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Cryptonym: AMLIME-1

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Julio Alonso Gonzalez, spelled in a variety of manners. A Cuban Revolutionary Navy Comandante. Captain of the JURE boat Venus in Puerto Rico as of early 1964.
Uncertain whether ONI contact Alonzo Gonzales of 1961 is the same man as Julio Alonso Gonzales seen with JURE in 1963-64 - both men had a strong Navy background.

See 124-10220-10332, p. 38: Julio Alonso Gonzalez was born on 12/129.

178-10002-10320: JOHN GORDON

1961: Lt. Commander John Gordon, an intelligence specialist since 1940, was stationed at Guantanamo in 1961. He came into a contact with Alonzo Gonzales, employed by the Navy, working with ONI, and able and willing to assassinate Castro. He was working with Luis Balbuena in Operation Patty at Guantanamo, another Navy contact planning to kill Fidel who worked with ONI's Hal Feeney and Jack Modesette. In July 1961, Gordon reported Gonzales' activity - which resulted in his placement in a psychiatric ward until October 1961. He saw a newspaper report on Gonzales being arrested inside Cuba in approximately 1966. See Deadly Secrets, William Turner & Warren Hinckle, pp. 113-115: The aforementioned Alonzo Gonzales was further described as an Episcopalian priest with designs of becoming bishop of Cuba if Castro lost power. See 104-10273-10140, p. 6: Gerry Hemming claimed that Alonzo Gonzalez was involved in the successful hunt to find Che in Bolivia in 1967. Gonzalez was identified by author Dick Russell as US educated and worked for ONI at Guantanamo. See Hal Feeney's article, The NIght of the White Horse" http://bayofpigs2506.com/The%20night%20of%20the%20white%20horse.pdf - Feeney claims that Alonso Gonzalez was one of his agents, known as 'Curita', who was executed by the Cubans. of Also see 124-10200-10375, p. 4: During Jan. 1967, Orlando Bosch/AMDITTO-23 and three of his followers were arrested for attempting to export arms and munitions. The man's name was Jose Antonio Mulet y Gonzales, born in 1921 and living in Miami.


10/8/63: On this date it was learned that JURE was going to conduct a training on October 17. The military chief of the training was former Cuban Revolutionary Navy Comandante Julio Cesar Alonso Gonzalez.

124-10220-10387 No Title

As of 1/18/64, Julio Alonso Gonzalez is referred to as "the Master" of the Venus, which appears to have been in Puerto Rico as early as 1/4/64 and certainly during 1/17-1/21 or so.

124-10220-10387: [No Title]

1/24/64: As of this date, Julio Alonzo is listed as master, owner and Captain of the Venus. Under the name Jose Luis Crispin Perez Alonzo, he is listed as PSI-UD and FBI informant SJ-2 for case SJ 105-6242.


2/17/64 memo initialed by JMWAVE chief Ted Shackley to SAS Chief Des FitzGerald: AMLIME-1 greeted AMTAUP-2/Armando Alanis Angulo by his previous alias as "Alfonso", and states that he knew AMTAUP-2 used to work for KUBARK/CIA but doesn't believe he does anymore. AMLIME-1 explained to AMBANG-4/Rogelio Cisneros "the number of boats that (CIA) has in the JMWAVE area and the names of the skippers of those boats. AMLIME-1 also explained about the locations where the boats were based and how the boats operated while leaving (US) and upon arriving in (Cuba). AMTAUP-2 also learned that AMLIME-1 had been named Captain of the (JURE) boat which is in Puerto Rico, replacing the Subject of 201-92044."

124-10214-10381: [No Title]

"On 9/25/64, Manuel Varela Castro, 149 E. 3rd Street, Hialeah, Florida, in charge of JURE military operations, advised that it was impossible for JURE to have conducted the attack. JURE had no boats in operation. The launch 'True', secretly used by Ray to secretly enter Cuba (date not given) had been sold. JURE boat 'Venus" was in dry dock in the Dominican Republic and the boat 'Gina' was in Miami and was up for sale."

Bill Simpich

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