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Cryptonym: AMOT-6

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Marcos Diaz Lanz. Brother of Cuban Air Force chief Pedro Diaz Lanz - both of them defected to US. Former Inspector General of Cuban Air Force -his father and two brothers in Cuban prisons. Used as source by David Morales in 1961. Among the AMOTS, known as C-5. Previously known as QDCHAR, joined Minutemen by 1964.
Reel 6, Folder I - LANZ MARCOS DIAZ NARA Record Number: 1994.04.21.11:42:57:720005 - Former Inspector General of Cuban Air Force -his father and his brothers in Cuban prisons. Also see 124-90135-10195, p. 6 of 9. In August 1961, he sent Base WAVE a list of Cuban naval officers who are members of the AMIRON/FRD naval section. See 104-10235-10199.

In 1962, his JMWAVE case officer was Tony Sforza who used the pseudonym Henry Sloman - see 104-10260-10061 - page 3. In Sept. 1962 his home address was 7951-36th Terrace, Miami. Reel 6, Folder I - LANZ MARCOS DIAZ, 76 of 190. By 1964 was member of the Minutemen using the alias "Pedro Garcia".


June 1961: Stanley Zamka/David Morales presents report from "Naval Commission" of Cuban exiles. First three men listed were Miguel F. Pons, Armando Rodriguez, and Felipe Vidal Santiago. Information obtained by AMOT-6.


"On 27 May 1961 AMOT-6 reported that the Cuban Navy in Exile has been very active recently and it is rumored that there is a cayo (key) where a base is being put into operation. Taking part in this operation are Renato Diaz Blanco and Nino Diaz. (AMNORM-1)...1313 Northeast 8th Avenue, Miami, Florida...is the location of Nino Diaz's personnel...persistent rumors in Naval circles that engineer Carlos Hevia of AMBUD will assume full naval control...naval personnel feel he is not a cheap politician like AMDIP-1 and other members of AMBUD...the new offices of Naval Intelligence are going to be moved to 128th Street and 77th Avenue, the house used for the training of the AMFASTS." 6/20/61 memo from Stanley Zamka, Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD.


"On 30 May 1961 AMOT-6 reported that Aureliano SANCHEZ Arango and Eusebio MUJAL Barniol were having private discussions with AMDIP-1 regarding having the 'Rescate' organization join the 'Junta Revolucionaria de Liberacion' (JRL, Revolutionary Junta of Liberation) should AMBUD disappear as a political organization for the Cuban exiles...A-6 also reported that MUJAL has also made contact with Luis CONTE Aguero in order to attempt to persuade CONTE to join MUJAL's Junta." 06/13/61, Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD.

104-10193-10175: Dispatch: Transmittal of AMOT-6 Report Dated 13 September 1961

10/17/61 dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: Transmittal of AMOT-6 report from 9/13/61 re interview with Jose R. Villas Valdes, coordinator of MRR. At page 9 of 10, see 10/17/61 contact report by Alton Pirnack re Debriefing of Lazaro: Displays that AMOT-6 is also known as C-5. Carlos Bandin aka Lazaro is national coordinator of MRR. Two factions in JMWAVE area: Bebe Acosta and AMJAVA-4/Rafael Quintero. Both factions see AMBRONC-5 as their leader. Lazaro, AMCOAX-1 and former UR chief Cesar were all arrested because of SABORIT of the AMPUG net. AMPUG-1 introduced Lazaro to Saborit. The last page is an organizational chart of the MRR, provided by "Lazaro".


6/6/62: Report on his "penetration" of the Rescate office in Miami and learning a tiny bit of information.

180-10145-10363: Third Agency Coordination

6/27/62: Jose Carbonell Marrero - naturalized US citizen of Cuban birth who reentered the US 5/15/62 after 26 months in Cuba, served approximately 14 months in prison. Said to be with G-2 and in US on G-2 assignment. Used by Masferrer in 59-60 as double agent, sending false info to Government of Cuba." The chronology then states "MDL=AMOT-6 ? source." As this is a chronology about Marcos Diaz Lanz, this is a strong hint that he is AMOT-6.


7/27/62 dispatch from CI George Watts at JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Report from folder entitled "Marcos Diaz Lanz", it appears that Diaz Lanz is the source for this background information on Jose Carbonell Marrero. The coordinating officer is "C/CI Raymond L. Pochron". If this is JMWAVE's CI division, this is a significant development because this division is generally addressed as AMOTs rather than CI. On page 3 of 10, AMOT-6's case officer is reported to be Henry Sloman. It appears that Sloman is Pochron.

124-10220-10320: No Title

10/3/63: MM T-1 advised that "Felipe Vidal Santiago/AMQUIP-1, 2393 NW 7th St., Miami, Florida, continues to be head of the United Front for National Liberation...VIDAL is in bad financial condition, is currently looking for employment, and has recently been conferring with MARCOS DIAZ LANZ...on 10/31/63...VIDAL talks about conducting a mission to Cuba, and currently associates with Roy E. Hargraves, 4170 SW 8th St., Miami. Hargraves is the manager of Frank's Cottages, a motel at the above address; is a mercenary, soldier of fortune, and adventurer, who has been involved with Cuban exiles in Miami, Florida, for about the past two years. On 11/11/63, MM T-1 advised that VIDAL had just returned from Dallas, Texas, where he visited General Erwin (sic) E. Walker, US Army retired. VIDAL saw WALKER...(to obtain0 money donations and support of VIDAL's anti-Castro organization. MM T-1 advised it is doubtful VIDAL was able to obtain any money from General WALKER...(at p. 8 of 13): (On 12/17/63) VIDAL said he has been loosely associated with ROY EMORY HARGRAVES for about the past two years and at times gives HARGRAVES money. VIDAL claimed that no other Americans are associated with him...(at p. 9 of 13): ...about two weeks before the assassination of President Kennedy (VIDAL) left Miami and visited Dallas, Texas. He stayed there five days and while there visited (Walker) for the purpose of getting Walker's views concerning the Cuban situation. (He said Walker donated nothing)...the Miami Herald...contained an article stating that on January 5, 1964, a 22' boat caught fire and sank about 25 miles southeast of Miami, Florida. This boat, Four Jays, a cabin cruiser, went down at 1:15 pm with Mrs. Dickey Chapell (aka Dickey Chapelle), 4700 SW 8th St.; Edward Collins, 220 NW 8th Ave.; and Roy Hargraves aboard. The article stated that after the fire started, Felipe Vidal, 2293 NW 7th St., in his boat, the RUBIO, came alongside the FOUR JAYS (all 4 were rescued)."

124-90116-10269: No Title

11/4/64 FBI memo: Source obtained information that on November 1, Marcos Diaz Lanz stated that he was "a member of and associated with an ultra-rightist group called Minutemen who are training in an area of Florida called...Yalaha...Garcia stated that if Lyndon B. Johnson were reelected President this group planned to revolt in an armed insurrection against the United States government. Garcia bragged that he had provided the arms for the above revolt." Also see this chrono on Marcos Diaz Lanz: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=18274&search=minuteman_minutemen+AND+FIORINI+STURGIS#relPageId=6&tab=page

124-90116-10267: No Title

11/10/64 FBI memo: Marcos Diaz Lanz makes statements indicating that he identifies with the Minutemen, saying "they" have to go into the streets and take action in response to LBJ's election.

124-90116-10275: No Title

11/17/64 FBI memo: After a critical Miami Herald article about the Minutemen, Marcos Diaz Lanz speaks to MM T-2 at his Miami residence and denies any involvement with Minutemen, says he is employed as a sales rep for crop dusting planes for a Wyoming company. His brother Pedro Diaz Lanz is working with Billy Jean Hargis' Christian Crusade in Tulsa. Also see 124-90076-10003, page 3: "Joe Vidal, CIA liaison, Miami, telephonically inquired concerning background information on MM 635-S/Howard K. Davis, under his true name, and requested background information of the Cuban (note: Marcos Diaz Lanz) who had been arrested with him in the mid-1950s...CIA's source is undoubtedly Efrain Lorenzo Cabrera, who is known to this office but not regarded as being completely reliable...(former bodyguard to former Venezuelan president) Perez Jiminez when the latter was exiled in Miami. On November 5, 1964, Miami contacted Ray Dubois, CIA Covert, Miami, in order to interview CIA source pursuant to Bureau instructions."


October 1967: "William Turner phoned Robert Bolivar DePugh...& posed possibility that renegade Minutemen had been involved in Kennedy assassination. DePugh readily agreed, saying that he had some evidence that might explain unanswered questions about events at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. It was only a few months after this exploratory contact on the topic of the assassination that the chief Minuteman had gone underground. When DePugh was shown list of people who mysteriously died, included on list were three people who by DePugh's admission were members of the Minutemen." Source is Ramparts, June 1970: William Turner, "DePugh and the Minutemen: Wonderland of the Mind".

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