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Cryptonym: AMLAME-4

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Unknown identity - arrested on 12/26/63 in roll-up of the AMLAME net in Las Villas province. Involved in Miguel Casas Saez's abrupt departure from the United States on 11/22/63.

Commission Document 205 - FBI Report of 23 Dec 1963 re: Oswald

Re 11/17/63-11/23/63: "Harvey Cash, American consul, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico... verified that Gilberto (Policarpo) Lopez...had entered Mexico at Nuevo Laredo on November 23, 1963, en route to Mexico City...Lopez entered Mexico by automobile...Lopez was listed in Mexican Immigration files as being from Tampa, Florida...(SA T-1 reported that) on November 27, 1963, Lopez departed from Mexico, D.F., by special airplane for Havana, Cuba." His passport was dated July 13, 1960, and as of Dec. 1963 Gilberto Policarpo Lopez was 23 years old. Also see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=800#relPageId=148&tab=page - Policarpo attended a Tampa FPCC meeting on 11/17/63 and obtained his tourist card on 11/20/63.


Report from AMLAME-4 written on 12/9/63. A 11/5/63 trace based on AMOT-28 as the source and Jose Matias Blanco Hernandez as the sub-source revealed that Miguel Angel Casas left Cuba for the US on 9/26/63 - Casas was a Russian-speaker and entered US under fictitious name Angel Dominguez Ramirez. Thought he was suspicious. On 11/15/63, Blanco received a letter stating that Casas was among the "Communist shock troops". On 11/20/63, Blanco got another letter saying that Casas had returned to Cuba. "On about 12/26/63, AMLAME-4 was arrested in a roll up of the AMLAME net in Las Villas Province..." The report of AMLAME-4 quotes his aunt as saying that he was in Dallas on 11/22 and he got past the border, and that "you know he is one of Raul's men". Another source said that "MCS was a poor person, poorly dressed...but now he dresses well, has a lot of money, owns large amount of T-shirts, jackets and shoes all American made...it seems that he departed from Dallas, Texas with two friends, and the Dentist believes he is following the tracks of at least one of them." 1/27/64 dispatch from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to Chief, SAS.


AMLAME-4 report dated 9 Dec 1963 identifies one Miguel (Casas) Saez, aka Miguelito...ardent revolutionary follower (of) Raul Castro, militiaman and G-2. AMLAME-4 reports Casas' Aunt Lucia (Lopez) wife of Wilfredo (Ruissch) told her dentist that nephew 'Miguelito' in Dallas day of Kennedy assassination, managed leave through Laredo. Boarded F.A.R. plane Mexico for Cuba. Dentist (not further identified) was AMLAME-4 source for Casas info. Dentist informed AMLAME-4 Casas had firing practice in militia and capable of anything...According A-4 it appears Casas departed Dallas with two unidentified friends and the dentist believes he can identify one of those friends...when photo received by WAVE (from ODURGE/INS) and comparison made, it determined that (Miguel Angel) Casas Aguirre and Dominguez not identical." 1/25/64 cable from JMWAVE to Director.

The Fourth Decade, Volume 2, Issue 2 Current Section: The Cubana Airlines Flight of November 22, 1963, by Peter R. Whitmey

"...As for Saez, no attempt had apparently been made to determine why he had traveled to the United States, why he happened to be in Dallas on November 22, 1963, why he had abruptly returned to Cuba with apparent assistance that day, why he suddenly came into more money than ever before, and whatever happened to him."


Actual copy of AMLAME-4's 12/9/63 report: "A Cuban in Dallas, Texas, USA". "The informant, dentist of the mentioned aunt, says he knows the so-called Miguelito, he is five foot ten inches tall, dark, strong complexion, dark brown hair, dark eyes, crazy about Castro. He had firing practice while in the militias and the doctor considers this man capable of doing anything...The rumors are that he has given some pairs of shoes to some of his friends...the shoes they were wearing were American made. It seems that he departed Dallas, Texas with two friends, and the Dentist believes he is following the tracks of one of them."

Bill Simpich

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