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Cryptonym: AMJAG-2

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Unknown identity. A cable in December of 1960 stated that Jorge Sotus Romero had high regard for QDCOVE (Ricardo de la Lorie), and he also spoke well of AMJAG-2, AMPALM-10 (Angel Ros) and AMNORM-1 (Higino Diaz).
AMJAG was the cryptonym for the Agrupacion Montecristi from December 1960 on. AMJAG-1 was Justo A. Carrillo Hernandez. AMJAG-7 was Max Lesnick. AMJAG-8 was Orlando Ray Rivero, brother of Manuel Ray Rivero, leader of JURE.

In terms of Jorge Sotus Romero, he was a defendant in a 1958 case, also involving among others, Carlos Prio Socarras, Orlando Garcia Vasquez and Robert McKeown. A FBI report in September, 1959, mentioned that Ricardo Lorie stated in July of 1959 that he and Jorge Sotus Romero, then a captain in the Cuban Revolutionary Army, were cooperating to form an anti-Castro group in Cuba. A cable on December 13, 1960, stated that Sotus and several others were hiding in a U.S. citizen's home in Havana, and was apparently planning to escape Cuba. A entry on the MRR in the Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook for 1965 stated that Sotus was arrested, along with Sergio Sanjenis, in March of 1960, and was imprisoned in the Isle of Pines prison. The handbook also mentioned that shortly after this, the MRR leaders Angel Ros, Higinio (Nino) Diaz, and Carlos Rodriguez Santana left Cuba. Rodriguez was the MRR National Territorial Coordinator at one point, while Jorge Sotus Romero held the position of National Military Coordinator in the MRR.

Therefore, given Sotus spoke well of Angel Ros, Higino Diaz, and AMJAG-2, it is possible that AMJAG-2 was Carlos Rodriguez Santana, a former psychology student. Sotus escaped and arrived in Miami in early 1961, and was named in the General Staff of the Cuban Government in Exile in that same year. He apparently was accidently electrocuted while working on a boat in May, 1962.

Commission Document 797 - FBI Letter from Director of 17 Apr 1964 re: Robert Ray McKeown

Memo from FBI Director: Page 2: ..."The defendants in this action were as follows (note: in 1958): Dr. Carlos Prio Socarras, also known as Carlos Prio, age unknown, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba. Jorge Enrique Sotus Romero, also known as Jorge Soto, Commander Jorge, S. Romero, age 24, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba. Orlando Garcia Vasquez, also known as Orlando Vasquez, F. Valdez, Ramos, age unknown, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of Cuba. Angel Banos, age unknown, male, resident of Miami, Florida, citizen of the United States. Robert R. McKeown, also known as Dick McKeown, Max, J. T. Brown, H. J. McAllister, age 47, male, resident of Galena Park, Texas, citizen of the United States..."

124-90076-10166: No Title

09/14/59: Miami FBI report by Robert James Dwyer: Titled: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities: Page 14: ..."RICARDO LORIE VALLS, MIAMI, FLORIDA: On July 15, 1959, Lorie advised he arrived in Miami two days previously as an exile. He was formerly in charge of the July 26 Revolutionary Movement Underground in Miami; a Major in Castro's Army, and Ambassador on an arms purchasing trip for Ernesto Che Guevara to Belgium. Lorie said he and Jorge Sotus Romero, presently a Captain in the Cuban Revolutionary Army, were cooperating to form an anti-Castro group in Cuba. They did not have more than five members, any money, and were looking for support..."


12/13/60: Cable from Havana to Director: "1. Ramon Padilla Perez (director Isle of Pines prison), Jorge Sotus Romero, and two unidentified men involved with them, are now hiding in home of Yvonne Wittkop, Havana, U.S. citizen who brought matter to emb attention. 2. SUBJs reported as having planned escape Cuba, but for unknown reason plan failed. Padilla then asked Wittkop contact and enlist aid U.S. emb to facilitate departure from Cuba. They claim will be executed if caught. 3. HAVA now arranging Sotus departure via AMPAN boat which scheduled depart Havana 13 December, bound for U.S. port. Details re departure and destination to be forwarded ASAP..."


12/21/60: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: JMZIP: RE HAVA 7163 (IN 16035)* ..."D. Sotus strongly emphasized that he does not consider himself member any anti-Castro group, even though he claimed to be an MRR founder. He has high regard for QDCOVE (Ricardo de la Lorie) and he said he first person he wanted to see in PBPRIME (U.S.). He also spoke well of AMJAG-2, AMPALM-10 (Angel Ros, national coordinator of the MRR) and AMNORM-1 (Higino Diaz, aka Nino Diaz). However, he felt AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) basically just a 'good speaker' and somewhat a coward for leaving Cuba when he did. Taking counterrevolutionary front in toto, Sotus emphatic in his belief that a little can be accomplished in Miami and that Cuba must be the main scene of action. CS Comment: *Arrangements being made for Jorge Sotus Romero's departure from Cuba via boat."

1994.03.09.09:35:20:440005: Reel 4, Folder J - CONTE AGUERO, LUIS

Handwritten note: "Presented to Mr. R. Goodwin, White House, on 23 Aug 61." Titled: "Cuban Government in Exile (No recognition necessary from the U.S. Government): COLLECTIVE PRESIDENCY: Jose Miro Cardona (President of the CRC), Carlos Marquez Sterling (President of the Constitutional Convention of 1940), Carlos Prio Socarras (last constitutional President of Cuba), Aureliano Sanchez Arango (President of the Revolutionary Junta), Manuel Urrutia (last Revolutionary President), Manuel Antonio de Varona (President of the FRD). PRIME MINISTER: Luis Conte Aguero (AMCORE-2). COUNCIL OF MINISTERS: Francisco Alabau Trelles, Jose Alvarez Diaz, Justo Carrillo (AMWAIL-1/AMJAG-1), Carlos Hevia, Mario Llerena, Antonio Maceo (AMBUD-3), Ignacio Mendoza (AMBANG-2), Manuel Ray (AMBANG-1), Amadeo Barletta Jr.*, Manuel Fernandez*, Sergio Carbo*, Abel Mestre* (AMCORE-1), Miguel A. Quevedo (probably AMVANG-1)*, Jorge Zayas*, Jose I. Rivero*. The rest in Cuba. *Without portfolio-represents public media. GENERAL STAFF: Ramon Barquin (AMCHIRP-1), Aquiles Chinea, Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1), Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz (QDBIAS), Oscar Diaz, Evelio Duque, Eduardo Martin Elena (AMBRONC-1), Victor Manuel Paneque (given crypt AMRUG-5 in late 1964), Angel Saavedra (LITAINT-1), Jorge Sotus Romero, Manuel Ulloa, Jaime Varela Castro (LITAG-1), Felipe Vidal Santiago (probably AMQUIP-1). ACTION/SABOTAGE (working with, but independent of, the General Staff) Aldo Vera Serafin, Amaury Fraginals, Reinol Gonzalez (AMCALL-1), Manuel Salvat (AMHINT-2), Pascasio Lineras (probably AMICE-1)..."


June 1965 entry for MRR in the Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook: Pages 2-3: ..."Because Lorie had been forced to leave Cuba in the summer of 1959, he was represented by Angel Ros Escala when the merger was consummated. Artime also left Cuba and in December 1960 joined Lorie in in Miami. Shortly thereafter, the original MRR internal leadership body, called the National Directorate, was elected and consisted of the following men: National Coordinator: Angel Ros Escala - former member 26th July Movement and employee of Castro' regime's Map Service. National Military Coordinator: Jorge Sotus Romero - former prominent 26th July guerrilla fighter and Rebel Army Captain; imprisoned Isle of Pines March 1960; escaped and arrived Miami early 1961; accidently electrocuted while working on a boat in May 1962...National Territorial Coordinator: Carlos Rodriguez Santana - former psychology student...Lorie and Artime became joint leaders of the MRR exile organization and the initial Executive Board in Miami consisted of the following members...Secretary Military Affairs Section: Higinio (Nino) Diaz Ane - former military leaders in Oriente Province for 26th July Movement and Rebel Army Major...In March 1960, two MRR leaders, Jorge Sotus and Sergio Sanjenis were arrested. Shortly thereafter, MRR leaders Angel Ros, Higinio Diaz (MRR Coordinator for Oriente Province), and Carlos Rodriguez left Cuba. Rogelio Gonzalez replaced Ros as MRR National Coordinator...In July 1960, Lorie, Ros and Diaz were accused of having created a separatist MRR faction in Cuba and were ousted from the movement..."

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