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Cryptonym: AMJAG-10

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Unknown identity. According to a CIA cable, AMJAG-10 sponsored Operation RUTH just prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961.
AMJAG-10 was captured and then quickly released in the general roll-up following the invasion. The operation was probably undertaken by the Movimiento Democratico Martiano (MDM), a Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) affiliate.

According to the Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook entry for the MDM of May 1965, its leading personalities were Ramon Gonzalez Hernandez, General Coordinator; Rafael Miguel Garcia and Tomas Prieto Raton. The cable in April 1961 mentioned the MDM (presumably referring to the group in Cuba), while the Cuban handbook entry for the MDM says the group in exile in the U.S. was created in around September 1961 or later. The MDM in Cuba was created in May 1959, in Havana.


04/07/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: Slugline JMZIP RUTH: "1. Cardenas INRA fishing coop Goleta 'Blanquita -621' arrived Marathon 3 Apr. Aboard were: A. Miguel Diaz Isalgui, son of Miguel Angel and Dolores, 14 Feb 37 Matanzas (LCFLUTTER 6 Apr developed NDI). B. Jose Hilario Rodriguez Ocampo, son of Hilario and Dolores, 14 Nov 21, Rodas, Las Villas. C. Mario Rene Gonzalez Gonzalez, son of Ignacio and Andrea, 22 June 37, Cardenas. 2. Diaz in charge of party, Rodriguez patron, Gonzalez crew. Goleta one of three working as unit, all three have been previously used various deliveries. Goleta supposedly out on 4-7 day lobster run. No publicity arrival Marathon. 3. Diaz desires small load demo and arms for smuggling into Cardenas and distribution HAVA. This operation sponsored by AMJAG-10 who will accompany Goleta on return and remain black Cuba. 4. Request approval mount Operation RUTH. A. Movimiento Democratico Martiano (UR affiliate). B. See above. C. See above, may use 'El Polo' to tow into Florida straits. D...Marathon. E. Cardenas...H. For pax see above; 1000 lbs demo; 20-45 pistols; 20-45 SMG; 7,500 rounds cal 45 ammo...C/S Comment: *Gave format, revised for future maritime ops."


05/17/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: Slugline JMZIP CYNTHIA: "1. AMJAG-10 who infiltrated on ref Operation RUTH with wife, was released after capture in general roll up following invasion. A/10, wife, Miguel Diaz, and one other unknown now in area Cayo Cruz del Padre awaiting exfiltration. Due lack lead time WAVE has authorized mission. However can be recalled enroute if HQs desires. A. MDM (UR affiliate). B. Barbero. C. Off shore rendezvous, unidentified fishing craft...H. AMJAG/10 wife of AMJAG/10, Miguel Diaz, fourth unknown passenger...2. All armament and equipment sterile. No U.S. citizens involved." This June 1961 appears to be related: See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55088#relPageId=45&tab=page


05/00/65: Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook entry for Movimiento Democratico Martiano: Page 2: "E. Leading Personalities: Ramon Gonzalez Hernandez, General Coordinator; Rafael Miguel Garcia, Tomas Prieto Raton...B. Principal Activities: Chronology/history: The MDM was organized in Havana, Cuba, in May 1959, by anti-Castro elements which included former members of the pre-revolutionary armed forces. The principal founder, Ramon Gonzalez Hernandez, fled Cuba in late 1961; he was replaced by Captain Bernardo Corrales, who in turn was captured and executed in January 1962...The organization in exile was apparently founded soon after Ramon Gonzalez Hernandez arrived in the U.S., about September 1961..."

Gavin McDonald

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