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Enrique Badias Val de Iglesias, footwear industry head in Cuba. If not him, his "boss".
Although Badias is supposed to be "AMLABLEL-1's assistant", that may be an artifice. As the national footwear head for Cuba before he departed, it seems artificial for Badias to be described as a "seaman". Badias is probably AMLABEL-1, an ideal name for a man in the footwear industry. If not, his "boss" at the FRD was AMLABEL-1.

For other possible leads - See 124-10350-10031: Customs took primary jurisdiction for Vladimir Secen, the military leader in charged of the planned invasion of Haiti planned by Masferrer in 1966.

124-10213-10310, p. 128: Julio Aton Constanzo Palau's date of birth is 5/22/36. Other background information also on that page. At p. 129: Francisco Tamayo Rodriguez has the nickname 'Poli' and is Constanzo's cousin. At p. 131, Hector Cornillot, indicted in 1968 for one of the 1968 bombings, was the brother-in-law of Ricardo Morales Navarette.

1993.08.09.17:20:39:560007, p. 108: Fiorini arrested for Guatemala activity. Claimed his two funders were Bob Howell, alleged friend of Kennedy family, and General Biddle of the John Birch Society.

The shooting of Julio Aton Constanzo Palau on 11/22/68 is in this news article: http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/miami/Miami_News-11-23-1968-1.pdf

104-10133-10344, p. 35: Cuban Power in 1968 was an auxiliary action group of the MIRR. Same document notes that Roy Hargraves was close to Jose Antonio Duarte aka Jose Zacarias Tallet Duarte, who scuffled with Sirhan Sirhan at a 5/21/68 SDS meeting after Sirhan called Duarte a CIA agent. Duarte was granted a POA for assessment and contact for possible use with Task Force W in 11/62, cancelled on 7/63. p.39: Duarte joined in bombing an SDS HQ with Hargraves in an effort to get admitted into Cuban Power.

124-90089-10196: No Title

June 1959: FBI memo identifies Enrique Badias Val de iglesias as the "foot wear industry head".

104-10312-10324: REPORT: NO TRACES "ANTON

5/4/62, note on index card; "Aton is an army captain and former right hand of Juan Almeida, Chief of the Cuban Army. Guantanamo Base has a cactus fence around it put there by Castro, (Aton) jumped fence with two other Cubans, interrogated for three days." 9/11/62: "Subject with brother Avelino Elias Constanzo Palau, during fight against Batista, acted as purveyors for Captain Juan Almeida." 1/25/63 memo from PM AMTORRID-4: "Leader of anti-Castro refugees in Miami who are talking about committing sabotage in Miami or NY to stir up feelings against Castro." 1/26/63, WAVE 3810, 19-500, nickname - ATON-47: "Leader of group who dissatisfied (US) inaction and policy re Cuba. Group thinks sabotage acts would be blamed on Castro and compel (US) action against Cuba. Group to be responsible for sabotage of cars and buildings in NY and Miami, using dynamite." 2/19/63, AA-1468, agency no. 19-5-3/4-0: "Former Rebel Army Captain now living in Miami. Acted in Palma Soriano area during fight against Batista. During 17 Apr 1961 fought against the patriots. At unknown date sought asylum in Guantanamo Naval Base. First of Oct 62 stole a boat and went to Jamaica. Now reportedly organizing a new anti-Castro revolutionary organization, and buying arms and ammunition in Miami."

124-90107-10275: No Title

3/17/63 CIA intelligence information report, source a "socially prominent Cuban businessman with a high reputation, from seaman Enrique Badias Valdeiglesias: In raiding the area, the (SFNE) group encountered a Soviet boat. A skirmish ensured during which a number of Soviets were killed." See 124-90089-10196: Years earlier, Badias was described as a "foot wear industry head".


7/13/63 cable from JMWAVE to Director: AMLABEL-1 is described as a former Cuban businessman who has a high reputation and is socially prominent, and who had as an assistant Enrique Luis Badias Valdieglesias. File under 201-302008. 104-10104-10068: Identifies Evilio Duque as 201-302008. See 124-90089-10196, p. 2: Enrique Badias Val de Iglesias is the footwear industry head. His boss is AMLABEL-1. "Badias was AMLABEL's assistant at AMIRON/FRD Recruiting Office." Badias' source was Rene Pujol Barrera, who said that he believed Duque's aid was coming directly from the former dictator Fulgencio Batista. See 104-10166-10226, p. 29 - Rene Pujol is also known as Merchant Marine sea captain Abelardo Rene Pujol Barrera. Also see 124-10279-10027, p. 9: Rene Pujol Barrera was convicted with Robert Ray McKeown, Manny Arques, Evelyn Eleanor Archer and others for Neutrality Act violations - gun smuggling. McKeown met with a man calling himself Oswald in 1963, who was trying to talk McKeown into another gun deal - McKeown refused.


6/2/64 dispatch from JMWAVE Andrew Reuteman (Ted Shackley) to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "Now that the (CIA) asylum efforts have been discontinued, and AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) is aware that (CIA) will not sponsor any maritime exfiltration attempts to rescue his family, he has decided that he would prefer to terminate his relationship with (CIA) so that he can carry out such exfiltration attempts on his own in a completely independent manner..." AMLABEL-1 asked one of the infiltree who entered Cuba on the boat ADA to rescue AMLEO-3's wife the name of their contact several times - but the infiltree responded that he did not know.

124-10214-10489: No Title

6/10/65 CIA memo TDCS DB-315/01985-65: From source described in marginalia as "Jose Antonio Constanzo Palau": "A commando force of 49 Cuban exiles and 11 Americans is being formed in Miami, Florida, by Odelio Garcia Derizanz and Gerald Patrick Hemming and is being supported by an unidentified person who is believed to reside outside the Miami area. The commando team is to be used by Dominican general Antonio Imbert Barreras, head of the loyalist forces in the Dominican Republic, presumably to topple Francisco Caamano Deno, leader of the rebel forces. Efforts are being made to have this team transported to the Dominican Republic as soon as possible. (Field Comment: While the source of the following report is believed to be accurate in his reporting, it is believed that the scope of the planning and the imminent action claimed by Odelio Garcia Derizanz and Aton Constanzo Palau may have been exaggerated. On 8 June 65, an independent source also reported on this activity but it should be noted that the report also stemmed from statements made by Constanzo Palau. Hemming is an American soldier of fortune who has been involved in a number of abortive anti-Castro Cuban operations staged from the Miami or Florida Keys area over the past four years. Statements made by Hemming in the past have proved often to be of doubtful reliability..." 124-10303-10004, p. 4: Constanzo Palau told the FBI that the purpose was to aid Joaquin Balague, former President and head of the Reform Party, and not to aid Dominican strongman General Imbert as he had previously believed.


6/15/65 cable by WH/C/RR/OA J. Moughan: Good bio of I. I. Davidson: "Born 19 Jan 1921 in Pittsburgh, PA. Voluminous HQS traces Subject. Is registered with Justice Department as agent for Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Israel...enjoys close relationship with Drew Pearson and other newsmen...approached (CIA) in 1955 to obtain financial backing for travel agency which would publicize Yugoslavia tourist attractions to Americans. In exchange subject would pass on to (CIA) any info he might be able to obtain through said agency...FYI: Subject is considered fast buck artist and security risk. Believed to be person who blew (CIA - REDACTED) in Haiti to Duvalier." See 124-10303-10000, p. 6: "By letter dated 9/16/65, the US Department of State advised that Guillermo Belt Ramirez and Irving Davidson were not acting for the State Dept. and that Dr. Jose Antonio Mora (the OAS secretary general) told Belt the idea was completely unrealistic."

124-10214-10487: [No Title]

6/19/65, FBI memo: "Gerald Patrick Hemming has been investigated by the Miami Office for over five years, is of known unreliability and has never been able to send an expedition out of the U.S. MM 639-S (note: Howard K. Davis, a long-time informant and would-be ally of Hemming) said that Hemming is no longer interested in the DR and is now working on a plan to bring South Vietnamese into the United States...informant said the entire story of sending troops into the DR is a figment of Hemming's imagination. It is not based on fact but just another one of Hemming's many impractical and illogical dreams...Julio Aton furnished information concerning two more Cuban exiles in Miami suspected of being Cuban government agents. During this interview, Aton said one of the two unidentified suspected Castro agents was known as "King Kong" (note: this same agent allegedly killed three Cubans in Mexico City) but that this person signed up to fight communism in the DR and filled out an application form with complete background information...Aton was connected with Roberto Alejos Arzu, a rich Guatemalan national in Miami, who plans to use Cubans to overthrow the present government in Guatemala...Aton is a countryman, farmer-type from Cuba with little education. (Note: Aton spoke very little English). He works in Miami as a day laborer, is obscene, loud, but apparently courageous."


07/22/65, Cable from JMWAVE to Director, slugline KAPOK TYPIC AMLABEL AMOT: "On 14 July 1965 Julio Aton Constanzo Palau told AMLABEL-1 that I. Irving Davidson still connected with Cuban exiles being (to) go (to Santo Domingo) as part of OAS force. Per Constanzo Davidson still acting "on orders of GPLOGIC (LBJ) but he not as active as before. Constanzo insinuated that Davidson has been providing funds for unnamed men in group. According (to) Constanzo, Davidson working in close contact with Cuban group including former Cuban President Carlos Prio Socarras, who going be in charge public affairs, and Guillermo Belt Ramirez, who supposed represent group in OAS. Davidson allegedly asking Constanzo some time ago increase number of Cubans to as many as possible. Constanzo claims be in charge administration, or organizer of group, although his name not publicly discussed. He said he has appointed Frank Fiorini, Claudio Medina, Col. Carrasco (FNU), Higinio 'Nino' Diaz Ane, among others, who have comprised among them a total of about 3000 men. These men have not been notified, but they will be available when needed. The 2506 brigade is represented in group as well as Rebel Army, Constitutional Army, and Autenticos. These group to constitute government in exile representation. There are about 14 Senators already pulling for them. However, GPFOCUS (RFK) very much against them...This unit will go (to the Dominican Republic) and try settle situation once and for all. After Dom situation settled, group will withdraw to Brazil where it to rendezvous with Latin American armies containing Cuban units. From Brazil men 'to take off and take over Cuban situation' until they recover Cuba from Castro..."


10/17/68: FBI had Morales Navarette was a witness ready for trial against Orlando Bosch, and the following others ready for "pick-up": Julio Aton Constanzo Palau, Puli Tamayo (Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo), Hector Cornillot, Juan Garcia Cardenas, Omar Soto.


12/9/68 memo from I-1 to Arco Iris: "Francisco Varona (AMCONCERT-1) ...visited Julio Aton Constanzo in the hospital. Varona told Constanzo that the masterminds that tried to kill him on 11/22/68 were Joaquin Sanjenis (AMOT-2), Vicente Zorrilla (AMOT-3) and Manuel Villafana (LITAINT-1). The ones who actually tried to kill him were Ricardo Morales Navarrete (AMDESK-1), Francisco Tamayo aka El Mejicano, and El Gallego. (See 104-10186-10275, p. 2: El Gallego was allegedly known as Major Jose Ramon Hernandez, who allegedly led Castro's troops at the Bay of Pigs.) The planners were advised by 'Enrique from Argentina'". "Enrique from Argentina" is a common pseudonym for CIA officer Tony Sforza. At p. 3: On 12/5/68, station WFAB announced that Constanzo was going to make an announcement about who tried to assassinate him - but it wasn't true, Varona had made up this information in an attempt to coerce Constanzo into accusing "Sanjenis and the 'American named Enrique, the Argentine'." Constanzo's brother Avelino said he was going to throw Pancho Varona "out the window". On p. 4: The Miami press showed up at Constanzo's hospital room and Avelino denounced Varona to them.

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