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Cryptonym: AMJAVA-2

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AMJAVA-2 was Oscar Alfonso Carol.
A cable on July 12, 1961, cited below, identified AMJAVA-2 as Oscar Carol, with a 201 number of 201-282278. A report in December of 1962 stated that "on 24 August 1960, Oscar Carol was assigned head of the Cuban instructors and personnel of Trax Base. Col (fnu) Vallejo, an American officer of Philippine extraction was the head of the American personnel assigned to the base."

Like Joaquin Varela, Reynaldo Garcia was active as a commando: See 104-10240-10268, listed on 4/2/61 as departed from JMMOVE and prepared to engage in raider ops led by Miguel Orozco/AMTABBY-15. Also see Fabian Escalante's The Cuba Project, p. 138, describing Garcia as the leader of a group of commandos charged with detonating explosive charges in the mines of Matahambre - which is where Orozco/AMTABBY-15 was captured during the Cuban missile crisis in late 1962.

Fernandez was also a commando: Ramon Machado (2508) wrote "In late January 1961, Enrique Casuso (2507), Jorge Giraud (2524), Manuel Reyes (Little King) and I were in a CIA safe house in Falls Church, Virginia awaiting our trip to Cuba. (I met) Harold Feeney, the vintage and at that time Chief of Intelligence at Guantanamo. Feeney was the one I was going to take to Cuba...my mission was to join a group in the hills that were in the mountains of Baracoa, relatively near the base...Once we landed, Don Quixote took me to his office, where I met Jack Modessett (Pecos) and Wallace (Wally), the other members of the "unholy trio" (of naval officers)...(then I met) Ernesto Estevan (butterfly), and Rodolfo Hernandez (Sea Fury)...With the help of Sea Fury, my mission would be to train a group of 6 or 8 individuals in the use of explosives, and later, we were going to be the Committee's receipt of Nino Diaz, which landed just east of the base in a diversionary coordinated effort with the main landing at the Bay of Pigs." For further details, see http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/8572-harold-hal-feeney/&page=2

104-10169-10275: VICTOR PANEQUE

Both Joaquin Varela and AMJAVA-2 are listed as contacts of Evilio Duque aka Marcelino Garcia. The full list of Duque contacts: Victor Paneque/Comandante Diego (AMRUG-5), UR (Leo Sanchez) (Horacio), Aurelio Fernandez (borrowed $1000) (see 104-10226-10162, p. 5, Horacio is the military coordinator of the Black Falcons, UR's commando unit - pseudonym for Hector Febles, 201-292171: also see 104-10262-10228: Fernandez is the UR Treasurer), Montiel, Conte Aguero (AMCORE-2) and Canero and Dr. Dausa (?), AMBANG-1 (?) sent Gustavo Lora, Jorge Varela, Oscar Carol, AMJAVA-2, Andres (?) & AMBOLT-2, Capt. Edwin P. LeMay, Alvarez y Petaluga".


"2/15/61 cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "AMDIP-3 (Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez) courier arrived WAVE area from Havana 14 Feb...Agent 2515 dispatched legally to Havana on 12 with orders to contact REDACTED about 14 or 15 Feb. to join AMDIP-3 movement line to Escambray as W/T operator for Osvaldo Ramirez group...Due REDACTED incident Zaboth (Carl Jenkins) instructed Agent 2517 who departed WAVE legally for Habana on 14 Feb, to contact 2515 on arrival and warn him avoid contact AMDIP-3 group and lay low until he given further instructions by shortwave...(AMJAVA-2 and AMJAVA-3) to accompany (AMDIP-3) soonest secure reception arranged."

Peter Wyden, Bay of Pigs: The Untold Story

On 2/15/61, Jose Basulto and 14 others who had completed special training in Panama were "spirited into Cuba to gather intelligence and train saboteurs"...Jorge Recarey, a high-strung former University of Havana student...and about twenty other infiltrators were taken from Panama to an abandoned hotel near the Air Force Base at Homestead, Florida, where they waited for more than a month...in mid-February...he and four other infiltrators (went) to a dock in Key West...they boarded a V-20 speedboat captained by Eugenio Rolando Martinez. (After seven tries over two weeks, Recarey landed on the Cuban shore). (pp. 75-77) During the last two months prior to the Bay of Pigs, Recarey never slept in the same place two nights in a row, within "a network built up since 1959 by a 28-year-old engineer, Rogelio Gonzales Corso"/AMRUNG-1 aka "Francisco". "Recarey met Francisco in the bedroom of the Havana home where (Jorge) Fundora had taken him. He handed the leader a sealed envelope which he had been given by one of the CIA men in Florida. Francisco looked at the contents and told Recarey to go to the city of Matanzas and organize the resistance there...Recarey received large amounts of arms (through Fundora)...three tons of explosives, hundreds of submachine guns, rifles, pistols and cash." p. 111. Recarey considered busting open the prison in Matanzas. A fellow infiltree, Edgar Sopo, had the mission to seize CMQ, the largest radio station in Havana..."In Havana particularly, people were talking openly in the streets about a coming invasion and an internal uprising. The big El Encanto department store was set afire with explosives from Jorge Recarey's stocks." p. 113. Recarey and Sopo hid in embassies and got out that way. Basulto climbed a fence and got into Guantanamo Naval Base for his escape. Five of his fellow infiltarators were executed. Seven were still in prisons 17 years later. p. 248.

The Secret War, Fabian Escalante (Ocean Press, 1995), pp. 61-69: https://archive.org/stream/FabianEscalanteSecretWarCubaCIA/Fabian%20Escalante%20Secret%20War%20Cuba%20CIA#page/n37/mode/2up/search/valeriano

Pre-Bay of Pigs, April 1961: Also see the 2004 version, "The Cuba Project", pp. 61-69: "(The plans for the Bay of Pigs included) a mercenary brigade landing on the beaches near the city of Trinidad in the southern part of Las Villas province, storming the city and then with the support of the guerillas in the Escambray mountains, cutting off communications and installing the provisional government where it could call for the help that was waiting...among the most seasoned of the soldiers were Felix Rodriguez/AMJOKE-1, Segundo Borges, Jose Basulto, Javier Souto, Edgar Sopo and Rafael Garcia Rubio...Colonel Napoleon Valeriano was pleased with his pupils...He didn't know that the CIA had changed its plans; he and the other instructors would soon be unemployed when Army Colonel Jack Hawkins and his colleagues , the Green Berets, took charge of the brigade to turn it into a real military unit. The name of the brigade, '2506', came from the dog tag number of one of the first recruits, who was killed during a training accident. The brains at the CIA thought that this number might confuse the Cuban agents...William 'Rip' Robertson and Grayston Lynch were among the trainers who became de facto adjunct chiefs during the invasion. Both had helped the counterrevolutionary cause from the beginning, when they joined Frank Sturgis in the Anticommunist Brigade, a front organization created for the Cuba invasion...In mid-December a group of 84 men arrived at Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone...from the camps in Guatemala...the most dedicated recruits...they included Miguel A. Orozco Crespo, Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia, Manuel Puig Miyar, Manuel Reyes Reyes, Jorge Garcia Rubio, Emilio Rivero Caro and Pedro Cuellar."

David Wise, The Invisible Government, p. 57

Mid-April 1961: Joaquin Varela, a slight, twenty-eight-year-old former Cuban Air Force pilot, led the relays of B-26s over the beaches.


07/08/61: Report from AMOT-63: "Through reports I obtained from Senor Joaquin Varela I was able to learn that Senor Varela was asked by Senor Oscar Alfonso Carol to consent to accompany Senor Evelio Duque on a trip to Washington as an expert on the Liberation Army Air Force. Senor Oscar Alfonso Carol rendered this invitation yesterday."


07/10/61, CIA document: ..."2. C/O asked AMJAVA/2 about his contact with Evelio Duque. A/2 said (unintelligible) Duque but had friend of his, Dr. Orlando Bosch come to A/2 and asked him if he could suggest a good pilot to accompany Duque to Wash when he going to meet with working ODYOKE (U.S. Government). Duque trying (unintelligible). A/2 says he met Duque Wash (unintelligible). He, A/2 is a Batista man and (unintelligible)."


07/12/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. AMOT-63 (handwritten: Rafael Something, 201-291555) reported that AMJAVA-2 (handwritten: Oscar Carol, 201-282278) asked Joaquin Varela (201-283205) to accompany Evelio Duque, SUBJ of ref, on trip to WASH as expert on 'liberation army air force.' This is first WAVE info that AMJAVA-2 and Duque contact each other or that Duque going to WASH. 2. WAVE in contact with Duque man Garcia on 7 July who informed WAVE that Duque out of town but did not volunteer where. 3. Re para 4 ref, AMCHEER-1 reports that Duque in contact with UR Hector Febles (Horacio) (201-292171) and Aurelio Fernandez (201-292172) treasurer this group. 3. WAVE files reveal info on Joaquin Varela Vieytes, trainee 5021, former navy pilot under Batista which may be IDEN. 5. Request any info you may have on Duque trip WASH. CS Comment: *Concerned info on Duque." NOTE: See 104-10163-10176, p. 70: Edgar Sopo Barreto, director of the Tridente radio program - 201-282305) - has the same 201 number as Joaquin Varela Vieytes. See 104-10130-10433, Varela is a contract employee of the Agency. C-223421.


07/29/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Zamka/David Morales Acting): Page 2: ..."8. AMBOLT-2 (probably Dr. Orlando Bosch) reveals Duque group made overtures to him to join Duque. AMBOLT-2 and AMJAVA-2 state that Dr. Orlando Bosch Avila 201-299292 is member Duque entourage..."


03/14/62, CIA document: "Attached for your retention is a polygraph on each of the individuals listed below. (Unintelligible) is hereby granted to train or use any individual on whom a Provisional Operational Approval was contingent upon a successful polygraph examination...Reynaldo Garcia Martinez: 201-282281; Rodolfo Hernandez Herrera: 201-282283..."


07/03/62: Dispatch from Chief, Task Force W to COS, JMWAVE: "LIST OF NAMES: 1. Tomas Cabanas Batista. 2. Enrique Cue Somarriba. 3. Oscar Alfonso Carol. 4. Jose C. Fernandez Martin. 5. Armando Guerra. 6. Jose P. U. Vianontes y Jardines. 7. Rolando Zubisarreta Besu. 8. Carlos H. Fernandez Trimino. 9. Francisco P. Fernandez Pina. 10. Inocente R. Garcia Fonseca. 11. Ernesto Despagne Perez. 12. Candido Molinet Perez." - - - 07/14/62: Memo from Alice B. Caponong (Zamka - David Morales signed and commented on the Routing Sheet on page 2): Similar document to above: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=25764#relPageId=3


12/23/62: Report from Cuba: Page 2: ..."5. On 24 August 1960, Oscar Carol was assigned head of the Cuban instructors and personnel of Trax Base. Col (fnu) Vallejo, an American officer of Philippine extraction was the head of the American personnel assigned to the base. Carol established a Cuban military headquarters staffed by Cuban personnel under Vallejo's approval. Col Vallejo was the military counselor..."

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