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Cryptonym: AMICE-27

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Dr. Nestor Moreno, a "principal" in the AMTRUNK operation.

104-10102-10226: AMTRUNK OPERATION

Tad Szulc revealed in Feb. 1963 that Nestor Moreno was one of the originators of the Leonardo Plan that became AMTRUNK..."Szulc later said that George Volsky masterminded the plan, assisted by Moreno. It was agreed that CIA representatives would meet with Szulc and the two Leonardo planners, Moreno and Volsky, in Washington. The follow-up meeting of February 9 (in a safehouse) was attended by (Robert) Hurwitch, Tad Szulc, Jorge Volsky, Dr. Nestor Moreno, and David Morales, Col. A. Davies and Alfonso Rodriguez of the CIA."


02/07/63: FBI memo from S. J. Papich to D. J. Brennan: Subject: Anti-Castro Activities: "On February 6, 1963, Harold Swenson, CIA, confidentially advised the Liaison Agent that the following individuals will be involved in an extremely sensitive operation involving a clandestine landing in Cuba; this will take place in the near future: Enrique Cayado Rivera, Antonio Garcia Perez, Doctor Nestor Antonio Gustavo Jose Luis Moreno Lopez, Miguel Diaz y Salgue, George Volsky. Swenson submitted name check requests concerning the individuals. Bureau files were checked and there was no evidence of any derogatory information. The name checks were returned to Swenson on February 6, 1963, with notations indicating that Bureau files did not contain derogatory information. ACTION: The above information is being directed to the attention of the Nationalities Intelligence Section."


3/31/63: "The AMTRUNK team, consisting of AMICE-27, AMICE-14, AMTRUNK-2 and AMTRUNK-3 were safehoused on 4 March 1963 at Safesite #164 on Plantation Key. Andrew S. Parmers, KUROAR instructor from Headquarters, was already at the training site when the team was brought there by the two case officers, Irving N. PEGGINS and Hobart J. VANDEBORN."


4/5/63 dispatch from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to Chief, SAS: "AMICE-27 will attempt to have his own way with the operation. He believes that he is receiving special attention because of his (Washington, DC) connections, and he will not hesitate to go behind (CIA's) back to AMTRUNK-1/George Volsky, AMCAPE-1/Tad Szulc and ODACID/State Dept. or higher authority/JFK...it is the recommendation of the JMWAVE station that this operation be terminated at the earliest possible moment..." At page 11: "In 1959, he became legal advisor to Camilo Cienfuegos. Following the disappearance of Cienfuegos in October 1959, AMICE-27 began to engage in counter-revolutionary activities..."


"Nestor Antonio Moreno Lopez - AMICE-27 - 201-312091...Moreno was born on 25 August 1921 in Havana, Cuba. His father was a Cuban Senator (1940-44) and the Minister of Public Works (1944)...In Miami after defection, he was associated with JURE. He was assessed in 1963 as being unfriendly to CIA. In February 1963 Moreno and Enrique Cayado Ribera (AMTRUNK-2) reportedly collaborated in the formulation of an operational plan to overthrow the Castro government. They discussed it with Jorge Volsky (AMTRUNK-1), who passed it to Tad Szulc (AMCAPE-1). Volsky and Szulc apparently conspired to have the plan passed to the 'political authorities' (Robert Hurwitch and the Kennedy Administration) in Washington in order to bypass the distrusted 'operational authorities' (the CIA)...Moreno's indiscretions were a serious problem...the censure of Moreno for talking to Szulc was just an attempt to plug one of many leaks...(he was terminated) in the sensitive aspects of AMTRUNK in November 1963."


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