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Cryptonym: AMKNOT

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Program to assist Cuban merchant mariners who have defected from their service.


06/20/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Subject: TYPIC/MHSPAWN/Status Report re JMWAVE Psych Projects: Page 2: ...."4. AMFRAME-1 (Rafael Rivas Vasquez). Singleton agent who is main driving force behind AMSCROLL (UR, also known as Unidad Revolucionaria) operation and together with AMASK-1 runs AMKNOT activity. 5. AMKNOT. A new committee formed at Headquarters request to hit ZRWAGON (probably a program of overseas dockside sabotage operations, including the recruitment of seamen. The target was commercial shipments to Cuba) defection target. AMFRAME-1 and AMASK-1 are working very effectively as principal agents for this project and latter has been especially effective in securing jobs for ZRWAGON defectors."...


12/23/66 cable from PM/Roger Marchbank to Chief of Station: "The AMKNOT organization continued during the quarter under review with its program of assisting Cuban merchant mariners who have defected from their service...The Station expects to replace AMASK-1 with AMPOLISH-1 who appears qualified to handle the hand-holding and housekeeping aspects of AMKNOT. AMPOLISH-1 is presently employed by a local automobile dealer and is able to take the necessary time off to handle the AMKNOT matters..."

Bill Simpich

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