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Rogelio Montenegro Guasp, Cuban UN Delegate.
A May, 1964, debriefing report by Harold Swenson stated that Rogelio Montenegro Guasp was a cousin of Ramon Vasquez Montenegro, a Cuban Intelligence staff officer. AMOOZE-1 said in late January 1967 that he was going to visit Ramon Vasquez in Cuba.

A November, 1964, cable stated that Rogelio Montenegro had liaison duties with the General Directorate of Intelligence in his Foreign Office job. He was concerned particularly with matters related to passports and other documentation required by DGI personnel, and was also a long time friend of AMNIP-1 (Miguel Roche Monroy). AMOOZE-1 reported on Cuban Ambassador to France, Antonio Carrillo Carreras (UNSNAFU-19), and other Cuban figures in the diplomatic and intelligence fields abroad.

In November 1964, AMOOZE-1 overheard a telephone conversation involving Guillermo Cabrera Infante, in which the former learned that Sergio Tolon, code clerk and DGI officer stationed in Paris, would return to Cuba soon because of unknown differences between him and Ambassador Carrillo. Rogelio Montenegro's liaison duties with the DGI may have put him in a position to overhear this conversation.


06/19/63: Memo for the record from Alfonso Rodriguez, SAS/SO: Subject: Manolo RAY: Page 4: ..."7. Conclusions: a. Because the cables sent in to Hqs both from San Juan and Paris are an accurate, if condensed, version of my relations with RAY in his operational efforts against Carlos FRANQUI, Enrique CABRERA Infante and Gustavo ARCOS, a separate memorandum for the record will not be prepared unless so desired by the Chief, SAS..."

104-10179-10182: MEMO: MEETING WITH AMBANG-1.

08/02/63: Memo for the record from Alfonso Rodriguez, SAS/SO: Page 6: ...."AMBANG-1 was most interested to learn that Franqui's wife and children had actually come out of Cuba, and indicated that he would intensify his efforts to maintain contact with Cuban Diplomat Cabrera Infante in Brussels as a means toward the eventual recruitment of Franqui..."


11/27/63: FBI report from New York to Director: "On October 27, 1963, a source, who has furnished reliable information in the past, furnished the above items. In addition, this source furnished the foreign mailing list of FPCC as of October, 1963, as set out below: ...Page 6: (Cuba):..."Guillermo C. Infante, Lunes De Revolucion..." In March 1963 Guillermo Cabrera Infante was described as a protege of Carlos Franqui: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=72469&search=Guillermo_Cabrera+Infante#relPageId=7&tab=page


05/13/64: Debriefing Report from Harold F. Swenson, Chief, WH/SA/CI: "Source mentioned that Rogelio Montenegro Guasp was the cousin of Ramon Vasquez Montenegro (201-279628) who is a Cuban Intelligence staff officer according to AMNIP-1."


06/05/64: Contact Report: Page 8:..."In the Cuban Embassy in Paris, TOLON, the code clerk, was the actual custodian of the jewelry. (TOLON - married; colored. Lives with his wife in the Embassy. He has been in Paris approximately eight months but AMWHIP/1 did not know exactly). He seldom leaves the Embassy. According to AMWHIP/1, he is the custodian of the Embassy and the code clerk. AMWHIP/1 says he is a simple, good-natured sort of peasant. AMWHIP/1 had the opportunity of talking to him several times as the jewelry he inspected and later bought was kept at the Embassy by TOLON)..."


06/05/64: Memo from Deputy Director for Plans to the Director of the FBI: "1. The following information was received in early May 1964 by a representative of this Agency from Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez, a former Cuban IS officer who served with the Cuban Intelligence Service up to April 1964. The information which he has provided to date has proved to be reliable. a. Rogelio Montenegro Guasp is the 'director de politica regional de urapa occidental' in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a post to which he was rather recently fired. Prior to being named to this post, Montenegro obtained for the Direccion General de Inteligencia (DGI - General Directorate of Intelligence) agents and guerrilla warfare trainees. It is possible that he will continue to handle the furnishing of such passports in his new post. b. Montenegro knows all the DGI personnel and frequently visited the chief of the DGI, Manuel Piniero. He is probably a DGI officer assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; but, if not, he is at least completely witting of DGI operations. c. Montenegro is a cousin of Ramon Vasquez Montenegro. 2. The reports of this Agency reveal that in a document dated 28 April 1959 there was included a list of persons who were aboard the fishing vessel Natari (sp) when it landed near ...Panama, on 25 April 1959. One Rogelio Montenegro, possibly identical with Montenegro above, was one of the persons included on the list. The source of the information is not known; however, newspaper accounts have substantiated the information...4. In a Bureau report dated 28 October 1962, New York, New York, the name Rogelio Montenegro Guasp, Cuban Counselor, was mentioned as an individual intending to apply for travel to the United States on 28 or 29 October 1962. This Agency would appreciate receiving pertinent additional information the Bureau may have on Montenegro."

104-10183-10131: CABLE: SOURCE FOLL AMOOZE 1 NOV.

11/10/64: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMOOZE AMNIP: "1. Source following AMOOZE-1 1 Nov. 2. Rogelio Montenegro cited BRUS 1332 has liaison duties with General Directorate of Intelligence in his Foreign Office job. He is concerned particularly with matters related to passports and other documentation required by DGI personnel. (Montenegro is long time friend of AMNIP-1 who says he could easily talk with him during visit Europe). 3. Cuban Ambassador to France Antonio Carrillo Carreras (UNSNAFU-19) is not, as he claims, a close friend of Fidel Castro. He has only the type relationship with Fidel that any Cuban ambassador normally has. Carrillo is an ambitious able politician but his past work with the Cuban Revolution has not been that of an activist (Unintelligible). Rather he is a protege of Jose 'Pepin' Naranjo, Mayor of Havana, who has influence with Raul Castro. Naranjo gained Raul's favor during the revolution by having arms airdropped to Raul's forces in Cuban mountains to the despair of the Directorio Revolucionario, the group to which Naranjo belonged and which considered him a traitor thereafter. (Some this info on Naranjo used a field comment to PARI 7307 not sent BRUS (IN 16407). 4. Cuban Ambassador to Algeria Jorge Serguera is a close friend of Fidel. (Carrillo in the past has said the same of Serguera, while including himself in the picture). 5. Sergio Tolon, code clerk and DGI officer stationed in Paris, will return Cuba soon because of undescribed differences between him and Ambassador Carrillo. (AMOOZE learned this by overhearing telephone conversation which Guillermo Cabrera Infante had recently with Paris). 6. Commercial counselor Jose Rivero left Belgium PCS 31 Oct. See PARI 7051 (IN 78513). 7. Index Montenegro, Carrillo, Serguera, Tolon, Rivero."

1994.05.16.14:09:20:660005: Reel 51, Folder F - ROLANDO CUBELA SECADES.

03/09/65: Cable from Withheld to Director: "1. Reports following Cuban officials arrived Madrid 4 to 7 Feb: From Brussels: Cecilio Cabrera Ortega, Min Stockholm, and wife Olga Finlay Saavedra, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, acting charge Brussels..."


03/10/66: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Patricia L. Johnson, WH/C/CA/PA): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGAB AMOOZE AMCOMET: "1. Would appreciate use of AMOOZE-1 (handwritten: note - again) and AMCOMET-1 OWVL channels next scheduled broadcast for transmission following message: 'Urgentemente necesito informacion de su oficina en relacion alfa la historia verdadera del arresto Yankee juicio de Cubela Yankee los otros x proceda con cautela x.' 2. Duplicate message will be sent to AMCOKER-1, plus duplicate number groups via AMGAB channels within next week. Particularly anxious use AMCOMET-1 channel, since if CUIS reading her or other channels, identical message pattern on seven channels may suggest extensive reporting sources within govt offices. For this reason, request message be transmitted exactly as given, with no additional rqmts..."


01/24/67: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMOOZE: "1. Following message received from AMOOZE-1 on 23 Jan at 15267:...2. Nine. Banana. Banana. Received twenty-seven. Concerning Cubela I will inform you after trip that I will make to the Isle of Pines next week. I will see Ramon Vasquez. Concerning Carrillo I have learned that it was because he hid a nephew who had fled the draft for one week. I did not transmit due to bad eye sight. Concerning the money you can place it where you think convenient as I have a car. 3. Message dated 21 Jan and 21 Jan Cali sign used. As usual agent sent third group in clear as cryptographic freedom signal rather than fourth group. 4. Note agent was not acknowledged receipt of ME3 R5. 5. Since ref message no longer valid request concurrence or alternate suggestions on foll proposed message to AMOOZE/1 beginning 30 Jan: Twenty-eight. Received nineteen. Hope your eye sight has improved. Can you travel freely to all parts of the island in your car. We must have a message from you every week even if you see unable at the time to answer our specific requirements. It is important that you keep to a schedule. We await your reports on requirements given in message twenty-seven, particularly what attempts were made to overthrow Castro during his illness in early 1966. Is your arm better now?"

Gavin McDonald

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