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Cryptonym: AMJAGER-1

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Unknown identity. A dispatch on March 2, 1964, stated that Angel Luis Castillo, ACSI Source #670, was a "witting informant of AMJAGER-1."


12/19/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE AMOT AMCRAG: REF WAVE 2399 (IN 35001)* "1. AMCRAG-1 (Francisco Bilbao Alvarez) received letter from Victor Balbuena, Angel Luis Castillo and Jorge Casero, signed by three in name of Frente Unido Nacional Cubano (FUNC). Letter dated 5 Dec Gitmo base and delivered AMCRAG-1 on 17 Dec by Luis Alberto Espino who arrived Miami 17 Dec from Gitmo. 2. Highlights letter following: A. Delegates of the FUNC meeting Santiago de Cuba on 19 Dec and two refugee delegates from Gitmo base will attend. B. Refugees in base as well as Cubans on island have formed monolithic block which will carry out actions to overthrow Castro. C. What little help received has been sent daily from the base via men and principally women. Little time and means remain for the amount of things which we must send. Plans are set for a very near date. FUNC is directed by national coordinators who are delegates of different movements which existed in Cuba. We at base are in close contact with them..."

104-10057-10102: WITHHELD

Re 9/21/63: Angel Luis Castillo identified as witting informant of AMJAGER-1 - versions of this CIA document refer to AMJAGER-1 as an "agent" - born about 1927, joined July 26 movement, lieutenant under Hubert Matos - on YOACRE/Guantanamo Naval Base since 1961, went in and out several times, - in Miami since 1/15/63 - the one who put Eddie Bayo/AMDENIM-11 in touch with jOHN Martino - AA-1402 says he was one of first leaders of Cuban national junta. Has the complete confidence of AMJAGER-1. Also see http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Scott/IG_Report.html - Peter Dale Scott believes that Castillo Cabrera is the brother-in-law from Eddie Bayo/AMDENIM-11.


03/02/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 3: "c. 21 September 1963: John Martino contacted Irving G. Cadick (William Robertson) on 12 September 1963 in order to report that Martino had received a letter from a Victor Garcia who was employed at YOACRE (Guantanamo Naval Base). The Garcia letter was dated 28 August 1963 and it stated that Eduardo Perez (AMDENIM-11), aka Bayo, and his men had recently caused the death of a number of militia men and some Russian officers in a firefight which took place at Mayari in Oriente Province...The Garcia letter also stated that Perez was awaiting reinforcements and he expected that these reinforcements would be brought to him in Cuba by Angel Luis Castillo Cabrera. Martino asked Cadick if Cadick's organization would infiltrate Castillo and his men if Martino determined that they were ready to go to Cuba to help Perez. Cadick told Martino he doubted that he could obtain any help for the infiltration of additional people into Cuba...b) Angel Luis Castillo Cabrera, ACSI Source #670, DPOB: 2 October 1924 in Santiago de Cuba, Oriente Province. Under Angel Luis Castillo, UFGA-2279, 27 September 1961; UFGA-5807, 18 September 1962; WAVE-2592, 18 December 1962; AMJAGER-1 Report, 9 September 1961 states Subject ex-Rebel Army Lieutenant. Witting informant of AMJAGER-1. YOACRE Report, 19 December 1962, states Subject, born circa 1927, fought clandestinely in Santiago de Cuba during Batista regime, joined 26th of July Movement, advanced and was a lieutenant under order of Com. Hubert Matos. Has been on YOACRE since 1961. Has left and entered YOACRE several times. Has the complete confidence of AMCRAG-1 (Francisco Bilbao Alvarez)..."


Memo from Katherine M. Stricker, DO/IRO to Deputy Director for Operations: Subject: Operational Status of William D. Pawley in JFK Collection: ..."Castillo Cabrera, Angel Luis: part of Op Red Cross..." 04/07/93:


12/08/69, Miami Herald article by Frank Soler: Headlined: Cuba Executes 4 Sent on Sabotage Mission: "The Cuban government Sunday executed four exile saboteurs who had been captured shortly after slipping into the island earlier this year. The surprise announcement in a Havana Radio broadcast said three others were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a 'revolutionary tribunal.' The broadcast was monitored in Miami. The seven exiles were part of a 10-man raiding party sent into Cuba last May by the Cuban Representation in Exile (RECE), a Miami-based activist organization. The infiltrators' mission was to sabotage electrical, industrial and communications facilities in Cuba's easternmost Oriente Province. They reportedly were equipped with explosives, arms and ammunition. The group was surprised by Castroite troops shortly after landing from three rubber rafts near the city of Guantanamo May 3. Three of the exiles were immediately killed and the rest captured. Their arrest was not announced by the Fidel Castro regime until Mid-October, allegedly because other infiltrators remained at large. Among those executed Sunday was the expedition's leader, a mysterious exile named Amancio Mosqueda. Known as 'El Yarey' among his followers, Mosqueda was virtually an unknown outside the community who had earned the reputation of a 'patriot who got things done.' Also executed were Angel Luis Castillo Cabrera, Francisco Cid Crespon and Manuel Rodriguez Pineda. Those sentenced to 20 years imprisonment were Yarey's brother, Sixto Mosqueda, Carlos Ramon Ibarra and Tito Lopez Gomez. Relatives of those executed were reported in seclusion here late Sunday and unavailable for comment. They included Yarey's wife and two young daughters, Cid's mother and Castillo's wife of only a few months. A spokesman for RECE Sunday night said the organization will issue a communique condemning the executions as 'brutal crimes.'"

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