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Cryptonym: AMICE-3

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Mario Fontela Alfonso. A cable in 1965 stated that Fontela was AMICE-3, with the 201 number of 201-288243. Fontela was Chief of Press and Propaganda for FORDC, Cuban Revolutionary Democratic Workers' Front, and was also the treasurer in the 1960's.
124-10281-10083, p. 11: Fontela was Secretary of Press and Propaganda as of 10/63. Moreover, a CIA document in October of 1968 stated that Fontela was a friend of Reinaldo Pico Ramon (AMICE-31) and was of "operational interest from 1960 to July 1968 when interest was cancelled."

A cable in July of 1968 stated that AMICE-3 had been amicably terminated as an agent/asset at the end of June, 1968, approximately matching the CIA's interest in Mario Fontela.

In addition, Gerry Hemming included Mario Fontela in his list of 25 individuals with whom he had a "liaison": https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=107864&relPageId=2&search=fontela_AND%20secretary


02/28/62: Memorandum for the Record by Harold Noemayr (Ross Crozier): "1. On 27 February 1962, this case officer held a long meeting with AMICE-1 (probably Pascasio Linera Lopez) and AMPANIC-1 (Jorge Eduardo Mallo Cardisi) concerning the organization and control of the WAVE unilateral asset, FORD... 2. a. FORD was created by WAVE, not by a spontaneous or determined effort by Cuban labor exiles to form an organization. c. FORD admittedly does not possess the best of Cuban labor experience and leadership, and if anything, has some rather dubious and controversial characters in their midst. 3...there were only three so-called 'Independents' on the 'Executive Committee' that WAVE could count on for guidance and control: AMICE-1, 3, and AMOT-20 (Orestes Puig Rios)." - - - Page 3: "6. Obviously, the independents subject to WAVE approval would be AMICE-1, 3, AMOT-20 and two other selections responsive to WAVE control."


04/26/63: Field Information Report UFG-2735: On 18 April...Ken Agnew, Miami TV Channel 4 representative in Marathon, Florida, received a phone call from Joe Gorman, 1925 SW 4th St. Miami, who requested that Agnew cover a meeting which was to be held at 11 P.M. that night at 14th Ave. and 5th ST S.W., Apt. 2, Miami, for the purpose of organizing a demonstration to be held in Miami on 1 May with the hope of having spread nationwide in protest of U.S. Government action against exile raids in Cuba; during the call Gorman was heard to be receiving some prompting in Spanish, presumably from a Cuban. Gorman told Agnew he (Agnew) would meet with Mario Fontela Alfonso, Chief of Press and Propaganda for the Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano (FORDC, Cuban Revolutionary Democratic Workers' Front), and others who would be present at the meeting to draft the protest...Gerald Patrick Hemming and Howard K. Davis arrived at the apartment to pick up Gorman, the three of who were to see Charles R. Ashman, Attorney, about the release of Gorman's car which had been seized 4 December when Hemming's group was apprehended by U.S. Customs agents. Hemming and Davis said they had just left Fontela, who, angered, had "jumped all over them" because it seemed that everyone knew of the meeting the night before. Fontela said the information had leaked out...According to Gorman, Fontela was the instigator and leader of the protest plans: "If any Cuban has the contacts and can get the groups to respond, it is Fontela." (Field Comment: Objective evaluation of Fontela's performance as FORDC Press and Propaganda Chief is very low; it is also considered unlikely that he has influence as claimed even within his own organization). 6. Field dissem: Miami representatives FBI, I&NS, State."


12/12/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline DYVOUR PBRUMEN: "1. AMBUD-7 (Pedro Aponte Mendez) active member AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) but not directly contacted by Station. Relations with him handled through AMOT-20 (Orestes Puig Rios) and AMICE-3. Cancelled POA being renewed. 2. A-7 available for Rio assignment and probably amenable, but recall no discussion of WAVE 3737 proposal. A-7 desired keep family WAVE area and estimated cost separate maintenance total $300 monthly plus ops expenses. Current salary $225 per month. 3. WAVE funds not available for AMICE reps abroad. Past exception for A-7 BOGO tour based special AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) status which no longer possible. Therefore suggest AMSTORM-1 correspondence include financial commitment RIOD willing undertake. Will advise A-7 reactions when A-1 offer received by AMICE."


06/29/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "1. Forwarded under separate cover is a copy of the June 1964 issue of the organ of the QKGLACE (probably propaganda issued by political organizations) section of the AMBANG-1 (Manuel Ray Rivero) organization. On the last page is a denunciation of another exile organization, not named but obviously AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano). The opening statement accuses AMICE of being KUBARK (CIA)-controlled. The article was probably precipitated by Anti-AMTHUG-1 (Fidel Castro) statements given AMICE for JMMAYFLY by a number of QKGLACE leaders in Latin American countries which the AMBANG-1 organization claims as its own. It says, 'Everyone knows that these have supported our ideological line and organization only.' It berates AMICE for encroaching on this sphere of interest, and asks why AMICE does not use its 'ample funds' to line up support in countries where AMBANG-1 delegates cannot afford to go. 2. About a week ago Manuel Ray called AMICE-3 to apologize. Ray said the person responsible had been dismissed. AMICE-3 said that AMICE preferred to concentrate on getting support for the plight of Cuban workers, but that harassment from AMFAWN-1 org made it difficult, and that if AMICE's other flank was going to be attacked by JURE org AMICE members could not remain silent, and the ensuing situation might cripple exile effectiveness."


01/25 or 06/25/65: Cable from JMWAVE to Director Info Withheld: Slugline QRSNIPE PBRUMEN: "1. Details AMICE-31 (Reinaldo Pico Ramon) recruitment and PRQ data being forwarded UFGA 19590. Assessment favorable and subj responsive per op. 2. Plan handle A-31 initial period primarily through AMICE-3 (handwritten note: 201-288243, Mario Fontela) and AMOT-20 (201-311333, Orestes Puig Rios), AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) officials..."

1993.08.05.10:41:34:710005: CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY HANDBOOK

03/65: FORDC "I. E. Leading Personalities: ...Mario Fontela Alonso - Treasurer..."


08/03/66: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. AMCORE-2 (Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero) has tentative invitation from President Lopez Arrellano of Honduras and firm invitation Nicaraguan Senate President Antonio Cuadra Gutierrez to visit their countries. AMCORE-2 also wishes visit other Central American countries during above trip which would start with Honduras last August. Request addressees views. AMCORE-2 has recommended AMICE-3, AMBASAL-1, and AMWORD-3 (Mario Seiglie Montoro) accompany him."

104-10056-10016: CABLE: INFO RE HOWARD DAVIS

09/08/67: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. On 6 Sept 1967 AMICE-3 reported meeting one Mr. Howard Davis, an acquaintance of his on the street. AMICE-3 recalls that it was Davis who introduced him to Mr. Robert Brown, Panther Publications back in 1962. 2. Davis is a pilot currently flying for unidentified airline between New York, Chicago, and Detroit. He was with Captain William Morgan in Cuba. When he came to Miami in 1961 one of the places he visited in hopes of getting 'commando-type' job was the AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) organization. This is how he knew AMICE-3 and was able to introduce him to Brown. 3. Station traces on Davis reflect he is identified in Director 38007, 8 May 63, as residing at 3350 N.W. 18th Terrace, Miami: DPOB: 1931, Chicago. Married to Cuban who works as technician for University of Miami. He was part-time salesman for unknown aircraft company and reportedly devoted major portion of time staying in touch with Cubana action groups and management of camp 180 miles south of Miami. Local investigation continues."


06/28/68: Cable from JMWAVE to Director Info JMCOBRA: "As of 30 June following is status of turnover to JMCOBRA (also known as Station WH/Miami) of JMWAVE (CIA Station in Miami) MHSPAWN (cable indicator for covert action propaganda) assets:.. C. AMOTEX-66 and AMICE-3 were amicably terminated 26 and 27 June respectively." Handwritten note: "201-268918 and 201-188342" respectively.

104-10178-10334: MEMO: AMICE PROGRESS REPORT 1 APRIL-30 JUNE 1968

07/07/68: Memo from CA/Henry J. Rubash to COS, JMWAVE (via: Chief, CA): "B. ADMINISTRATIVE: 2. During the fourth quarter of FY 68 a total of approximately $6,787 was spent on the AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) activity. This amount includes termination payments made to AMICE-3 and AMOTEX-66... 3. AMICE-3 and AMOTEX-66 were terminated amicably as of 30 June 1968. The only remaining active AMICE agent is AMICE-34 who will be retained by JMCOBRA (also known as Station WH/Miami) as the labor reporter for the AMHIM (the Agencia de Informaciones Periodisticas - the Agency for News Information - was a news service financed by CIA) Bulletin."

104-10161-10044: CASE ANALYSIS

10/08/69: CIA document: Name of Subject: Pico Ramon, Reinaldo: "Analysis: Fontela, Mario - C-221561 - Friend: One Mario F. Fontela Alonso, who appears ident to subject's friend, was of operational interest from 1960 to July 1968 when interest was cancelled. N.D." Analyst: R.J.B.


09/08/78: Memorandum for the record from W.A. Cantrell, PCS/LOC/ID: "1. On 6 September 1978, USSS Liaison Officer Daniel Mayer advised that investigators from the House Select Committee on Assassinations were reviewing USSS records in connection with the Committee's investigation of the Kennedy assassination. In the course of this review, the investigators noticed an 'informant card' which had been prepared by the USSS Miami Field Office in 1963. This card contained the following information: Mario Fontela, white, male, age 50, 5'11", 190 lbs, brown eyes, black hair, Cuban. The card indicated that the individual had supplied 'criminal intelligence', was anti-Castro and anti-Communist and had 'delivered anti-Castro literature in South America' in 1963 or before. The card also noted that Fontela was 'believed to receive support and sanction of CIA.' 2. Mr. Mayer stated that USSS had no additional information concerning Fontela but the House investigators were requesting more information. After consultation with Norman Shepanek, PCS/LOC, Mr. Mayer was requested to have the USSS handle committee inquiries concerning CIA matters directly with the Agency. 3. DO traces on Fontela were conducted and preliminary checking revealed that there were 104 references to this or similar names, and that additional biographic data was needed to possibly identify this individual."

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