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Cryptonym: AMOT-126

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Unknown identity. A Field Information Report from JMWAVE in January, 1963, appeared to state that AMOT-126 was a "former Cuban provincial employee and ham radio operator." More likely, AMOT-126 was a former Cuban businessman.
Paragraphs 9 to 12 of the Information Report, mentioned above, was based on AMOT-126 and AMOT-129's briefing of Manuel Garcia Ramirez, a former carpenter in Remedios.

A dispatch from JMWAVE in November of 1963 mentioned that AMOT-126 reported in late November, 1962, that Humberto Pablo (or Paulo) Nunez Wester (or Webster) was a possible narcotics pusher, who was now living in Puerto Rico, and claimed to be working as an electrician, and was making frequent trips to Miami.

A cable from JMWAVE on December 20, 1963, stated that AMOT-126 was a former acquaintance of Maximino Gonzalez Gutierrez, acting president university students federation (FEU). AMOT-126 reported that Gonzalez spoke against the Castro regime to A-126 in 1960, and believed that an "approach based on monetary inducement would be successful."

In terms of whether or not AMOT-126 was a former Cuban provincial employee and ham radio operator, or a former Cuban businessman, given that AMOT-129 recruited seven prospective radio operators for JMWAVE in 1962 (104-10217-10258 - 08/10/64 cable), it is possible that A-129 was a "former Cuban provincial employee and ham radio operator" (January, 1963, Field Information Report) rather than a former Cuban businessman). Therefore, it appears more likely that AMOT-126 was a former Cuban businessman.


01/17/63: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Conrad F. Weifenbach, Alice B. Caponong (probably Evalena S. Vidal, Douglas C. Nisley. Reports Officer: Oliver K. Papock. Approving Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman (Theodore Shackley): Page 2: ..."Paras. 9-12: AMOT (network of Cubans trained by David Morales during 1960-61 to be a new Cuban intelligence service once Castro had been ousted) Report AA-1259 based on AMOT-129 and AMOT-126 briefing of Manuel Garcia Ramirez, (A 13 011 786), formerly from Remedios, a carpenter. Because of info 'dated' not included, but xerox copy attached..." - - - Page 4: Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Cuba. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: Cuba (12 and 15 January 1963). United States (10 January 1963). "SOURCE...Paras. 9-12: Former Cuban businessman (F) and former Cuban provincial employee and ham radio operator (F) from a former carpenter in Remedios. Appraisal of Content: 3..."


11/06/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 3: ..."1. Humberto Pablo (or Paulo?) Nunez Wester (or Webster?) is 201-287190; AMOT-126 reporting of late November 1962 described him as a possible narcotics pusher who is now living in Puerto Rico and claims to be working as an electrician; he was making frequent trips to Miami; and he was also described by AMOT-133 in late November 1962 as in partnership with Fernando Labrada in the narcotics racket in Puerto Rico..."


12/20/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: TYPIC: REF DIR 87957* "1. WAVE traces Maximino (Gonzalez) Gutierrez: A. Acting president university students federation (FEU) and president law school students (UFG 02918, 27 May 63). B. Law student at Havana University. Works in Cuban treasury, bad character. (AMLAST-1 contact report, 25 Apr 62). C. March 61 traveled Chile in capacity cultural secretary FEU. Born 12 Mar 32 Placetas, Cuba. Resides N-312 APT 3, HAVA. (HZPA-11042, 29 Mar 61). 2. Gonzalez of UFG-2918 IDEN with SUBJ. Source this report recontacted but could provide no additional info. 3. Pouching AMOT traces. Highlights FOLL: A. According AMOT-126 who former acquaintance, Gonzalez born Placetas, circa 32. About five feet eight inches tall, 150 lbs, brunette, black hair, black eyes, single. Father owned cigar factory in Placetas and prominent mason. Oct 58 SUBJ fought with 13th of March group of students against Batista and named captain. 59 elected president FEU; 59 and 60 also held job in treasury. Known as 'El Loco' result reckless expressions. Opportunist, fond of money. In 60 not (unintelligible) and spoke against regime to AMOT-126. AMOT-126 believes approach based on monetary inducement would be successful. B. July 63 reportedly traveled Brazil via Prague to attend congress underdeveloped countries. C. May 63 acting president FEU. Commented that Rolando Cubelas (AMLASH) would soon be appointed government minister. D. According 8 May 63 El Mundo newspaper accompanied Algerian student Daniel Amrane who came Cuba to attend May day festivities. C/S Comment: *Requested that traces on Gonzalez be sent ALGI."

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