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Cryptonym: AMOT-15

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Unknown identity. AMOT-15 reported on the split in the Christian Democrats (MDC) in May and June of 1961 between the Gaston Melchor and Jose Ignacio Rasco's factions.


5/24/61 dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD, Operational/JMATE/AMOT/P/A re Crisis within the Christian Democrats Movement: "AMOT-15 reported the following on 18 May 1961: Due to the existence of a disagreement as to the person who should lead the Christian Democratic Movement, there is a faction mainly represented by Fermin Peinado, Gaston Melchor, Pedro Montiel, Dr. Aguirre Lamadrid, Rumbaut (fnu), Maristany (fnu), and others who requested Dr. Rasco's resignation from the presidency of the organization because he was not acceptable in Cuba...17 of 21 members of the executive were in favor of Rasco's dismissal...Dr. Aguirre told me...that the anti-Rasco group had appointed AMFAST-71, of Operation 40, as vice president of their Intelligence Commission. AMFAST-71 is no longer a member of AMFAST or consults with AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo)." Another copy of this document can be found at 104-10271-10415.


6/12/61 from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: "The following information about the activities of the MRP was collected by members of AMOT on the dates indicated: "On 3 June 1961 AMOT-16 reported the following about a meeting of the workers' section of the MRP which he attended on 2 May 1961...the meeting was presided over by four men and one woman. Only two of them spoke during the meeting. They were Dagaberto Ponce and Juan Adler. Ponce, who I found out arrived in Miami only a month and a half ago, is in charge of the Workers' Section of the MRP. He used to work in the graphic section of Bohemia Magazine. A man called Lino Diaz, a member of the audience, was invited to speak. Cabezas (fnu), a young representative from the 30th of November Movement, was also introduced but did not speak." They believed that victory would not come from armed intervention but from clandestine action within Cuba. "approximately 50 members of the MRP underground are in asylum in various embassies. They have only two automobiles left out of the ten which they had prior to the invasion."


6/12/61 memo (continued): Chief of Base, JMWAVE David Morales/Stanley Zamka to Chief, WHD - the first page is at 104-10274-10159 - on 6/4/61, AMOT-15 reported that two young Cuban girls passed out leaflets in Miami on why the MRP was separating from the FRD. Another copy is at 1994.03.16.15:21:54:440005 - Reel 15, Folder F - RAY, MANUEL, p. 41

104-10265-10049: DISPATCH: ON 22 JUNE 1961 AMOT-15 REPORTED THAT DR. TONY

6/28/61 cable from David Morales/Stanley Zamka, Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: "On 6/22/61, AMOT-15 reported that Tony Lamar (?) informed him that the MDC is still in crisis and that the newspaperman Sergio Carbo had been appointed as mediator between the two factions headed by Gaspar Melchor and Jose Ignacio Rasco to see if he can obtain unity in this movement. The dissident group represented by Gaspar Melchor is holding its meetings and carrying out its activities in the offices of the MRR."

Bill Simpich

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