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Cryptonym: AMOT-32

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Orlando Gomez Gil. A CIA document in May of 1961 stated that AMOT-32 was Orlando Gomez Gil. Also, in Gil's files his C Number was 87355, which matched that of AMOT-32's.
According to his PRQ Part I, Orlando Gomez Gil lived in New York and was a lawyer. He was also a member of the PRC (Partido Revolucionario Cubano), MPR, and the Movimiento Recaste Democratico Cubano.


02/28/61: FBI report from Miami Office by Thomas H. Errion: Titled of Case: Abelardo Borja, aka. Jorge Simon: Page 2: ..."At Miami, Florida: 1. Will interview Rafael Pardo Leyva, 3130 N.W. 26th Street, Miami. It was noted that the name Rafael Parto Leyva appeared on the list of persons furnished by Dr. Orlando Gomez Gil as a July 26 member in Bridgeport...Administrative: New York letter to Bureau August 5, 1960, titled, 'Dr. Orlando Gomez Gil, PSI - Cuba;' states that Gomez was contacted by the New York Office and furnished lists of individuals whom he said were 'pro-Castro' people, to Special Agents John Francis Curran and Malcolm E. Sample. Gomez claimed the information came from sources of his whom he declined to identify, but felt were reliable, and Gomez indicated that he was 'actively working' on behalf of the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD), which according to the New York file on the FRD, was being sponsored by the CIA..."


05/30/61: CIA report: C-5 (AMOT-6): "Source: Information furnished by persons who work in the Naval offices. Report: As previously reported, the personnel of Naval Intelligence is very active. Yesterday they rented and moved to a house which is 20 minutes out of the city of Miami, inside a farm, according to reliable sources. That in the past few days, Orlando Gomez Gil (Handwritten note above name: AMOT-32) and Cesar Rodriguez Pintado (Handwritten note: AMOT-62), who used to be members of this Commission, have had interview with Mr. Renato Diaz Blanco and 'Gallego Diego'; the latter is acting as Chief of Intelligence and it is believed that Gomez-Gil (AMOT-32 again written above name) and Rodriguez Pintado (AMOT-62 again written above name) are going to work with the Naval Section. Other information obtained by the reporting agent indicates that three Navy vessels are engaged in operations and that one of these craft is under the command of Manuel Rodriguez Alonso. Great secrecy is maintained about the above and these activities are planned in the Intelligence Offices, according to the information obtained. The Navy continues to enlist all persons who may have some experience in naval affairs."


06/20/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: "1. On 27 May 1961 AMOT-6 (probably Marcos Diaz Lanz) reported that the Cuban Navy in Exile has been very active recently and it is rumored that there is a Cayo (key) where a base is being put into condition. Taking part in this operation are Renato Diaz Blanco and Nino Diaz. There are many conflicts within this sector between Rodriguez Alonso, Renato Diaz and Driggs (fnu). Recently Renato Diaz and Rodriguez Alonso have joined forces to fight against Driggs. Renato Diaz is not liked by the personnel...4. On 30 May 1961 AMOT-6 reported that on 29 May 1961 the Navy personnel rented and moved into a house which is twenty minutes out of the City of Miami inside a farm. 5. Recently AMOT-32 and AMOT-62 (Cesar Rodriguez Pintado) have had an interview with Renato Diaz and 'Gallego' Diego. The latter is acting as Chief of Naval Intelligence and it is believed that AMOT-32 and AMOT-62 are going to work with the Naval section...20. On 8 June 1961 AMOT-63 reported that an intelligence course is being given to thirteen men on the farm located at Southwest 128th Street. The following are some of the men taking the course: Joaquin Varela, Reinaldo Lazo, Demetrio Perez, Toto Rodriguez Alonso, Dr. Alonso (fnu) and Aizcorbe (fnu). They had been given the cryptonyms Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, etc. Renato Diaz Lopez acts as the chief of the men. AMOT-32 is the instructor, and claims to have had fifteen years experience..."


06/22/61: Report from C-5: Subject: Information on the Naval Commission: "1. In the farm at 128 SW and 77th Ave, Miami, where the Naval Intelligence Office is located, they are still giving classes on clandestine activities under the direction of Dr. Orlando Gomez Gil, Dr. Triay and Cesar Rodriguez Pintado. They are furnished meals to the students so that they can remain in the house as long as possible. Some members of Operation 40 are attending the classes, and Renato Diaz Blanco is seeking men with investigating experience and capabilities to recruit them for his Naval Intelligence. 2. At the present time, the house in the farm is being guarded by 8 men who are paid according to the number of hours they perform guard duty, and that amount of money is listed as expenses without justifying the receipts. On the other hand, I was informed that Mr. Gomez Gil is being paid but that his name is not on the payroll, the money being accounted for in the same manner as the above..."


07/18/61: Report from D-81: ..."4. Dr. Orlando Gomez Gil is giving them training similar to the one given by the Intelligence Commission to its personnel. 5. The organization of this dept in general has been more or less recommended by Dr. Gomez Gil, but according to statements by Diego Ruiz, Dr. Gomez Gil, who is appreciated by them, is out of the internal control of the operations which they might effect...8. Captain Rodriguez Pintado used to be collaborating with them but when he did not see much money he dropped everything completely and did not return. Diego Ruiz does not have a good opinion of him...c. That he has talked to Captain Despaigne, now Chief of the FRD Intelligence, with whom he is trying to 'do some politics' to see if by offering him the help and support of the Naval Intelligence, Despaigne will give him the files on Communists and information which the FRD Intelligence Commission used to have, according to information given to him by Gomez Gil, Rodriguez Pintado and Flores himself..."


08/13/61: Memo from C-90: Rpt: #57: ..."4. Diego Ruiz still has the Naval Intelligence materials, including the papers of the Intelligence and Clandestine Activities Course given by Gomez Gil and which he indiscreetly left in such unscrupulous hands who will show them to so many persons."


Undated CIA document: "Please cancel the following operational clearances on the individuals cited as they are no longer of operational interest to this branch...C Number: C-87355. Name: AMOT-32. 201 Number: 201-289586..."

1993.07.20.14:12:03:400600: GOMEZ (GIL), MANUEL ORLANDO 1960-1961 (OS/SAG FILE FOR HSCA VIEWING.)

08/31/61: CIA document from CI/OA to DDS/SO: "Cancellation of Files: Subject's C. No. 87355. SO No. 225630. Division Cancelling: WH/4. Date: 31 Aug. 61. Chief, CI/OA."

1993.07.20.14:12:03:400600: GOMEZ (GIL), MANUEL ORLANDO 1960-1961 (OS/SAG FILE FOR HSCA VIEWING.)

Page 13: PRQ Part I: "Name: Manuel Orlando Gomez Gil. PDOB: 18 August 1924, Encrucijada, Las Villas, Cuba. Citizenship: Cuban. Occupation: Lawyer; presently employed as New York Secretary of Information and Intelligence, FRD Security Service. Address: Resides at 618 West 187th St., Apartment 33, New York City, N.Y...Languages: Fluent Spanish and English. Political Affiliation: Member of the PRC (Partido Revolucionario Cubano), MPR, and Movimiento Recaste Democratico Cubano."

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