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Cryptonym: AMKHAN-2

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Carlos Martin Ahrens Temple, Western Union employee in Cuba recruited by CIA agent Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1). A CIA document in the early 1970's on Barker identified Ahrens as being AMKHAN-2. A-2 was a FI source in Cuba.
A cable from JMWAVE in June, 1965, described AMKHAN-2 as "a highly reliable and very responsive source who has excellent contacts in various departments of the Cuban Government."

In a cable in March, 1966, on the trial of AMLASH (Rolando Cubela Secades), AMKHAN-2 was described, along with AMKHAN-3, as being a "very valuable WAVE asset."


11/23/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMKHAN-2 COMMO TARROT: "1. FOLL will be sent. Begin agent message: 'One seven. Good intel this week. Keep trying with rig. Keep sending names from Diaz list. Tito. Need full bio data. Also all movements Pablo Sandoval Crane and especially any arms shipments Latin America. Lucy she was late reporting chartered flights to (Unintelligible) need this info faster. Flights should continue thru Dec 63. Try have her feed you list all Cubana personnel who fly. Also need her provide next four weeks only CHA list Cubana crews flying MEXI. List published twice monthly and has about 20 names. Mike. Good intel and hope he eventually agrees work. Do not push him too hard. Maria Christina. What your evaluation her now. Data undermining Franco Govt important here. Get more details. No info here Izquierdo. What type info he have other than what appeared two Nov Revolucion on new telex installed CHA can you provide additional unpublished data. Want transmit to you twice weekly and advise convenient times on Tues or Wed. Important check cafeteria dead drop and send me whatever message you find. Also leave black box there. Check this drop end every week for any message SNX Griesse and Enrique' end agent message. 2. For DIR only: Diaz is (REDACTION) for DSE in AMKHAN-2 office, Tito is (REDACTION), Habana docks stevedore, Lucy is (REDACTION), Mike is (REDACTION), Maria Christina is postal clerk min commo. Izquierdo is Daniel Izquierdo cables and wireless employee who works and reside Bejucal."


11/27/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "SUPDATA: AMKHAN-2 received 251245 local. Ref BARR 1391 (in previous mention of tanks with twin cannon 'not previously seen' UFG-3950 A-2 from (REDACTION) (protect). RID no index...COUNTRY: Cuba...DOI: 23 Nov 63. PADA: United States, Miami (26 Nov 63) UFG-4130. SOURCE: An educated Cuban of Western European extraction who lives in Habana, source has reported military information acquired by personnel observation. Source's reliability has not yet been established. This information is from a manager of an agricultural enterprise in Habana." - - - Pages 3-4: CIA Information Report: ..."1. On 23 November 1963, about 200 tanks were observed, apparently participating in maneuvers, in an area at the intersection of Via Monumental and Carretera central. Many of the tanks had twin cannon mounted and were a type previously not observed by the eyewitness. (Field Comment: A Cuban who has professional contact with relatives of officials in Cuban Government circles and a variety of contacts in western Cuba, reported that on 23 October the Grenburg brought a number of armored vehicles which were called Lanza Llamas (flame throwers) and were a type not previously observed in Cuba. These tanks carried two canon which appeared similar to the 152 mm artillery piece). 2. As of that same date there was a large military camp to the west of Via Monumental just before reaching the Carretera central. (Field Comment: This is probably the loma de tierra military area which has recently seen a large influx of vehicles and materiel)..."


11/28/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMKHAN-2 COMMO TARROT: "1. FOLL will be sent. Begin agent message 'One eight. Weekend intel sent outstanding. Need any additional addresses Mexico but especially Miami and U.S. Roger Wednesday contacts. Still want send twice week to you so advise second day and hours starting Mid-December. We would prefer Saturday or Sunday skeds. Any advantage Lucy being reassigned reservation office. If not have her try stay Boyeurs. Have all net members report military preparations made north coast last five days and poss landing Chinese troops north coast ports. Request you have Gendra report on possibilities and likelihood anyone putting tap on your circuit to Key West. Enrique.' End agent message. 2. For DIR only: Lucy is (REDACTION) and Gendra is Juan Gendra, Western Union cable foreman."


02/26/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC ZRKNICK AMCLATTER: "1. Re Ref B, WAVE wishes clarify that AMCLATTER-1 fell under WAVE suspicion as possible CIS agent due presence his address in censorship list maintained by CIS HAVA. This list was seen, copied, and transmitted WAVE by AMKHAN-2. While appearance AMCLATTER-1's address this list does not in itself constitute indictment A-1, it nonetheless significant that AMKHAN-2 himself suggested that particular list in which A-1's address appears is one which possible contains names and/or addressees CIS agents. AMKHAN-2 argues that list in question was different other two censorship lists maintained by CIS in that it was separate and unlike other two contained no caption at top list. It also significant that list in question in addition to A-1's address, contained address of top ZRKNICK agent WAVE area along with accommodation address of one his contacts IDEN A. WAVE investigation of still another address from list, IDEN B, surfaced fact that occupant (IDEN C) has received at least one SW message from correspondent in Puerto Rico (see Ref C). 2. For present WAVE cannot but view A-1 with certain degree of suspicion and is proceeding with discreet investigation A-1. To date investigation has taken FOLL form: A. A-1 was asked prepare list of contacts in the U.S. and Cuba which are or could be of ops utility to WAVE. As result A-1 submitted extensive list contacts in U.S., particularly WAVE area and small list persons Cuba who could be utilized for ops purposes. These lists were checked against ZRKNICK suspects with no significant results. B. WAVE has initiated surveillance A-1 determine if results surveillance coincide with his reporting to WAVE CO. C. WAVE plans intercept A-1's mail determine existence any clandestine communication. 3. Results effort paras 2 B and C above will be used in subsequent CI interrogation and FLUTTER A-1. 4. A-1's training will be held in abeyance pending clarification case.."


11/11/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "1. OPERATIONAL ACTIVITY...AMAGREE-1 gave IDEN A the OWVL receiver which was to be passed to AMTRUNK-11 through AMTRUNK-25 and -15 and also gave IDEN D of Reference B the recovery plan for the AMKHAN-2 deaddrop in Havana Province. IDEN A was instructed to keep the contents of the deaddrop in his possession until AMAGREE-1 returned to pick them up..."


06/02/65: Cable from JMWAVE: "SUPDATA: AMKHAN-2 from AMKHAN-3 in message received 31 May 65 (BARR 2120). Per A-3 event created quite a stir due heavy guard maintained over stand. WAVE has no confirmation this act...COUNTRY: Cuba...PADA: United States, Miami (31 May 1965) UFG-7226. SOURCE: A highly reliable and very responsive source who has excellent contacts in various departments of the Cuban Government. This information was received from a highly placed Cuban official who has provided documentary information which has been considered reliable since February 1964." - - - Page 4: CIA Information Cable: "1. On 3 May 1965, the stand from which Fidel Castro Ruz frequently delivers speeches, at the foot of the Jose Marti monument, Plaza de la Revolucion, Habana, Habana Province, was completely burned. Attempts to put out the fire failed, and, as of 31 May, the effects of the burning were still visible. According to rumors, the fire was a result of sabotage which had been planned for 1 May, but was not effected until two days later. 2. Field dissem: None."

104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

12/06/65: Memorandum from COS to Multiple Chiefs (Note: At the top of the page: "SO - Irving C. Devuono" and underneath in handwriting: "Lynch"): Subject: Commendation for Performance in HUBBARD I/II: "1. The Chief of Station wishes to commend all Station members and agents who were involved in the HUBBARD I/II operation. The successful exfiltration of the valuable agents AMKHAN-2 and AMKHAN-3 plus twelve members of their families on 4 - 5 December was indeed a very impressive performance in response to an urgent requirement. All who participated in the HUBBARD I/II operation can take great pride in the fact that despite considerable difficulties it was possible to carry out the exfiltration of a sizeable group of persons in a swift and flawless manner. 2. Chief, SO: Please extend to the commander of the AMLILAC ("Commando Groups" - Comandos Mambises and others - involved in infiltrations into Cuba) group and to the personnel who participated in the HUBBARD/I and/or the HUBBARD/II actions the congratulations and the appreciation of 'The Chief' concerning their fine performances. 3. Chief, MA: Please extend to the ship captains and the commanders of the operational vessels and to all of the crew members who participated in the HUBBARD/1 and/or the HUBBARD/II actions the congratulations and appreciation of 'The Chief' concerning their fine performances."


03/11/66: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMOZON AMLASH: Page 3: ..."B. If AMHAM-1 (Juan Felaifel Canahan) longtime CUIS agent reporting regularly then CUIS missed several chances to apprehend not only AMOZON (probably a JMWAVE infiltration team of anti-Castro Cubans from 1963 until around 1966) team and their inside assets but also two very valuable WAVE assets, namely AMKHAN-2 and AMKHAN-3, plus AMISLE-2. On Op AMOZON VI December 64 team incl AMHAM-1 emplaced peso cache intended for ATHENA project but never used; cache successfully retrieved by AMKHAN-2 in May 65. Op SALLY III July 65 emplaced large peso cache for AMKHAN op; cache retrieved by AMKHAN-2 July 65. Fact that AMKHAN-2, AMKHAN-3 and families were successfully exfiltrated by WAVE in Dec 65 and that interrogation and LCFLUTTERS indicated they not under CUIS control would seem indicate AMHAM-1 not under CUIS control as of Dec 63. Would appear chance to apprehend AMKHAN group and several KUBARK (CIA) ops craft and crews would have presented to CUIS an opportunity against which continued monitoring of AMOZON activity would be unimportant. *Portion missing - being (unintelligible)."


06/21/72: CIA Document: Subject: Barker (AMCLATTER-1): ..."UFGA-12869, 10 Jan 64 - AMCLATTER-1 Vol 2: Barker's name appeared on a list made up of CIS agents in the Miami area. JMWAVE FI Branch received from AMKHAN-2 during 23 Aug - 12 Dec 63 a series of reports containing names and addresses of persons appearing on cable censorship list maintained by the CIS in Havana. For this reason Barker was under suspicion by JMWAVE as a possible CIS agent. Barker was given a polygraph Apr 64 as a result of this information and came up clean. AMKHAN-2 (201-725267) Carlos Martin Ahrens Temple, in 1963 was an ops tech for Western Union in Cuba. Was granted OA Sept 69 and according Cuba Desk op card still an asset, will have to check 201 to find out what he is doing. He was an FI source in Cuba to communicate with Benjamin Dalton Wingate Jr. (201-725262)."

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