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Cryptonym: AMJOKE-1

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Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia. Influential Cuban exile.
A February 1964 dispatch stated that "termination on AMJOKE-1 will be forwarded by separate correspondence." Clarence E. Smeryage (probably Tom Clines) wrote a contact report on AMJOKE-1 at the end of December, 1962.

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

This memo shows that AMJOKE-1 was 201-284815.


This document shows that Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia was 201-284815.

104-10172-10186: PRQ PART II DATA ON AMDENIM/1

This memo shows that AMJOKE-1 was using Alberto Hernandez/AMDENIM-1's boat to go to Cuba no later than March 1962.


12/27/62: Contact Report from Clarence E. Smeryage: Contact Report: AMJOKE-1: Subject: Misappropriation of Funds: "1. Bartolone Pinada (#2762) returned from PBRUMEN (Cuba) during the latest prisoner exchange. Prior to entering the training camps, Subject signed a paper so that his mother in PBRUMEN or Mr. Jose Mendiputia, 640 northeast 70th Street, Miami could receive his checks. 2. After Subject departed for the camps, a woman named Esperanza Cabas, 900 Northwest 9th Street, presented a letter to AMTIKI/1 claiming that Pineda's checks were to be given to her. She had a 'forged' statement to that effect reportedly signed by Pineda. AMTIKI/1 reportedly claims that the Americans approved and confirmed the fact that Cabas should receive the checks. 3. Bartolene Pineda, accompanied by AMJOKE/1, went to see Esperanza Cabas on 26 December to get the money due Pineda and to determine why she forged his signature on the letter to AMTIKI/1. When they arrived at Cabas' house a man with a 45 caliber pistol was there with Cabas. Cabas promised to give Pineda the money at 1530 hours on 28 December. No questions were asked by Pineda re the 'forgery' as he was afraid of the man with the pistol. Cabas stated that $75.00 a month was given to AMTIKI/1. Although AMJOKE/1 was unable to identify the man with the pistol, he noted that a 1959 red Chevy Impale Convertible, License No. 14-109114, was parked in front of the house. It is assumed that this auto is owned by the man with the pistol."


02/20/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."2. Termination on AMJOKE-1 will be forwarded by separate correspondence..."

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

12/7/65 AMJOKE-1 reports on activities of AMBIDDY-1 and others.


08/25/2010, Article by Rudy Enders: Titled: With the CIA in Vietnam Part 5: Page 13: ..."Our good fortune with Don was followed by another great addition to our staff, Felix Rodrigues a former Cuban national who had been a CIA agent in Havana during the Bay of Pigs. He would be my PRU assistant. Felix was a legend. When Cuban DGI intelligence began arresting Agency spies after the ill fated invasion, he escaped by entering the Venezuelan Embassy where he stayed until the staff managed to smuggle him out. Subsequently, the Agency assigned him to Bolivia where he worked as a communications advisor to the Bolivian Rangers involved in tracking down communist insurgents headed by the notorious Che Guevera. When Che was captured in 1967, Felix was instructed by CIA to 'do everything possible to keep him alive.' However, the Bolivian Government would have no part of it, ordering the Ranger commander to execute the prisoner. Before Che was shot by a firing squad, Felix looked him in the eye and told him of his fate. His account of the incident is detailed in Felix’s book 'Shadow Warrior,' which he wrote with the help of author John Weisman. Castro wasn’t about to allow his communist friend to die without retaliating, so he sent Cuban hit teams throughout Latin America to kill all those responsible, including Felix. Knowing this, the Agency assigned Felix to Vietnam. Whereas Jack Harrell avoided combat, Felix relished it. In fact, he was fearless to the point of almost having a death wish. What compelled him was having experienced the loss of his country to communist tyranny. From that day forward, he dedicated his life to fight communism no matter where its ugly head emerged... From my prospective, he was perfect for the job. His energy level, courage, commitment, aggressiveness and competence quickly proved him to be a genuine dedicated warrior..." https://www.air-america.org/files/documents/revietnam_5.pdf

Bill Simpich

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