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Cryptonym: AMOT-48

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in May, 1961, stated that AMOT-48 was a source of operational intelligence in Oriente Province, and was in contact with the CIA via a cut out at the Guantanamo Naval Base.
A cable in early December, 1963, included a reference by AMOT-48 on Jose Almendral Deville, who was formerly close to Castro, and who was at that time in the Isle of Pines prison in Cuba. AMOT-48 made a reference to Guantanamo in this cable. At least one other AMOT appears to have had a connection with Guantanamo.

A cable in July, 1961, mentioned AMOT-43 having Mario Garcia as a contact in Guantanamo. It is possible that it was a reference to Guantanamo city itself and not the naval base there.

104-10310-10020: FILE: DDCI DOCUMENTS

05/22/61, Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: "1. Following is a brief summary of JMWAVE/KUDESK current assets in the Target Area (Cuba):...b. AMOT-48: Subject is a source of operational intelligence in Oriente Province. We are in contact with Subject via a cutout at the Guantanamo Naval Base..."


07/13/61, Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline JMZIP AMOT: "1. Reliable ODOATH (U.S. Navy) source Cuba states Oriente Province C/R reorganizing in wake recent arrests and aiming iron out disunity and abolish factionalism that has led to formation numerous independent uncooperative groups. Accent to be PROP and SAB versus planned uprisings in hills which due lack logistics has had no success. 2. New group is Organizacion Patriotas de la Libertad made up of MRR, MDC, AAA and four other old groups. Consists of: A. Oriente directorate, SACU: 1. Coordinator - Dr. Nestor Rivero. 2. Asst Coord - Dr. Bravo Angulo. 3. Chief of Action - Antonio Rosabal. B. Gitmo City: 1. Coord - FNU Barrera. 2. Asst Coord - Dr. Jorge Leguen. 3. Chief of Action - Angel Martinez. 4. Asst Chief of Action - Patrocino Duverger. 5. Civil Resistance - Emilita Rallo. 6. Organization - Carlos Campos. 7. Labor Organizer - Pedro Luis Rustan. 8. Treasurer - Quiles Espino. 9. Asst Treas - (Unintelligible) Granda. 4. Suggest check above with AMOT-43 prior his return for info he may have re personalities and organizations: Complete listing should not be provided AMOT-43. 5. HQs tracing. Provide HQs any traces available on SUBJS para three. 6. New SUBJ: Request query AMOT-43 re RIOD SUBJ ref. WH Comment: *WAVE has no bio data Mario Garcia, who is AMOT-43's contact in Guantanamo."

1994.03.08.09:29:40:280007: Reel 2, Folder L - CIA FILES ON LUIS BALBUENA, 1960 - 1961, AS REVIEWED BY PM ORR.

12/15/61, Memorandum from Deputy Director (Plans) to Director of Naval Intelligence (Attention: LCDR J. W. Wilson): Subject: Luis Balbuena, Cuban Employee of Guantanamo Naval Base: "1. The following information concerning Luis Balbuena was received by another office of this Agency from Adalberto Moreno Martinez, a Cuban national, who is now living at 506 N.W. 23rd Place in Miami, Florida. 2. Source said he spent four months within the United States Naval Base, Guantanamo, Cuba, as a political refugee...Source said he was born on 15 March 1938 in Palma Soriano, Oriente, Cuba; he is a member of the MRR; and entered the Naval Base in Guantanamo to avoid being arrested. 3. According to Source, Subject, who is in charge of screening Cuban refugees at the Base, is an enterprising and unscrupulous person and uses his position to further himself...Source said that on Subject's recommendation, many Cubans who were wanted by the Cuban Government have been expelled and then arrested as soon as they were brought to the Base gate. Source cited Elbo Torres and Manuel Dafena as two such cases...5. The files of this office contain no further information concerning Adalberto Moreno Martinez, Elbo Torres and Manuel Dafena. 6. One Luis Balbuena was reported in July 1961 as being employed at the Guantanamo Naval Base and in contact with the Americans. According to this report, Balbuena at one time was able to enter and leave the Base at will, but is now confined to the Base. He reportedly was the head of the Patriotas de la Libertad which operates clandestinely inside the Base and is a member of the MRR. 7. This Agency would appreciate receipt of any derogatory information which the Department of the Navy may develop concerning Subject."


12/02/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC (REDACTION)GRIP MHAPRON: "1. AMOTS have identified individual described ref as rebel army captain with nickname 'El Vaquerito' is in all probability identical Jose Almendral Deville, born ca 31, married to Marta Serrano, formerly resided in Guantanamo on Estrada Palma Street. According to AMOT-48, Almendral believed be only individual Guantanamo with rather unusual nickname 'El Vaquerito.' Formerly worked as veterinarian on large finca near Guantanamo Base. Fought as insurgent against Batista without participating any real combat. Made captain by Castro when Batista overthrown. 2. Almendral formerly close Fidel Castro and frequently accompanied on trips. Late (unintelligible) early 60 made head cattle industry Isle of Pines. Castro later (unintelligible) for incompetency...19 July 1961 Almendral arrested...Sent to Isle of Pines prison Sept 62. AMOT-48 reports Almendral still in Isle of Pines prison suffering poor health. Another source reported heard Almendral had been released but did not know whereabouts. 3. Pouching full report and WAVE traces which generally coincide with AMOT info Almendral. 4. Index. C/S Comment: *Re additional info on Julio Llano."

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