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Cryptonym: AMOT-67

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Unknown identity. A CIA cable in early December 1963, stated that AMOT-67 from personal knowledge from Jesus Alvarez Amador acquired information about the plans of Comandos L.
Jesus Alvarez Amador was one of a number of Cuban exiles who were given a restriction order to remain in Dade County, Miami by the INS in 1963 (Alvarez's order was made on March 30, 1963). Other Cuban exiles who also received an order included Tony Cuesta, Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez, Marcos and Pedro Diaz Lanz, Evelio Duque Miyar, Victor Espinosa Hernandez, Carlos Hernandez Sanchez, Ricardo Morales Navarrette, Juan Manuel Salvat Roque, Antonio Veciana Blanch and Felipe Vidal Santiago.

Ramon Font Saumell, in a statement to the FBI in April, 1963, named Jesus Alvarez Amador as being one of the "motivating forces" behind the raid on the Soviet vessel in March, 1963 (the others being Antonio Cuesta del Valle, Alfredo Mir, Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez, Jesus Alvarez Amador, and Font himself).

Jesus Alvarez himself told the FBI, in an interview in late March, 1963, that he had been a civilian worker at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, and had entered the U.S. from there in January, 1963.

The CIA Daily Summary on November 29, 1963, mentioned Jesus Alvarez Amador having collected weapons on November 22, 1963, in relation to a planned raid on Cuba.

According to a CIA Information Intelligence Cable on May 21, 1964, Jesus Alvarez Amador was in charge of hiding materials for Comandos L. Alvarez had apparently told an alleged unidentified Cuban exile that the group was planning to attack a Cuban vessel in the next few days. In terms of Alvarez's role in Comandos L, which was being in charge of hiding materials (which presumably included weaponry), this would make him a very good intelligence asset.


04/01/63: Ramon Font Saumell statement to the FBI: Page 2: ..."Those who were the motivating forces behind this plan to attack Cuba, using the small boat with a mother ship, were Antonio Cuesta del Valle, Alfredo Mir, Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez, Jesus Alvarez Amador, and I. The above-mentioned mother ship is called the 'Alisan,' and is captained by Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez. On March 18, 1963, gas, water, and food were placed on the 'Alisan,' and the blue speedboat was loaded with gas. Each boat left separately to rendezvous later at the Bahama Bank in the Atlantic Ocean. Those who left on the 'Alisan' were Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez, Jesus Alvarez Amador, Tutan Fajardo, Yayo Estevez, Antonio Puxes, also known as 'El Frances,' Andrew St. George and his assistant, known to me only as 'Tom' or 'Ton', I am not sure which; Mario, whose last name I do not know, who is called 'Mario el Primero,' and I..."


04/03/63: FBI report on interview with Jesus Maria Alvarez Amador on 3/30/63 (dictated on April 3, 1963): "Jesus Maria Alvarez Amador furnished the information set forth below...Born: July 1, 1931. Place of Birth: San Juan Martinez, Pinar del Rio Province...Previous Occupation: Civilian worker, U.S. Navy Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba..." Page 4: He stated with regard to funds, that when he was able to make his entry from Guantanamo Bay to the United States in January, 1963, he brought with him a ring which he subsequently sold for $65.00..." Page 5: ..."It was pointed out to Jesus Alvarez that it appeared a bit unusual that he could be part of an operation such as this, carried out by a Cuban exile organization, and spend as much time as he did in the confines of the 'Alisan' with the individuals who participated, and not be able to furnish more than a nickname for some, or to recall any kind of name for others. He claimed that the above information was all that he was able to recall concerning those who participated."


04/05/63: Mario Eguaras Garcia statement to the FBI: ..."Eguaras furnished information concerning the attack against the Russian ship at Caibarien, Cuba, on March 27, 1963. The information which he furnished on April 3, 1963, was incorporated into a statement. He returned and signed the statement on April 5, 1963..." Pages 2-3: ..."We decided to make a strike against Cuba several months ago, and to that end, began the construction of a 23 foot motor boat, made from fiberglass. The main persons who were involved in that construction and planning were Antonio Cuesta del Valle, Alfredo Mir, Angel Puxes, Ramon Font, and I, Mario Eguaras. Another member of the organization, Jesus Alvarez, also helped occasionally in the construction of the boat and in the plans. The individuals involved in the operation which culminated in the attack at Caibarien on March 27, 1963, were: Cuesta, Mir, Puxes, Font, Jesus Alvarez, Mario (last name unknown) - the mechanic, Santiago Alvarez, Antonico Perez, Yayo Estevez, Tutan Fajardo. These were the Cubans. Also, there were two other individuals who went along. They were Andrew St. George and a friend of his, whose first name is Tom..." See 104-10067-10237, p. 45: "Tom" was actually John Thomas Dunkin.

104-10302-10022: DAILY SUMMARY

11/29/63: CIA document: Titled: Daily Summary: Page 4: ..."Cuban Exile and Refugee Activities: Comandos L is considering an attack against a Soviet ship in Cuban waters, according to a member of a group of Cuban refugees who have provided useful reports. The raid, which was being discussed on 22 November, would take place in the near future or when the seas become more quiet. Reportedly, the plan would involve 15 men in three speed-boats who would rendezvous in international waters after leaving from three points along the Florida coast. In connection with the raid, Jesus Alvarez Amador picked up material on 22 November, including one box of fragmentation grenades, three magazines for a 20-mm. cannon and 87 rounds of ammunition for the same, and 15 ponchos. This equipment is being stored at the home of Jesus Vasquez, owner of Super Cake S.A., La Gran via Bakers, Miami; Vasquez' home telephone number is 379-5218. Other weapons to be used in the operations are two 20 mm. cannons, one 57-mm. cannon, four machine guns, and two Garand rifles. Alvarez planned to go to West Palm Beach on 22 November to borrow some additional weapons. (CIA TCDS-DB-3/658, 110, 28 November..." The Information Report cited is here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=85739&search=124-90106-10065#relPageId=3&tab=page


12/03/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "SUPDATA: AMOT-67 from personal knowledge from Jesus Alvarez Amador. Ref UFG-4144. Attempting to get further details...COUNTRY: Cuba...DOI: 2 Dec 63...PADA: 2 Dec 63...SOURCE: A member of a group of Cuban emigres trained in the techniques of information collection. The group has provided useful reports for over two years." - - - Page 3: Information Report: "1. As of 2 Dec '63, the Comandos L organization was planning to depart from the United States as soon as the seas moderated. 2. (Field Comment: The same group previously reported that Comandos L was planning a raid on an unidentified Cuban target; the date for departure was either 22 Nov, op as soon as weather permitted)..."


02/28/64: INS document: Titled: Cuban Raiders Ordered Not to Depart: "Name and File Number: Alvarez Amador, Jesus. Immigration Status: Indefinite parole. Served with Notice Not to Depart: March 30, 1963. Restriction: Land Limits Dade County, Fla..."


05/21/64: Intelligence Information Cable: COUNTRY: Cuba. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: United States, Miami (20 May 1964). SUBJECT: Independent Plans of Two Cuban Exile Groups to Attack the Cuban Vessel Las Villas: ..."2. According to an unidentified Cuban exile who is on very friendly terms with members of the Comandos L and who has helped the group to conceal equipment, Jesus Alvarez Amador, who is in charge of hiding materials for the group, said that the Comandos L plan to attack the Cuban vessel Las Villas within a few days. Alvarez said he needed help in locating one 35-horsepower engine for a small aluminium boat which the group plans to use to transport equipment to a larger craft which was in international waters as of 19 May. Alvarez instructed the exile to be prepared to deliver one 57-mm cannon and several rifles which the exile had hidden away..."

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