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Cryptonym: AMICE-29

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Unknown identity. AMICE-29 was a female who reported on FORDC and Rescate in March and early April of 1963.

104-10235-10270: FOLLOW-UP ON FORDC MEETING OF 4 MARCH 1963

03/08/63: Memorandum for the record from Alice B. Caponong: Subject: Follow-up on FORDC Meeting of 4 March 1963. Reference: Rebholtz Memo 'FORDC Ref PASSAVOY Memoranda dated 2 and 4 March 1963': "1. In connection with subject meeting, AMBUD-1's (Jose Miro Cardona) secretary passed the following information to PASSAVOY on 6 March (we checking on sub-source): 'The FORDC meeting resulted in a farce. Instead of voting for or against the integration (of the other groups into FORDC), they agreed to name a Commission composed of Felipe Alonso, Jose Antonio Hernandez and Pedro Aponte, which is to investigate 'conspiracies' (by the other groups against FORDC). Until this Commission presents its conclusions, there will be no meeting to discuss the matter of integration. Voting against this (Commission) were: Pascasio Linares, Villegas, Raul Suarez, Penelas, Felipe Alonso, Manuel Alonso, Cofino and Collada. Massip abstained and Galate voted in favor. Montecristi (group) did not attend the meeting since FORDC was going to consider the expulsion of the member (in FORDC) of Montecristi. 2. Massip phoned on 6 March wanting an urgent meeting with AMBUD-1. Since AMBUD-1 had left for Guatemala that morning, AMBUD-1's secretary suggested Massip write a memorandum on the matter he wished to discuss."


03/08/63: Memorandum for the record from Henry P. Rebholtz: "1. After reading referenced memos, I called AMICE/29 to ask the purpose of this advanced meeting at FORDC. She reported information which was previously passed on to me that FORDC was going to confirm the Lancis Plan for expanding FORDC's executive committee to include representatives of all CRC groups. This plan had been passed to and approved by JMWAVE. 2. Asked what crisis was brewing, AMICE/29 guessed that any reports of a crisis in FORDC probably referred to the activities of a small group within FORDC who opposed the Lancis Plan and were threatening to form a labor organization outside FORDC. AMICE/29 said that this information was reported several weeks ago, at which time she indicated that FORDC's answer to all such threats should be that anyone who wanted to work against FORDC should resign first from the FORDC payroll."


04/09/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Orig: PW/Caponong): TYPIC: REF: WAVE-6916: Page 2: "4. AMICE-29 reported Rescate held meeting night 8 April during which discussed possibility Miro would ask CRC members resign along with him. Rescate passing word today other CRC groups that they should be thinking about this possibility." Authenticating Officer: Robert K. Trouchard (probably William Kent). Coordinating Officers: ESEC. Releasing Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman (Theodore Shackley).

1993.08.05.10:41:34:710005: CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY HANDBOOK

03/00/65: FORDC "I. E. Leading Personalities: Cesar Lancis Bravo - President. Luis Penelas Gonzalez - Secretary General. Mario Fontela Alonso (AMICE-3) - Treasurer. Mario Masip Masiques - Press and Propaganda Secretary. Jose A. Hernandez Oyalvide - Organization Secretary. Antonio Collada Gamblor - Foreign Relations Secretary. Felipe Alonso Ortega - Correspondence Secretary. Enrique Estrada Prado - Chief, New York Delegation. Candido Raul Carbello - Organization Secretary, N.Y. ..."

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