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Cryptonym: AMOT-161

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Unknown identity. AMOT-161 appears to have been described in a June, 1963, Report Cover Sheet and Information Report, as "a former member of Brigade 2506, who was a former Cuban aviation cadet." The information was allegedly from Rene Luis Pelly.
As a source, Rene Luis Pelly had, on the surface at least, very good credentials. A member of Brigade 2506, he probably served as a unit commander in the Battalion of Heavy Mortars at the Bay of Pigs invasion. A newspaper article at the end of December, 1962, noted his release and return to the United States among other Cubans.

In addition, Luis was elected Vice Treasurer of the AVBC in April of 1963. The Report Cover Sheet and Information Report of June, 1963, alleged that a representative of Carlos Penin Infante, coordinator of the MRP, approached Rene Luis Pelly with a request for weaponry. The Information Report alleged that Luis hated "the CIA because it was directly responsible for the Bay of Pigs fiasco", which appears to be a highly unusual viewpoint for a committed anti-Castro Cuban to hold at that point in time.

A FBI report in August, 1963, mentioned that Luis' father was Rene Luis Barrera, and that Luis' brother-in-law, Jose Marcos Taboada, had been a member of the MDC in Cuba, and had trained, prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion, at a (CIA)-sponsored MDC camp at Perrine, Florida. Marcos was a close associate of Laureano Batista Falla, and the two men were alleged to have made many raids to Cuba under the sponsorship of CIA. Marcos apparently added that Batista had access to a "considerable amount" of CIA arms, and he allegedly kept most of it, storing it at different sites, and "converted it to his own use." Marcos said Batista still had "a considerable quantity of this material" at the time of the report.


12/25/62, Article in the Washington Star: Headlined: Good News Mostly: Fate Held Surprises For Cuban Captives. MIAMI, Fla. Dec 25 (AP) - "Homecoming held surprises for some of the Cuban invasion prisoners...Rene Luis Pelly, 28, arrived at Dinner Key Auditorium for the first reunion with his family, and was introduced to his 5-month-old twin nephews, Felix and Jose Solaun. They had been flown from Rochester, N.Y., for the occasion..."

1994.06.24.14:03:32:690005: Reel 69, Folder L - AMBUD - ACTIVITIES RE PROPOSED U.S. MILITARY PROGRAM

01/16/63, Memorandum for Record, No._. Subject: Names of Unit Commanders and Staff of Brigade 2506. "1. Attached is a list of the personnel of the 2506 Brigade occupying the various command and staff positions in that unit, down to include squad leaders. 2. This list was prepared at my request, made to Dr. Miro Cardona. Hugo Sueiro, assisted by Jose Miro Torra and several others, made up the list and the typing was done in Dr. Miro's office. It may not be perfect, say those who prepared it, but it represents the best efforts of these two dependable members of the Brigade, Sueiro having been the commander of the 2d Battalion. Attachment: List of Staff and Unit Commanders, 2506 Brigade." Page 82 (Page 2 of Battalion Heavy Mortars): "(Com. Mortero 4.2 - Com. Mortar 4.2): ...Cabo Escd. (Cape Escd.) Rene Luis Pelly..."


05/03/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: ..."4. Miro had lengthy discussions with Carlos Penin, Political Coordinator of the MRP, about the possibility of the MRP joining the Council. Although Penin was in accord with Miro's general philosophy, no definite decision was reached."


06/12/63, Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Henry J. Sloman, Reports Officer: Margaret R. Nankall, Approving Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman (name appears to be scored out and another name handwritten in): "Source: AMOT-161 based on AMOT report DD-161 dated 15 May 1963." Pages 3 and 4: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Cuba. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: United States (15 May 1963): SUBJECT: Request for Arms by the Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP): "SOURCE: Former member (F) Of Brigade 2506 who was a former Cuban aviation cadet, from Rene Luis Pelly. Appraisal of Content: 3. 1. On 10 May 1963 Rene Luis Pelly, vice treasurer of the Asociacion de Veteranos de Bahia de Cochinos (AVBC, Association of Veterans of the Bay of Pigs), was approached by a representative of Carlos Penin Infante, coordinator of the Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP, Revolutionary Movement of the People), with a request for the following weapons at the following prices: Weapons: 20-mm cannon, Price: $350 with 100 rounds of ammunition. 75-mm cannon, $500 and $20 for each additional shell. 50-caliber machine gun, $300 and $.20 for each additional round of ammunition. (Handwritten note at bottom of page: 'Carlos Penin Infante cit. Cuba. SUBJ is coordinator of Rev. Mov. of the People. Rep of SUBJ approached Rene Luis Pelly (201-290393) for weapons.') 2. Luis' direct contact for the purchase of these weapons is a relative of his, but the person who sells them is the person who recently bombed an oil refinery in the city of Habana. Luis said that this person, who is now being checked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, procured the aircraft used for the raid, bought the gasoline for the aircraft, and was on board during the bombing mission. (1) CONTINUED BELOW


06/12/63, Field Information Report: "3. Luis said the price of the weapons is not low, but it is not exorbitant either. He said that the transaction is advantageous for the buyer because he does not run the risk of being arrested within a few hours of the purchase in view of the common practise of Americans using agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as weapons salesmen. Luis said he hates the CIA because it was directly responsible for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. (1). Field Comment: Alexander Rorke was involved in an air strike over Habana at 8:55 p.m. on 25 April 1963, according to statements made by Rorke himself during a press conference in Washington, D.C. He never divulged the names of those who he claims accompanied him on the mission. Laureano Batista Falla of the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC, Christian Democrat Movement) was present at the Rorke Press Conference and may have accompanied Rorke on the raid."


08/26/63, FBI Report from Miami to Director: "On August 1, 1963, Mr. Wallace Shanley, United States Customs Agent, advised that on July 1, 1963, United States Customs Agents confiscated a twenty-three foot Seabird Fibreglass motorboat belonging to Laureano Batista Falla, military head of the Movimiento Democratico Cristiano (MDC). This boat bore Florida Registration Number 1218F, and was confiscated because it contained a gun mount...On July 31, 1963, Rene Luis Barrena and his son, Rene Luis Pelly, 6500 S.W. 28th Street, Miami, advised that they know Laureano Batista Falla; do not have any contact with him; he is not a member of their family, nor are they relatives of his; and they have no information concerning the flight reportedly made by Batista over Cuba on April 25, 1963...On August 1, 1963, Jose Marcos Taboada, 1764 S.W. 10th Street, Miami, telephone FRanklin 9-9851, advised that he is the brother-in-law of Rene Luis Pelly. Marcos said that he had been a member of the Movimiento Democratico Cristiano (MDC) in Cuba, and after his arrival in the United States, continued in this anti-Castro activity. He said that prior to April 17, 1961, he was in a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-sponsored MDC camp at Perrine, Florida. At times there were up to forty men in training there, and one of his close friends and associates was Batista Falla, who was also at the camp. Marcos and Batista, operating out of this camp, made many trips to Cuba under the sponsorship of CIA. These trips were to carry C-3 and C-4 explosives, along with guns and ammunition, for delivery to the Cuban underground...During that long period of time Batista had access to a considerable amount of CIA military equipment. He retained much of it, stored it at different places, converted it to his own use, and still has a considerable quantity of this material..."


Undated CIA document: Titled: "List of personnel suggested by Ruiz Williams for tour (according to AMBUD-1):...Rene Luis Pelly..."


August 1965: Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook: Page 201: AVBC: "II. History A. Date and Place of Origin: March, 1963, Miami, Florida. B. Principal Activities:...The principal organizer of the AVBC was Jaime Varela Canosa, a graduate of Mariel Navy Academy in Cuba, and of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. He served as Cuban Naval attache in Mexico from February 1959 to March 1960, when he defected to the U.S...The AVBC held its first election on 21 April 1963, with the following officers elected to serve for a term of one year. Thereafter, elections were to be held annually...Rene Luis Pelly: Vice-Treasurer..."


Undated CIA document: Page 158: "COMMITTEES: (Cont.)... Organization and Proselitysm: Rene Luis Pelly. Check No. 945. Total: $125.00..."


12/08/77, HSCA document: Page 46 (Page 4 of MRP - Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo): ..."January 1963 - MRP exile leaders have unity discussions with MRR, DRE, MRTN, SFNE and Alpha 66. In Cuba, National Coordinator Jose Prince Chelala seeks asylum in Brazilian Embassy in Havana. Also in this Embassy were MRP members Carlos Penin Dominicis (note: probably Carlos Penin Infante), Arturo Dominguez Vega, Manuel Castro Fernandez. Latter four arrived in Miami in February 1963 after stop in Puerto Rico to talk to Ray. April 1963 - new MRP exile members:...Carlos Penin Dominices: General Coordinator..."

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