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Cryptonym: AMOT-49

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Unknown identity. AMOT-49 reported on the SFNE in 1961, debriefed Israel Manzano Garcia in June, 1963, and reported on the MDC in 1964.
A dispatch on September 1, 1960, stated that on August 22, AMOT-49 submitted another report on the activities of the Segundo Frente Nacional del Escambray (SFNE), which was headed by Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. AMOT-49 met with Enrique Nunez, Gutierrez's propaganda secretary, to discuss the purchase of one of the bonds that the SFNE were selling to raise funds. Nunez invited AMOT-49 to the home of Armando Fleitas, and A-49 talked to Gutierrez and Fleitas for about two hours. AMOT-49 mentioned that "Gutierrez was more open to me than on previous occasions. He told me that he had the men and the contacts necessary to initiate guerrilla warfare in Las Villas and Pinar del Rio Provinces."

A dispatch on June 21, 1963, stated that AMOT-49 debriefed Israel Manzano Garcia in early June 1963. AMOT-49 concluded that this individual was not qualified to be the chief of an effective anti-Castro organization.

A cable in June of 1964 mentioned that AMOT-49 was one of the sources for an information report, the other source was AMDESK-1 (Ricardo Morales). AMOT-49 commented on the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC).


09/01/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: "1. On 22 August 1961 AMOT-49 submitted a further report on the activities of the organization, Segundo Frente Nacional del Escambray, which is backed by Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo and others. 2. Following is the report: This morning I saw Enrique Nunez, Gutierrez's Propaganda Secretary, about the purchase of one of the bonds this organization is selling to raise funds. The secretary said that they had sold approximately $1,000 worth of bonds in one week. He said their first military action would consist of a sort of 'Moncada Barracks' type attack and they were only going to use thirty men with good chances of surviving and returning...Later the same day Nunez invited me to go to the home of Armando Fleitas, where Gutierrez was at that time. I talked to Gutierrez and Fleitas for about two hours. Gutierrez was more open to me than on previous occasions. He told me that he had the men and the contacts necessary to initiate guerrilla warfare in Las Villas and Pinar del Rio Provinces. He said that Jose Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1) would not talk clearly with him, and he believed that 'everything was paralyzed.' He tried very hard to find out whether I had knowledge of any person or group who had been given support to go to Cuba and said he hoped that one of his contacts would notify him when the green light was given. He seemed to be tense and worried about this matter, as if he did not want anyone to get ahead of him in initiating clandestine and guerrilla actions. He also said he has the perfect plan to overthrow Castro, counting on men in the Escambray, where he claims to have all his contacts, and on a considerable force in the underground in Habana. He said all he needs is some persons in Pinar del Rio. 3. Attached is the bond bought by AMOT-49."


05/29/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Info: Kingston) (Orig: Nicholas Letsou, WH/6/H): "Suggest Israel Manzano Garcia be debriefed in depth on history, organization, size and activities of Juventud de Democrato Cristiana. Believe complete story of experiences, trials, and tribulations of this resistance organization can give us good insight into what has happened to most other similar organizations, cover in detail actions and M/O of Castro's anti-guerrilla forces including any weaknesses which guerrillas can use to outwit them. Need details on items which guerrillas most vulnerable and ways security forces utilize these weaknesses to penetrate resistance groups. WH Comment: *Advised that Manzano had been involved in anti-Castro organizational activities in Cuba. **Suggested debriefing Subject in WAVE." Releasing Officer: (Handwritten: Halpern for) (REDACTION), I/SAS. Coordinating Officers: C/WH/6. SAS/INTEL (REDACTION) (in draft). SAS/EOB Lium (in draft). WH/COPS (handwritten: W. Hood). C/SAS/CI Harold Swenson. Authenticating Officer: (Handwritten: A. Lium for) C/SAS/EOB.


06/21/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "1. In response to request, Israel Manzano Garcia, one of the 21 refugees who arrived at Port Maria, Jamaica, aboard the Cuban fishing vessel, Desengano, on 17 March 1963, and later came to the U.S., was debriefed in early June 1963 by AMOT-49, who gave Subject an intensive debriefing which lasted 3 1/2 hours. AMOT-49 felt, however, that Subject had little intelligence and was not qualified to be the chief of any effective anti-Castro organization. Subject confessed to AMOT-49 that he had not been the head of the Juventud Democrata Cristiana (JDC - Christian Democratic Youth) for Oriente Province, but only for the city of Santiago de Cuba, but AMOT-49 doubted that he had held even this responsible a position as an individual. AMOT-49 believed, rather, that Subject was an active member of the resistance, with the necessary courage to cooperate in sabotage activities and the placing of bombs. 2. AMOT-49 further commented that Manzano was incapable of giving coordinated and spontaneous information although eh appeared to sincerely desire to cooperate, and the sparcity of his information should be attributed to his lack of knowledge and not to any attempt on his part to conceal any information. AMOT-49 says he is not sure of dates as he gets them mixed up, but believes he joined the JDC in late 1960. About December 1961 he took over leadership of the JDC when Julio Ramos Diaz, who was JDC head for Oriente Province, was forced to seek asylum in the Uruguayan Embassy; Ramos orally appointed Subject leader for Santiago de Cuba just before he went into asylum. Subject remained in this position until March 17 1963 when he left Cuba..."


06/14/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline INTEL TYPIC: AMDESK-1 (Ricardo Anibal Morales Navarrete) from Angel Vega (para 2) dated 11 June 64 and AMOT-49 (paras 4-7) in DD-927 of 8 June 64...SUBJ: Probable Departure of MDC Personnel in the M/V Sigma X. DOI: 1-5 June 64. PADA: United States, Miami (11 June 64)..." - - - Pages 2-3 of Intelligence Information Cable: ..."3. Source for paras 4 to 7: A member of a group of Cuban emigres trained in the techniques of information collection. The group has provided useful reports for about three years. 4. On 1 June 1964 the MDC's Sigma-type boat sailed from the Miami River for an unidentified Latin American country via Nassau with a crew of five persons including Henry Infante and two unidentified persons who recently arrived in Miami from Antilla municipal district in Oriente Province. The Sigma arrived in Nassau on 2 June. 5. On 2 June Batista Falla, accompanied by Victor Paneque Batista, aka 'Comandante Diego', and one other person, departed on a smaller boat about 26 feet long. Paneque is to be infiltrated into the Sierra Cristal area in Oriente where the MDC apparently has some personnel. If conditions are favorable, Batista Falla may also remain in Cuba. 6. The base of operations is to be Cayo Inagua or Cayo Verde, northeast of Oriente Province. 7. Isidro Alvarez Carvajal, aka 'Quino', arrived from New Jersey at the head of a group of men who plan to infiltrate into Cuba. Alvarez has a blue and white Buick with New Jersey license 11V-444. He brought with him arms and equipment which have been distributed among trustworthy MDC members..."

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