE: AMOTEX-9 (formerly AMTAUP-2)..."

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