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Cryptonym: AMING

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Probably the predecessor to the AMHINT group, which conducted in paramilitary and infiltration operations in Cuba. AMING members included Abel Mestre (AMING-1), Enrique Huertas (AMING-2), Alberto Muller (AMING-3, later AMHINT-1) and Juan Salvat (AMING-4, later AMHINT-2).

104-10181-10344: CABLE: RE PARA ONE REF C APPEAR

12/7/60 memo: "Station anxious assist AMING group but reluctant initiate separate support op." AMHINT-2 is referred to throughout the document. Marginalia in top corner states "Salvat Roque" - also known as AMING-4, later AMHINT-2. This document also refers to AMHINT-1 - Alberto Muller, the DRE leader who was captured and held in prison for a number of years. Also refers to AMHINT-3/Miguel Garcia - the head of DRE's infiltration and sabotage wing in Cuba until his arrest after the Bay of Pigs.

Bill Simpich

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