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Cryptonym: AMKAKA-7

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Miguel Casas Rodriguez Limonta, a member of the CRC as late as 1963 and a compatriot of the agent known as AMBELLOW-1. A student leader, described as a skilled propagandist.


12/07/62, Dispatch from Guatemala City to Chief, JMWAVE: "1. Attached under separate cover is a copy of a list of expenses submitted by Identity, local AMRASP delegate, to AMRASP headquarters in the JMWAVE area. Station, Guatemala City wishes to point out that the charge of 98.00 for the printing of a pamphlet was in fact not paid by Identity but was paid from Station funds. This particular pamphlet was written by (REDACTION) KAKA-7 and was printed at the direction of AMBELLOW-1 who submitted a receipt to his case officer. The charges on the attached expense sheet for 'correos and telegrafos' are probably also padded based on Station knowledge of the extent of Identity's activities in behalf of AMRASP. 2. The general situation pertaining to AMRASP in Guatemala remains essentially the same as outlined in the referenced dispatches. Identity is not worth being kept on the AMRASP payroll and is doing more harm than good as an AMRASP delegate. The fact that he continues to receive a good salary for doing practically nothing affects the morale of other AMRASPERS who are trying to do a worthwhile job. 3. The only effective work being done locally is being done by AMBELLOW-1 and (REDACTION) KAKA-7, who are on the Station payroll, and who have completely bypassed the Identity and work with him only when it is necessary to preserve the fiction of AMRASP unity and present a united front on a particular issue. They have learned long ago not to include him in on anything where he has discretion in the dispensing of funds. 4. It is requested that JMWAVE and/or TFW take steps to influence AMRASP headquarters in the removal of Identity from the AMRASP payroll 'due to a lack of funds' rather than for specific charges of malfeasance in Guatemala which may involve the local AMRASP group, including (REDACTION)KAKA-7 and AMBELLOW-1, in needless internal squabbling." Page 3: "SEPARATE COVER ATTACHMENT: IDENTITY: Dr. Jose Luis Valdes Marti."


12/26/62, Cable from Guatemala City to WAVE, Director: "1. Four members Consejo Revolucionario Cubano in GUAT apparently expelled to Honduras by Pres Ydigoras because of their opposition to his proposals for creation Cuban Govt in exile. Four persons expelled are: Julio Bustamante, Fernando Blanco, Miguel Cesar Rodriguez and Miguel Castillo. Arrested but later released due efforts his GUAT wife was Jose Luis Valdes Marti. Other CRC leaders still in hiding. 2. AMBELLOW-1 reports that the cause of the Cuban problem in GUAT is Dr. Nicomedes Viejo Llorente, Cuban exile who has convinced Ydigoras that setting up govt in exile would be worth several million dollars to financially shaky GUATS. AMBELLOW-1 suggests that if arrangements can be made at JMWAVE to invite Viejo to take part in 'high level discussions' and to prolong his JMWAVE stay for several weeks, the remaining Cuban exiles can solve their local problems. 3. AMBELLOW-1 also reports rumor current that Ydigoras will announce formation of Cuban Govt in exile on 30 Dec 62. Station has no confirming info this rumor. 4. For TEGU: PLS confirm, if possible, the arrival and present location of any or all of the above listed Cuban exiles in Honduras."


01/09/63, Cable from Tegucigalpa to Director: "1. Cesar Rodriguez Limonta and his three companions now staying following address. Dr. Alonso, Cuesta La Leona No. 726, Tegucigalpa. (REDACTION) ARK-1 will pay their food and lodging while they here if necessary. 2. AMBELLOW-1 can send clothes to Rodriguez at above address. All four awaiting word from Miami re their future. C/S Comment: *When subject in TEGU and it secure to do so, GUAT would like arrange delivery of clothes note and money from AMBELLOW-1 his GUAT contact."


01/13/63, Cable from Guatemala City to Director: "1. GUAT feels that (REDACTION) KAKA-7 (subject of GUAT 2728 (IN 74836) and GUAT 2753) is the only member of expelled group who of operational interest. He student leader and skilled propagandist. Would like to see him kept busy TEGU or other country close to GUAT pending his ability to return GUAT. Still pending advice TEGU whether or not TEGU able arrange delivery his passport, money and other items which GUAT wishes touch because of insecurity of open mail and inability of his GUAT contact AMBELLOW-1 to travel. Other members group were not active GUAT. 2. GUAT already of record that Jose Luis Valdes Marti was a detriment to GYROSE efforts and he and his wife complicated this last affair by their public attempts to make President Ydigoras look foolish. Recommend he be returned to JMWAVE area and dropped from active leadership of CRC delegations. AMBELLOW-1 reports that Valdes left for SJOS. AMBELLOW-1 also reports that (REDACTION) KAKA-7 and others have moved to cheaper quarters in TEGU and are at Casa Eden, Puesta la (unintelligible) 726. 3. Thus far AMBELLOW-1 has avoided deportation but GUAT not certain this can continue much longer. AMBELLOW-1 has been advised to stay GUAT until last possible moment and then leave for SALV or TEGU in that order. AMBELLOW-1 an experienced CIA operator and will be of use any Central American country pending his eventual return to GUAT where he and GUAT wife have made their home. Hope is that if we can stall long enough the pressure for his expulsion will ease, and Ydigoras will get over his anger at (unintelligible) opposed in the formation of a Cuban Govt in exile. 4. Noteworthy thus far has been complete lack of effective pressure against Ydigoras. CRC sent weak protest CALDE. U.S. Government apparently not inferring. GUAT efforts limited through fear of blowing our interest in AMBELLOW-1."

104-10228-10034: WITHHELD

01/22/63, Cable from Guatemala City to Director: "1. (REDACTION) KAKA-22 returned after making ref delivery and reports that (REDACTION) KAKA-7 personal situation confused. (REDACTION) KAKA-7 thinking in terms trying save money to go Chile to be married. 2. AMBELLOW-1 (IDEN) advised (REDACTION) KAKA-7 stay TEGU where he would be approached by someone representing the "Socios" who would mention name of AMBELLOW-1. 3. (REDACTION) KAKA paid equal $100.00 per month GUAT. His 201 files will be pouched upon request TEGU. C/S Comment: *Due back items be delivered (REDACTION) KAKA/7 and AMBELLOW/1 send verbal messages, STA GUAT using (REDACTION) KAKA/22 as courier." 104-10228-10035: "IDEN is (REDACTION) who is a member of the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano still in GUAT trying to avoid expulsion from the country. C/S Comment: *No record in cable secretariat as of 2045, 21 Jan 63." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=20005&search=104-10228-10035#relPageId=2&tab=page


2/5/63 cable from GUAT to JMWAVE: "AMKAKA-7 has sent word to AMBELLOW-1 that AMKAKA-7 willing to stay where he can best serve the cause. In view (of TEGU 4708) suggest WAVE try place him where he can be useful. GUAT can recommend him as good propagandist and student organizer." Marginalia states: "Passed to AMBUD-1 that might want to send him to Dom Rep when there is an opening 6 Feb 63". More marginalia at the bottom states "Miguel Casas Rodriguez Limonta". As AMKAKA-1 and AMBELLOW-1 are both identified as members of AMRASP/FRD, and as this entire reference is aimed at AMKAKA-1 and not AMBELLOW-1, and no one else is mentioned in this document, it constitutes documentation that AMKAKA-7 is Miguel Casas Rodriguez Limonta.

1994.06.24.14:24:58:220005: Reel 70, Folder F - AMBUD INTEL PRODUCTION

Note dated 8/2/63: "Information Provided by Miguel Casas Rodriguez (CRC Delegate in Dominican Republic) When Frank Varona took him (Rodriguez?) to the airport of Santo Domingo, Varona told him the following: On July 27 he had had conversations (an exchange of impressions) with high officials in the Army and it had been agreed to initiate preparations to undertake a coup d'etat against President Bosch. From that moment was generated the firm decision to overthrow President Bosch. The source of this information was General Hermida, Inspector General of the Army. He is also the brother-in-law of the Chief of Police..." Marginalia at the bottom has a fuzzy reference to "Leon Jiminez".

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